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Best keyboard apps for Android: type faster and more accurately

Authored by: Scott Adam Gordon — 1 month ago

We may have soon gotten used to typing on smartphone keyboards after moving away from the physical touchpads of old, but things aren't perfect yet. Smartphone keyboards are never fast enough, never autocorrect correctly and often lead to frustration. Do you relate to these problems? Then check out our list of the best Android keyboard apps for Android.

androidpit best android keyboards 1
Here are the best Android keyboards available.  / © ANDROIDPIT

1. Minuum – the smallest

The Minuum keyboard isn’t your typical QWERTY keyboard. Although the positions of the letters are similar, the entire alphabet appears on the same line. This means that Minuum is one of the smallest Android keyboards, but it's also deceptively simple to use.

While it may not be the fastest – and it's quite easy to make mistakes – Minuum is a great keyboard for those who want to be able to see more messages from their conversation on the screen while they type a reply.

androidpit best android keyboards 3
Minuum is one of the smallest Android keyboards around. / © ANDROIDPIT
Minuum Keyboard Free + Emoji Install on Google Play

2. Fleksy – the fastest

Fleksy delivers a large keyboard and simple gestures to provide record-breaking typing speeds. With a swipe up or down you can correct words from a list of recommendations, while a back swipe will delete a word, and a swipe forward will add a period.

It's an efficient system, which makes Fleksy our top recommendation for fans of standard typing rather than swiping. There's also a surprisingly capable 'invisible' keyboard plugin, which is cool to show off to friends.

androidpit best android keyboards 2
The large characters will please fans of two-thumb typing. / © ANDROIDPIT
Fleksy + GIF Keyboard Install on Google Play

3. SwiftKey – the all-rounder (and best for multiple languages)

Possibly the most well-known keyboard app on the Google Play Store, SwiftKey has one of the finest typing interfaces available on Android. Like Swype, you can type in the traditional manner or use swiping (which SwiftKey calls 'flow'), and both methods function equally well. 

There is a variety of size and layout options including an intriguing “thumb” mode which creates a space between the left and right half of the keyboard. In addition, SwiftKey is excellent at managing multiple languages and is one of the only keyboards on which you don't need to manually swap between them. Just choose the languages you want to use in the settings, and text prediction and special characters will work for all languages automatically. It's very clever. 

androidpit swiftkey
SwiftKey's layout can be customized in a number of ways. © ANDROIDPIT / SwiftKey
SwiftKey Keyboard Install on Google Play

4. Google Keyboard – best for simplicity

Google's keyboard has a simple and clean interface that just works. Material design themes, a ton of languages, text-to-speech, gesture typing – it has a lot to offer. You can download this keyboard for free in the Play Store with no in-app purchases. It's compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and up, so there's no good reason not to give Google Keyboard a go. 

androidpit google keyboard app
Google's Keyboard app looks basic, but it works beautifully. / © ANDROIDPIT
Google Keyboard Install on Google Play

5. TouchPal – most fun

TouchPal is heavily focused on emojis/emoji art/smileys/pictures, but it also features over 85 languages, swipe/glide functionality, cloud prediction and contextual prediction. Don't let its cutesy Play Store description and branding put you off, there is far more to TouchPal than colors and themes; it's a straight-up keyboard for messaging quickly and comfortably, and should easily make its way onto any best keyboard list. 

androidpit touchpal keyboard app
The TouchPal keyboard app is fun but also extremely easy to use. / © ANDROIDPIT
TouchPal - Cute Emoji Keyboard Install on Google Play

6. Swype – best for swiping

Swype is a popular keyboard which employs the swipe (or glide) method for character input. Swype learns from your messaging habits, automatically updating its dictionary with new phrases that you type. It creates automatic spaces between words to speed up your workflow and adapts to common mistakes you make.

Though swiping is an acquired taste, if you want the best example of it, you should look no further than Swype.

androidpit swype
Swype has a traditional interface. © ANDROIDPIT / Nuance Communications, Inc
Swype Keyboard Free Install on Google Play

What's your favorite Android Keyboard app? Let us know in the comments below. 

Originally from the UK, Scott graduated in Popular Music Studies at Newcastle University and attributes most of his success there to his beloved Samsung Galaxy S2. A dedicated Android fan, Scott has never owned an Apple device, of any kind, and doesn't see this changing anytime soon.


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  • --- 1 month ago Link to comment

    I really appreciate having an Android keyboard with an always-accessible Delete key. (This is me pointing out that "Delete" is not the same as "Backspace".) But ai.type is the only one I've found that has one. Most don't have one at all, buried or otherwise. But ai.type is annoyingly sluggish, so I was hoping to find an alternative. The layout options in ai.type are absolutely tops.

  • "... In addition, SwiftKey is excellent at managing multiple languages and is one of the only keyboards on which you don't need to manually swap between them. Just choose the languages you want to use in the settings, and text prediction and special characters will work for all languages automatically. It's very clever..."

    This setting is also present in TouchPal; I'm actually using it as we speak.

  • joost 1 month ago Link to comment

    On my one plus X I got swift key pre installed. But I prefer the Swype because it does a far better job in predicting my texts especially in the Dutch language which is my mother tongue. I only miss the arrows of swift on this keyboard.

  • I was looking for something radically different & gave NovaKey a shot. There's a steep learning curve that will turn many people away, as well as those into emojis(I couldn't care less). I can't go back to a "regular" keyboard now, although Minuum looks interesting. It's free & worth a try.

  • I tried Fleksy and its autocorrect was so bad I had to uninstall it. It would fight me over acronyms and names, correcting them two or three times, and choosing a correct alternative was not the easiest. It's too bad, because I enjoyed the UI and the larger keyboard. I switched to SwiftKey and haven't looked back.

  • Dave 2 months ago Link to comment

    You should include SwiftKey Neural Alpha. It's way more accurate than the normal SwiftKey

  • rooter 2 months ago Link to comment

    Cool, I will try it later.

  • I use the google messenger.

  • I'm useing Google keyboard and I'm pleased with it.

  • blackberry keyboard from bbpriv

  • i want to buy a smartphone ...
    1)samsung note 5
    2)samsung s6 edge
    which one i should buy please tell me any one

  • good one.

  • When you look at the best keyboard, it should be good in almost everything a keyboard should do.
    And that for me is the SwiftKey Keyboard. Hands down the best keyboard for use on Android, which amazing features such as Flow, Next word prediction, emoji prediction and best of all multi language. The next word prediction can be personalize using your google and facebook account and the integration is so seamless that the keyboard literally guesses the next word so perfectly that you rarely type.

    And then the second best IMO is Fleksy as I love the gesture controls but I miss the swyping that I am used to so bad. :)

  • Wong Gary 7 months ago Link to comment

    Here is a keyboard which has PC features: Copy, paste, undo, redo, cursor move, alt text input

    RealTouch Keyboard

  • Oliver 7 months ago Link to comment

    Swift key is the best....

  • John Love 7 months ago Link to comment

    Hacker's Keyboard
    the best!

  • Abrar 7 months ago Link to comment

    Google key board is good for typing experience especially with material layout but big problem with this keyboard is, it doesn't save my custom words automatically and nor suggest like Samsung keyboard and some keyboards have taller keys like swiftkey. That's why I prefer Samsung keyboard because it perfectly suggest my all custom words and have decent key shape.

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