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Best puzzle games for Android

Authored by: Scott Adam Gordon — 11 months ago

As winter sets in most of us will be spending a lot more time huddled up indoors with our gadgets and gizmos. With this in mind, we've got our eyes out for the best ways to keep ourselves entertained until the warm weather returns. Let's dive in to our list of the best puzzle games for Android.

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Here are some of the best puzzle apps! / © ANDROIDPIT

The Room 2

This atmospheric puzzle game isn't exactly action packed, but it is a slow-burning and incredibly rewarding game if Candy Crush isn't exactly your thing. Observation is key here, as you explore different rooms and objects in first person to try and piece together different riddles and clues. The Room 2 was built from the ground up for mobile platforms, so it is perfectly suited to this system. It runs smoothly, the graphics are amazing, and it is consistently clever and engaging. Pick it up from the Play Store for 2.99 USD, and don't forget to read our The Room 2 review too.

androidpit the room 2
The Room 2's logic based puzzles are often very rewarding. / © Fireproof Games
The Room Two Install on Google Play

Monument Valley

Monument Valley would earn a place for sound and visual design alone - it feels like interacting with magic. You control the hooded princess Ida whom you must guide through Escher-like scenes, relying on the use of isometric perspective and manipulation of the architecture to achieve this. It’s hard to visualize without playing it, but just imagine something like an interactive never-ending staircase painting that you direct a little figure through. Something like that.

It’s awfully clever and awfully pretty, with puzzles which never becoming frustrating. Despite its relatively short length, there is also a subtle story running through it, which combines with the other elements to elevate Monument Valley above your typical “tap-here-build-this-wait-5-minutes-and-repeat” Android game. You can pick this one up for 3.99 USD.

androidpit monument valley best game
The painterly aesthetic of monument valley is stunning. / © ANDROIDPIT / ustwo
Monument Valley Install on Google Play

Little Inferno

I can’t speak highly enough of Little Inferno. It’s part puzzle game, part social commentary - it’s partly just a game that wants you to stop and think about why you spend so much time tapping on your screen anyway. You play as a young boy in a snowy town who has the joy of owning a "Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace", a device which encourages children to burn their toys (among other items) just to watch the beautiful flames.

Little Inferno is dripping with metaphors and symbolism (come on, the Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace is a shiny, sparkling box that asks you to maddeningly interact with it and give up on normal social interaction…sound familiar?) and is accompanied by a wonderful story. If you want a deep game that makes you think, give it a try. A bargain at 2.99 USD.

androidpit little inferno best game
Little Inferno is so much more than just a way to pass the time. / © Tomorrow Corporation
Little Inferno Install on Google Play

Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon is a perfect pick-up-and-play time killer: most games won't last more than a few seconds in the beginning. You guide a small triangle through a maze by rotating the screen to the beat of some thumping chiptune beats. It’s an incredibly difficult game, but it's always fair, requiring great reflexes, speed and accuracy. Yours for only 2.99 USD from the Play Store. Just one more try… just one more try... 

androidpit super hexagon best game
Seriously, this is what Super Hexagon looks like. And it's brilliant. / © Terry Cavanagh
Super Hexagon Install on Google Play


If I had the choice between saying this game, or playing this game, I’d play it. Not because rymdkapsel is a necessarily unfriendly word. It’s fine. rymdkapsel. rymdkapsel. rymdkapsel. It's just that this game is quite, quite brilliant.

rymdkapsel is a beautifully abstract puzzle-game-slash-management-sim set in space. It's based around constructing a space station and sustaining a population while attempting to complete objectives. You order your little minions go to work aboard your space station, upgrading it with extractors, reactors and a weapons bay for defense, among other necessary space station stuff.

It’s a (mostly) meditative game with a serene soundtrack, which quickly becomes frantic when your minions are hard at work and an air strike comes along to destroy them. These enemy air strikes occur more frequently as the game progresses, ramping up the difficulty. It’s minimalist and clever and isn’t filled with in-app purchases and free-to-play tropes. It’s sublime at 3.99 USD from the Play Store.

androidpit rymdkapsel best game
It's not as complicated as it looks. Honest. / © grapefrukt games
rymdkapsel Install on Google Play

Bubble Witch 2 Saga

Love them or hate them, King have a knack for creating addictive games with mass appeal. Bubble Witch 2 Saga, despite its terrible title, is a another sure-to-be-popular arcade style puzzler. Using a similar formula to classic 'puzzle bobble' style games, the player must try to remove the colored “bubbles” which hang at the top of each screen by shooting them with bubbles of the same color. It's extremely easy to play, and accompanied by typically dreamy music and bright colors, offers an inoffensive and pleasant experience. And it's free!

android bubble witch two saga
The dropping bubbles score more points when they fall onto the spiders. / © AndroidPIT / King
Bubble Witch 2 Saga Install on Google Play


Shiny hypnotic pixelated retro tile-matcher? Yes please. GlowGrid is an old-school block matching game: You place your blocks on a grid and score points for matching four colors or more. It's not revolutionary, but the neon artwork is consistent and GlowGrid requires some quick thinking to keep the score steadily increasing.

It has two game modes, the casual experience awards you unlimited time to make decisions on where to place tiles. Panic Mode, however, is far more interesting. Here you are given a few seconds to place tiles, and failing to do so gives you an unusable block to place, which limits the on-screen area available. I know, my heart is racing just thinking about it! Again, another great free game!

android glowgrid
Match the glowing tiles, but be careful where not to block your path with idle bricks. / © Zut Games  
Glow Grid - Retro Puzzle Game Install on Google Play


"The year is Cyberpunk!" states Cybergon's ludicrous Play Store description. The developer claims that you control a computer program trying to hack a megacorp's network... but there are no references to this anywhere but on the Play Store. So, I'll just give you my description instead: you control a floating pyramid trying to avoid floating cubes while gathering floating spheres.

Sound fun? Well it is! The aim is to survive as long as possible, but as you continue to catch spheres, more pesky cubes arrive which must be avoided. The in-app advertising videos can't be skipped, and handling your floating pyramid feels just a little too responsive, but these quibbles aside it works rather well. You guessed it, it's free!

android CYBERGON
Mind the barriers when gathering your blue spheres. / © Robot Invader
CYBERGON Install on Google Play


Puzzle meets platformer in Jakyl Kiwanuka. Unique art style, and gameplay reminiscent of the memorable, and near universally adored, Lemmings, Kiwanuka gets a lot of things right.

You control a guide leading a group of travellers to “freedom” across dangerous terrain. You press the guide's staff and drag it outwards to create a bolt of lightning which your travelers follow. It begins simply with walking them to the end of each stage, but as the gameplay progresses you discover more ways in which the staff, and your people, can be utilised to traverse canyons and avoid the fatal flouriscent pink mountains.

The Trippy Eastern music is awesome, particularly when you complete a stage, and it has a sense of originality that most others games on this list (and the Play Store) don't. A bit more contextualization on who the tribe are and why this wizard has an lightning staff may have been nice, but the level design is inventive, the art direction is rad, and I think it's a great overall package. The game costs 1.99 USD.

android kiwanukatwo
Yes, you can make human bridges in Kiwanuka. / © Jaky
Kiwanuka Install on Google Play

Push Panic

Push Panic is a sparkly little block blaster with a variety of game modes. Blocks fall from the sky and you must tap multiple cubes of the same color to destroy them before they pile up too high. It's fluid, responsive and has a dainty physics engine; I quickly forgave the initial instability once I started blasting blocks and building combos again. Plus it restarted with an awesome electro-house number – I wish the rest of the music was of the same quality! Another free beauty!

android push panic
Tumbling shapes remind me of childhood, and panic reminds me of adolescense. / © beJoy
Push Panic Install on Google Play

What puzzle games have you been playing recently? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Originally from the UK, Scott graduated in Popular Music Studies at Newcastle University and attributes most of his success there to his beloved Samsung Galaxy S2. A dedicated Android fan, Scott has never owned an Apple device, of any kind, and doesn't see this changing anytime soon.


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  • Bounce Factory, (for android) has the same idea of puzzle bubble to match colors, but it also adds physics to the elements.

  • Akash 6 days ago Link to comment

    Good puzzle games! May I also suggest a new puzzle game named (Super Slice) - it's a great game, you can try!

  • Nice puzzle games! My game is a puzzler as well, it's called:
    Poly Path

    Just search for the in the Google Play store!

  • Meteor Bubble Blitz is pretty damn good and under the radar puzzle game.

  • I really love Monument Valley! Yesterday i found another good puzzle game, called nr. 02! If you love puzzle game i leave the link (it's free)! ;)

  • Try this new puzzle game, nice music and arts, probably u like it

  • Try Puzzle Moppet to feel Special:
    Light, nice graphics, style.

  • Squares Tilt
    Easy and challenging. Best? Not super budgeted but pretty good. My brain definitely felt boosted. Not kiding.

  • Ola Malak 4 months ago Link to comment

    My top 5 puzzle games on Android:
    - Cogs
    - Pirate Treasures
    - Bubbles go to the War
    - Bouncy Ball
    - Jelly Blast

  • Phan 5 months ago Link to comment

    GET 9 - New puzzle game

  • This Game Is Best Of Your

  • NumBoard - Number Game

  • amazing games..thanks for sharing...another game i liked very much.."town of prince" just check it out..worth playing.

  • Wilson 7 months ago Link to comment

    Just found Symmetry and looks good. And free.

  • Try Lyne (paid) or Beam (Free). If you like games like Flow, and want some more challenging puzzles, you will like those two.

  • Phan 9 months ago Link to comment

    Try Summus. It is freee

  • Add Laserbreak to the list. The most original puzzle game of 2014 and has a free demo version and a full paid version. Was the top selling new puzzle game through December!

  • I love puzzle game that have a story line. Must play puzzle game absolutely the silent age part 1 and 2,machinarium and botanicula. This game are really worth every penny

  • most of them r paid

  • With free puzzle Android games, there are hundreds that are entertaining. You could spend dozens of hours downloading just some of them and checking to see if they're any wonderful.

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