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The best radio apps for Android

To some people radio may seem like a bit of a fusty medium, but the rise of smartphones has given a whole new meaning to the word. Radio apps let you listen to on-demand shows, livestreams and podcasts, all while adapting their recommendations to your tastes. You can even access FM radio via the internet with your smartphone. So now you have access to everything - from the most niche podcasts to the biggest commercial stations - right at your fingertips, so you can spend the rest of your life listening to your favorite stations or discovering new ones.

Here is our list of the best radio apps you can get for your Android device.

FM radio for smartphones

Theoretically, you can receive FM radio via your smartphone. Some Android smartphones manufacturers have installed an app that can be operated like a conventional car radio - it searches for stations, will save your favorites and you can listen with headphones, the internal speaker or via Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, radios are a pure receiving medium, so you won't be able to search for specific tracks or skip songs. Also, only few FM apps will allow you to record items. If you're interested in these things you'd best go for a web-based app like Audials (see below).

FM Radio Standard
The standard radio app is not really feature-packed. / © ANDROIDPIT

If you don't have a radio app installed, it is actually quite difficult. There are two quite expensive apps available in the Play Store that offer genuine FM radio, one of which requires root access and an installed custom ROM. However, none of these apps runs with the Galaxy S6, so we were unable to test how well it worked.

Spirit1: Real FM Radio Install on Google Play Spirit2: Real FM Radio 4 AOSP Install on Google Play

A free version was distributed by the developer in the XDA-Developers' forum. You can download the APK with the Chrome browser and press the blue download button. Avoid the green button as it crashes the system.

spirit1 fm radio
Press the blue download button, as the green is a trap. The app (right) probably crashes. / © AndroidPIT


The app itself is very well designed, so it leaves a good first impression in terms of its functionality. The main selling point is the range of radio stations and settings it includes, as this is excellent. This radio fan managed to put together a list of his favorite songs within a few minutes. According to the developer, there are over 80,000 stations available and, as you would expect, includes numerous podcasts and recordings of interesting radio programs.

FM Radio Audials
Thanks to its excellent design you'll easily find the station you're looking for: / © ANDROIDPIT

If you want you can also transfer your music from Audials via Chromecast to your TV. Another added bonus is that you can record and save music without having to worry about copyright issues. This data can be transferred to an SD card. Audials can also be used on the PC .

In the Pro version, you can record pieces of music automatically and create large collections of your favorite hits. You'll be able to listen to this offline. We'll be able to show how to do this after we've completed a more detailed test.

Audials Radio Pro Install on Google Play

RadioDroid 2

We can also highly recommend the open-source app RadioDroid, which is available in the Play Store. Even if the app doesn't win any prizes for its design, the app stands out thanks to its elaborate layout and great functionality.

radio apps 1
Search for tags or just browse. / © AndroidPIT

The app database is based on information available from, a kind of wiki source for radio stations. Radio stations from all over the world are listed with key words. Through tags like 320 kbps you will find high-quality recordings, or select 30s or 40s for the decade of your choice. A tip on tags leads you to the list with the corresponding search results.

radio apps 2
Sign up, go back and admire the stats. / © AndroidPIT

You can also record programs and listen to them later, even if you have no reception. Your data consumption is constantly displayed to you and you have the option to open the streams in an external player. Unfortunately you can not enlarge the buffer; the smallest fluctuations in the connection quality are punished with a misfire.

radio apps 3
You can set up a sleep timer and link to specific livestreams. / © AndroidPIT

RadioDroid is immune to the power saving features of Android. Also using Android Nougat on Pixel the app and thus the playback continued to operate in the background. 

RadioDroid 2 Install on Google Play

Dash radio

If you do not want to focus on a specific genre or band, the free radio app Dash Radio is perfect for you. Here the Android user is the spoiled for choice and can choose from over 60 radio stations for their personal radio station playlist. There are also rock stations, radio stations that play only hip-hop as well as pure talkback. The overall music selection is very good, as the radio stations include new hits as well as real classics (Beatles, The Who, Rolling Stones). There are also regularly special releases, where well-known DJs will design a special broadcast program.

The Radio-App Dash Radio is therefore especially recommended for anyone who has a desire for several musical genres and are always on the lookout for new hits.

With Dash Radio almost all music wishes will be fulfilled. / © AndroidPIT
Dash Radio- Free Music, No Ads Install on Google Play

Tuneln radio

Tuneln Radio will satisfy nearly everyone's musical tastes. With over 100,000 radio stations available from around, it would be hard not to cover almost every genre. So, if you are interested in BBC radio programs, or want to know what is really important in the US, just take a look at the Tuneln Radio. There's not only rock, pop or classical music, Android users will also find various sports programs, cultural pieces, discussions and much more.

The radio app is not only available for Android smartphone and tablet, you can also access it with Android Wear devices as well as through Google Chromecast.

Tuneln radio offers a huge selection of different radio stations. / © AndroidPIT
TuneIn: Stream NFL Radio, Music, Sports & Podcasts Install on Google Play

Do you like rock, reggae and techno, but you're too lazy to look for new artists and bands? No problem, because has been designed to evaluates your music tastes, which you have already created at Spotify, Deezer and Google Play and recommends new music for you. provides very good results overall and helps you to identify the latest trends and artists you may not yet know.

The app is easy to use and everything is clearly set out for you. Anyone who reviews and submits a recommendation will in turn receive recommendations from to suit their personal music tastes.

lsfamAndroid searches for the musicians and bands that are right for you./ © AndroidPIT Install on Google Play

Radio FM

Radio FM comes highly recommended for all the music lovers out there who want things clear and easy. Here again you have a wide variety of radio stations from all over the world to choose from, which are all set out very clearly. You can quickly add your favorite radio stations into your list and, just as quickly, switch between stations. The app also offers a wide range of settings to customize your list according to your own preferences, and even includes a sleep function.

FM Radio Radio FM
Radio FM: An easy-to-understand radio app for Android. / © ANDROIDPIT
Radio FM Install on Google Play

Do you still listen to live radio, or do you prefer your radio stations to be more personalized? Let us know in the comments, and tell us if we've missed out any of your favorite radio apps.



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  • I did a search for *offline fm radio" and ended up here. Just bought a new phone (Blu Studio Selfie 2 running Android 6.0) and it uses the NextRadio app for offline FM radio. NextRadio is *FAR* inferior to the offline FM radio app that came with Androin 5.1 (which at least worked). Can anyone recommend an app to listen to local FM radio stations offline?

  • Fileorgin 10 months ago Link to comment

    I'm using FH radio for a while. It's good one.

  • Ron Smith 10 months ago Link to comment

    Tune in Radio has been my go-to music app since my HTC Wing from T-Mobile, in 2007. I love the huge selection-- with ads or without. The only problem I've had is that I paid for the pro version, which was supposed to be a lifetime subscription. Tune-in Radio is now wanting to go to a monthly subscription. Every time I try to login I get a pop-up asking me to sign up to pay monthly. Not sure what my "lifetime subscription" is going to give me.

  • This is why I am very angry with Samsung by removing the F.M Radio on there Premium phones just because they have to copy Apple all the time,trying to gain iPhone users to there phones,you should not have to pay for using applications on your phone's ,that's why I have never tried using radio aplications,instead I have kept the Galaxy S3 as my spare phone for listening to the Radio or listen to music while charging my Main phone

  • Albin Foro 10 months ago Link to comment

    TuneIn is good on Android for not intruding its own ads - I use it for BBC, CBC, and local stations. Given streaming, I don't want commercial FM for music any more. I quite like the old "Sky" spin-offs with expert-curated stations and very few commercial breaks: Jazzradio, RadioTunes, ClassicalRadio, RockRadio and a new DigitalImport (EDM) apps and web sites, each of which has a lot of separate streams. (Spotify and Pandora on Android are pretty heavy with commercial breaks, where the web browser interfaces are not.)

    •   24

      I really like TuneIn as well mainly because its such a simple clean app. It doesnt spam you with a million other features.

  • Greetings radio Land, you should give CvsRadio1 - Reggae Jam a license internet radio with unlimited streaming service online a try. We appreciate your positive support. We claim a worldwide existence.

  • Is there anywhere in the world where in the United States for a free internet free data connection

  • I really don't understand these recommendations. They are ALL very limited. Try Radio FM. With this app YOU choose from almost anywhere in the world. I'm a jazz lover, and WBGO, New Jersey and KCSM San Mateo are 2 of the best stations in the world. But Radio FM gives you ALL the classical stations, ALL the jazz stations, ALL the pop, rock, country, ethnic ...... you name it you can find it.

  • ekstro May 23, 2016 Link to comment

    Maybe you can give a try to our new radio app: Replaio. You can find it in Google Play (search for "Replaio").

    Some interesting features: pause and rewind while listening to live radio, record and listen at the same time, record simultaneously (a number of radio stations at the same time), plan and automatically record cyclic radio programmes and many more.

  • Thank you Buck, this heads up is appreciated as a lot of us do pay attention to what kinds of ethics companies have that we give our hard earned money to. I just wish everyone would!

  • Please suggest best tamil radio app like

  • Pure Connect is one of the best radio apps available. It has a very huge collection of stations

    or look for WWTUNER in Google Play

  • If you love news radio, one super fast and simple app is 1 Radio News. Just search Google Play for "radio news" where it is normally the top result.

    The pro version, with more vetted stations from every corner of the world all with English, has the highest rating on Google Play of any radio app at 4.8.

  • You missed Mad Genius Radio! This is the best, most customizable radio app available.

  • Why would it make any difference libby!!

  • Slacker Radio should also be on this list.

  • TuneIn Radio and Pandora are fantastic. Both free

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