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Picture perfect: the best photo editing apps for Android

Picture perfect: the best photo editing apps for Android

In the time of Instagram and selfies, many users want to make their photos more beautiful. All you need is a suitable image editing app for Android. We've got a whole list of the best apps, and we describe their pros and cons so that you can find the right tool for you. Here, we’ll tell you which of these are the best.

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Photo editing apps: the best all-rounders


PicsArt is a new addition to our best-all-rounders thanks to its comprehensive range of features that provide every kind of tool that you might want on a consumer level. Photo editing itself made accessible and intuitive, and there are various tools intended for fun and social media such as collaging tools, stickers, text boxes and so on. Perfect for creating memes and GIFs as well as more serious editing. PicsArt also has a remix feature that offers collaborative photo sharing with input from a large community of users.


From the makers of Pixlr-O-Matic also comes Pixlr. This application is specifically designed for editing photos, allowing you to quickly prepare sharp, attractive images and then share them with your preferred social networks. You don't have to be a professional to get good results with this image editing app. There are many effects, cosmetic treatments (removal of red eyes, brightening and smoothing) are available, and connections to social media channels are all included. For your more frequently used settings, you can create buttons for quick access. A separate collage mode also helps you combine multiple pictures into a single image. 

AndroidPIT bildbearbeitung pixlr
Pixlr screenshots. © / AndroidPIT


Snapseed is Google's own photo editing app and it pretty much has it all: it's free and offers all sorts of filters and optimization options. Whether trimming, applying filters or correcting colors, with Snapseed you have a powerful picture editor in your hand. You can adjust the coloring or, for example, create a focus effect, although not to the standard of a DSLR – but the images can be greatly enhanced.

Snapseed saves your pictures in a separate folder, that way you can avoid modifying the original image. With apps like Dropbox or Google Photos, you can also synchronize these with Snapseed.

AndroidPIT bildbearbeitung snapseed
Snapseed screenshots. © / AndroidPIT

Adobe: Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Express

For many people, Photoshop is synonymous with photo editing. After the first touchscreen version of Photoshop was removed from the Play Store, Adobe started to launch its own app offensive. For photo editing, there are two apps that deliver good results: Photoshop Express and Photoshop Fix. Photoshop Fix specializes in working with photos and you can use all of the essential features of Photoshop to get the most out of your photos - fit proportions with the liquifying tool, retouch photo defects or adjust details with controls for dynamics and clarity. Photoshop Express, on the other hand, has a larger range of functions and can also handle RAW formats that are more likely to come from the DSLR camera field.

Another interesting app from Adobe and is called Aviary. Aviary provides you with a variety of effects and helps you to quickly generate a meme from a picture of you.

AndroidPIT bildbearbeitung photoshop express
Photoshop Express screenshots. © / AndroidPIT
AndroidPIT bildbearbeitung photoshop fix
Photoshop Fix screenshots / @ AndroidPIT


Vignette is not purely a photo editing app, but rather a hybrid that also serves as a stand-alone camera application with digital zoom, time-lapse and a self-timer. The focus of the app is on vintage effects and camera styles, so you'll be able to make your pictures look as if they were shot with a Lomo, Diana, Holga or Polaroid. There are also double-exposure and photo booth modes.

Photo editing with Vignette, however, is limited to the camera effects, as cropping and rotating are not possible. In contrast to many other applications, the full range of functions is also available without a data connection (as it should be). The pictures remain on the smartphone – unless you share them somewhere.

meilleures applications edition photo android vignette image 00
Vignette offers vintage effects and camera styles.© / AndroidPIT

Photo editing apps: the best with cloud connectivity

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

More and more camera apps control the output using raw data. This means that sensor data from a snapshot is stored on the internal memory without any post-processing. This post-processing then takes place in an app like Adobe Lightroom.

Lightroom has been available for Android for quite some time, but it is only now that it is developing its full strength. Finally, you can take full advantage of the photo app without an account in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Only the synchronization of your photos via Adobe services requires an account, as well as a valid subscription.

lightroom for android add pictures
Lightroom lets you set up directories and search for new images later. / © AndroidPIT

When you start the photo editing application, you will not see any pictures. So the first step must be to add the existing gallery images to Lightroom. These will then also be available to see in the Lightroom collections.

lightroom for android effects
The filters are well sorted. / © ANDROIDPIT

The possibilities for manual or preset-based post-processing are numerous. The support for raw data images is, of course, remarkable. Only the DNG and RW2 formats are used here. You can use any editing steps that are available on the desktop. Thanks to the integrated camera, you can also integrate mobile photography into your Lightroom workflow. The app syncs images with the Adobe Cloud.

lightroom for android curve speed performance
Lightroom for Android is not very fast, but it’s very accurate. / © AndroidPIT

Google Photos

Google Photos is an all-in-one solution: you can use the app to save the images to the cloud to free up space on your smartphone and, of course, you can edit the pictures too. For the latter, you have several filters which you can use for the optimization. Contrast, saturation, or other parameters can be adjusted quickly. One disadvantage is that when you save the corrections directly in Google Photos the original is overwritten, which is not always desirable.

All in all, the sorting functions of Google Photos are quite convincing. The app sorts photo materials by people, places and important features. This way, you can find certain holiday pictures or selfie portraits faster, without having to scroll through the entire picture gallery. Added to this is the unlimited photo storage in Google Cloud, which is available for photos with a resolution of up to 16 megapixels.

AndroidPIT bildbearbeitung google fotos
Google Photos screenshots. © / AndroidPIT

Image editing for selfie fans

Candy Camera

Candy Camera includes many filters and even stickers to decorate your photos. In the absence of limitations it is possible, among other things, to eliminate or smooth over skin impurities directly on the image. In addition to standard filters, selfie filters supplement the already large selection. The effects are cool, so that even photos taken in the office or under a cloudy sky look as though they were snapped beneath the sun. Hundreds of stickers round off the whole thing and make for a bit more fun. In any case, you should try out the app.

jpbrothers candy camera app
Candy Camera: Besides filters, you can also use stickers to decorate your photos. / © AndroidPIT

Cymera – camera & photo collages

Cymera is designed specifically for portraits, although any photos can be edited with it. Images can be taken with the smartphone camera or selected from the gallery. The image editing app offers seven different lenses and four shooting modes while taking pictures. More than twenty filters, decorative effects, portrait features and realistic makeup effects are available. Images can be shared over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other places directly from the application. Cymera is free, but is not free of advertising - a small, tolerable banner is shown at the bottom of the screen.

cymera screens
The best photo apps: not only the usual finishing options, but also numerous fun effects are available in Cymera. / © AndroidPIT


You don't need Photoshop or graphic design skills to get your photos Instagram-ready with the Canva app. As many other apps do, it can take care of photo editing and filters, but that's not what makes it special. With 60,000 templates, you barely have to make an effort in order to create pro-quality graphics for social media, collages, posters and more. And, there are over a million stock photos at your fingertips in the app. If you don't want to use your own images, it comes with access to over a million stock photos built in. Spruce up your images, create your own graphics and wow your friends with Canva.

canva photo app
Make cute graphics with your photos for Instagram with Canva. / © AndroidPIT

Get it on the Play Store.

Image editing: special apps

Photolab Pro

Photolab Pro has a large range of functions but, in this review, it really scores high with its filters. Similar to the Prisma app, you can create paintings from your photos. That said, Photolab Pro goes much further as it can create different montages, which give your pictures a whole new look. It’s easy to use, so you can get results in just a few steps. Instead of more perfect details and colors, you get a whole new subject here. The free version works slower, builds a watermark and displays advertisements.

AndroidPIT bildbearbeitung photolab
Photolab Pro screenshots / © ANDROIDPIT


SKWRT focuses on correcting the perspective of a photo. Upload a photo and it will then correct the perspective at your discretion. The options available for this are numerous, and allow you to easily correct horizontal and vertical lines. Although SKWRT cannot produce miracles, your photos will look considerably straighter after editing. 

AndroidPIT bildbearbeitung skwrt
SKWRT screenshots © / AndroidPIT

Tiny Planet 

With this app, you can turn your panorama pictures into a so-called "Tiny Planet image". We recommend two apps for this: the first is called Tiny Planet FX. Unfortunately, the application is not free, but it offers many options to adjust the effect accordingly. This app requires a little training time. After that, the user can create spectacular pictures.

The Tiny Planet effect is extraordinary. / © AndroidPIT


If you've been able to deduce anything from our review, it's that if are not satisfied with a smartphone photo, there are a whole series of apps to help you tweak the finer details. You can retouch photos – the various Adobe apps have the best tools here. Pixlr, Canva or Aviary will allow you to make quick montages and collages.

In our review of the various apps, the Adobe apps appeared to be useful mainly for detail work on images; playful effects were implemented quite well in other apps. Photolab requires little prior knowledge and conjures up fast results; the Small Planet effect, on the other hand, creates astonishing reactions to your every social post.

Are you customizing your own images? Do you have a favorite app for reworking your pictures? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • I love to edit my images on my smartphone so I use many of these applications to edit my photographs. Perhaps you will need to pay for some of these apps if you install them from google play store but I usually download my applications from the 9Apps app store. It is easy to use and every application available at 9apps.io is free.

  • Great! This apps is so nice for photo editing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Really nice apps

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  • The two apps I use the most are Google photos and Aviary. I'm going to have to check a few of these out.

  • What is the best app to turn a 6meg image file into something closer to 300k? On the PC I'd use Irfanview because it is simple and lightweight and I can easily specify the dimensions (say 800px1200p or whatever) and it will re-render, then I can specify my new file's name so I can tell it apart. Because that's where 90% of mobile image apps also fail: they force a random gibberish name on all your modified images. I want to enter my own name or even (shock and horror) save over the original image destroying it forever. But I want to choose. retouching and making it look better, filters, morphing, all the fancy stuff, honestly, I am an uncouth heathen and don't care about that, lol.

  • Excellent information..

  • Canva is pretty easy to use. With the help of this app you can edit your images like a pro without much image editing skills.

  • johnny Dec 30, 2017 Link to comment

    Best app list for photo editing but i personally use vengtage effects it have great feature and editing concepts. But i need more fore on editing and making dslr back ground blur so i recently found new app for this purpose .

  • Thanks

  • I bought Vignette for my first smartphone, though rarely use it. Good to point out that it operates either as an editor or as the camera interface for the various filters so that you're shooting a "Holga" or "Diana" camera. It also permits intensive personal customizing and saving of the different filters, so in fact it's a "filter factory" of sorts and not limited to preset choices. I do quick edits on Snapseed, but big fingers don't work so well - anything serious is on the PC or laptop. Should also put in a good word for Photo Mate R3, now ads/$, for DNG / RAW images - not bloated like Lightroom and works with the good DNGs that Bacon Camera cooks on my Camera1 phone.

  • Does anyone know something similar to macphun.com/luminar? I would like some professional program that could be used on my phone while traveling, so there is no need to bring my laptop everywhere.

  • "Ist ist art? Definitely not" ... Art is a subjective thing, and I personally think you do can create art with this kind of app. I got a lot of great artworks from Deep Art Effects (highly recommended - a better alternative to Prisma). It doesn't take any artistic skills but you still get great creative results.

  • pi-xel.io not quite a photo editing but allow you to compress and share photos

  • I've been using Photo Editor for Android for a while now. It's similar to Aviary, but easier to use. Has quite a number of features you can download free in addition to the default version. play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.photoeditor.freecameraeffects

  • I like this article but here one android app isn't applied which is PIP Camera Plus i think it is perfect photo editor app.

  • Other then these, for video you can try Videorama. It is powerful, yet easy to use video editor and movie producer for iPhone & iPad. Read about it at BETAPAGE.

  • try Comet app! It allows user upload their photo in bulks at a time! cometapp.io/

  • I really like Photo Editor by dev.macgyver. No fuss, no social media crap, just pure image editing. It's not mentioned in this review, but you can purchase an unlock key to remove the ads. It should be noted that a mobile experience will never be as good as a desktop experience, with that I choose Photoshop CC hands down. You can get Photoshop CS2 for free on the official Adobe website.

  • Photos go viral and so it's essential to have a subtle watermark with your name, email or url, etc. on them and iWatermark+ is the best watermarking app. 9 visible and 2 invisible so 11 total watermark types.

  • Prisma!

  • Jaki Aug 6, 2016 Link to comment

    HI This tool is a kool photo editor,

  • snapseed is awesome photo editing app by google

  • Been using photoshop for years, just not the same on a phone I find.
    I really like SnapSeed, it's an easy to use editor with lots of features.

    Jim Winters

  • Olga Jun 9, 2016 Link to comment

    I would like to recommend Facey Camera as the best app for making selfies.This app has unique feature of taking pictures when face(s) are detected. So, You don’t have to worry that someone will be left out of focus even if You capture with back camera. It also serves as a great Photo editor!

  • What about Levipic? For me its the best one. Especially because of the map geo tag feature.

  • Check Digit Grove Photo Editor App in google play store... This one is free , completely offline and has lots of cool futures with no ads.

  • Fotofunia I'd a nice app for using your images in Lots of different scenarios

  • I am using Myxer for about 3 years, This is just a lovely app for me.
    I am still spreading this word. You can also download this app from techwebi.com

  • I use photo editor by dev.macgyver and photo editor by aviary. These offer the types of things I like to tweak in my photos.

  • Why do you feel Mixx isn't a part of this list?

  •   18
    Deactivated Account Mar 16, 2016 Link to comment

    Great apps!

  •   10
    Deactivated Account Mar 16, 2016 Link to comment

    Cool, love it :D

  • I personally use picsart and snapseed is also good.Photoshop express is not in halfway to the PC photoshop

  • Nice editor

  • Hi everyone. Dies anyone know which is the best photo editing app that keep the original size of the photo when u uploaded it to fb? Thanks

    • Hello there. Among the apps that I have used, it's Snapseed that retains the original size after saving the edited photo to your phone. When you upload the photo to Facebook using the Facebook mobile app, make sure to enable the "Upload HD Photos" option in the App Settings page. Doing so will keep the original resolution of your photo even if you view it in a desktop.

      • good point. There are a lot of apps that seem like great editors, but you have to make sure it saves the final at a high quality! I used to see this alot on my iPhone before I switched over.
        Jim W

  • It's there an app that will change pixels/size of an existing photo and allow you to create a new image from 2 separate existing images? I've not had luck with the 'collage' features. Thanks!

  • This tool is a kool photo editor, kool cropper. You can create a lot of kool images.

  •   7
    Deactivated Account Jan 29, 2016 Link to comment

    No doubt these apps are out standing. excellent features has been introduced in these apps i really appreciate all team of these apps. Today i am using Photex Pro : Text on Photos is one of the best app.An extremely user friendly interface.
    Enjoy your latest event Valentines Day ( 14 February) with Photex Pro by designing the cards of the event..:)..

    • I have tried this app it's a good app to making thoughts type of pictures, But it hasn't excellent features to make your photo into perfect look.

  • These apps are all outdated. They were published years ago. I have been playing with Bonfire Photo Editor since the Christmas holidays. Heavily enhanced by artificial intelligence, it can deliver amazing results like automatic retouch, smartly oil paining. etc. One issue about it is that it requires a powerful device like Galaxy S6 to run smoothly.

  • nice sharing and one most important thing of these apps is that they are totally free and everyone can use that

  • Thanks , could you do few tutorials on editing

  • rick Dec 24, 2015 Link to comment

    i have all of them, plus 20 others, super photo, fx, filters, pro studio,to name a couple more great ones.

  • Nice hair. I'm digging it.

  • I was using Pixlr for any kind of editing task and quite happy with it. But as Adobe Lightroom is now free to use so going to try that as well!

  • Retouchify - your photos are edited by real people. If you need anything fixed on the photo this is the best app.

  • Hi,
    myphotofilter Online photo effects & filters for free, try our photo effects editing

  • VSCO cam is for those who are more interested in serious photography. It has made me put down my dslr and use only my phone the last few weeks. Phenomenal software. Snapseed and Afterlight are the "best" editing only apps (although Afterlight does have a dedicated camera) I've used....after VSCO. This is just my opinion though.

  • I have tried all of these except lightroom and vignette: retro and ended up Uninstalling most of them. I still have pixlr and photo director, and i have snapseed on my tablet though i rarely use it. What baffles me when i read these beat photo editing app articles is how an app called Photo Editor by a developer named dev.macgyver is never on them. It has 10 million downloads on the playstore but i never see it mentioned. This app is amazing. Truly the closest thing you will find to a photoshop or a GIMP on android. The interface is basic, nothing fancy, but what you can do with this app is amazing and almost endless. Every feature and tool can be adjusted and fine tuned down to doing exactly what you want. No other photo app I've tried even comes close. And ive tried over 30 photo editing apps easy. Anyway, it's worth checking out, it's simply called Photo Editor and has a basic blue icon. Oh and all tools and features are free, the only in app purchase is to make it ad free. The ad is small, uninterested and mostly goes unnoticed at the bottom of the screen. Ok ok I'll shut up about it now, i just love this app!

  • Surely Lightroom Mobile doesn't make any sense unless one has the pics in LR in the cloud before processing in Android. And to be in the cloud the pics must be imported via LR but not on Android. IMHO a limiting (lack of) feature.

  • Great Post !! 😃😄

  • 'Dramatic Black & White' by JixiPix Software. Once i realised you could pretty much do away with the vignetting almost entirely if you want, this became the must have camera app i download to a new phone before all other camera apps. I truly cannot understand why it has so few downloads and why it's never mentioned in articles like this one. I haven't found anything that suits me any where near as well for B&W's

  • I am looking for a photo app that allows me to edit pix & move location to were I want them located. Unlike Google photo when edited they are placed as a new photo any suggestion's would be appreciated. MF.

  • #1 editer.............PhotoDirector: The ultimate

  • Dmitry Jun 23, 2015 Link to comment

    How do you actually edit your photos? I'm running a quick survey to understand it better, and it only takes 2 minutes.


    Thank you!

    • Editing is not a problem but being able to than place the pictures were I want them is my problem I would l like folders like on my computer.

  • I rarely use effects on photos, so Perfectly Clear is the photo app I use the most. I cannot understand why it's not even mentioned here, because its auto correction is the best I've seen.
    I strongly suggest an addendum to this article mentioning it.

  • I totally agree that "VSCO Cam is one of the most downloaded and best photo applications on Android". It has wide variety of features to choose to edit photos. It pretty simple and this app is for free.

  • Can you write to me in French.

  • I use this one:

  • Aviary & Pixlr are best

  • Vsco cam and aviary is the best. Trust me. U will get a professional result

  • I have Snapseed, Pixlr, Photoshop Express and VSCO and I hardly ever use them. I have been thinking on uninstalling them. VSCO will be the first to go but then I have no idea which to keep =/

  • Lee Dec 12, 2014 Link to comment

    Using Aviary at the moment great photo editor, you can get and keep all the effects for FREE sign in or make yourself a Adobe account within the App.

    All the effects you download will also be saved to your adobe cloud account so you can restore them back at a later date if needed.

    All Aviary supplies are FREE until 05/01/2015 saving you $200+

    Get them while you can I say 👍😉

  • VSCO Cam FTW!

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