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Best email apps for Android: 6 to keep your inbox clutter-free

Email is a relative veteran as far as digital modes of communication go, but it remains central to the way most of us keep in contact with one another. However, it's become so popular and convenient that it can be difficult keeping on top of it — and that's where the right app can help. Here are the best email apps for Android.

androidpit nexus 6 email apps
These are the best email apps for Android. / © ANDROIDPIT

There are more email apps out there than you might think (Google itself has two) so you can pick the one that suits your needs and workflow best. Remember to customize the app notifications as required so you only get alerts about the messages that you're most interested in.


It's easy to become so familiar with Gmail that you forget just how good it is. The app recently introduced a unified inbox view, so you can check emails from all of your accounts at once, and that's on top of all the usual smart features (including a primary tab for the most important messages).

androidpit gmail app
Gmail recently added a unified inbox view. / © ANDROIDPIT

From the clever search features to the swiping commands to the familiar conversation view, there's a lot to like about Google's flagship email app. Delve into the settings page for your account to set which types of message trigger a notification on your device and the sync period.

Inbox by Gmail

Power users will probably want to stick to Gmail, but Inbox is an interesting alternative for those who want more automation in their email workflow. The app goes further than Gmail in terms of automatically sorting messages and deciding how important they are and where they should go.

androidpit inbox by gmail app
Inbox by Gmail is Google's other email app. / © ANDROIDPIT

Updates about travel and deliveries get bundled together, for example, and you can create customized bundles for low priority messages too. Attachments and images are displayed right in line with the messages and it's possible to snooze emails to a later date as well.


Mailbox includes a lot of useful features (like snooze) that have since been copied by other apps, and the emphasis is on providing a simple and effective interface to help you power through your messages. You can swipe to dismiss conversation threads and reach inbox zero in no time.

androidpit mailbox app
Mailbox wants to make email simple. / © ANDROIDPIT

What's more, Mailbox learns from your swipes and your snoozes to work out the kind of email that's most important to you — it's then able to take automated decisions on your behalf about how important a message is. Every screen is beautifully designed as well, which always helps.


Microsoft is working hard at upping its email game (and its mobile apps across the board) and Outlook is further evidence of that. It looks the part, brings you all the features you're likely to need, and can sort your incoming messages into varying levels of importance on your behalf.

androidpit outlook app
Microsoft's mobile apps are steadily getting better. / © ANDROIDPIT

OneDrive and your Outlook calendar are integrated so it's perfect for Microsoft users (though other accounts are supported too). The Focused tab shows the most significant emails first and there are quick filtering options to help you sift through large numbers of messages easily.

Type Mail

Type Mail isn't as well known as some of the other apps on this list but it wraps a stack of useful features in an appealing interface so it's worth checking out. You can use it to manage an unlimited number of accounts, so it's handy for getting messages together in one place.

androidpit type mail app
Type Mail is another interesting email app. / © ANDROIDPIT

You can snooze emails till later, set do not disturb times, view threads at a glance and more, and there's support for Android Wear here too. There are lots of nice little touches too, like the way social media alerts are marked with the relevant icon rather than a faceless contact image holder.


One of the clever features in WeMail is the way it tells you how much time you're saving thanks to the intelligent grouping methods it applies to your messages. It's a bright and colorful app and the card-based user interface is reminiscent of the official Google apps in the way they show emails.

androidpit wemail app
WeMail offers a number of clever features. / © ANDROIDPIT

Email threads are designed to look more like chat conversations and the focus is very much on keeping everything as simple and clutter-free as possible. Quick access to your contacts and attachments make WeMail even more appealing, and it's a genuine contender to the major players.

What do you think is best email app for Android? Let us know in the comments below. 


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  • Mr Baum Jun 9, 2015 Link to comment

    Surprisingly, MailWise is not on this list. It's rather a shame, because it's the best clutter free email exchange app out there right now.

  • MailDroid. It might be expensive for the PRO version and buggy when using MS Exchange (which app isn't?), but it has some many compose options including one which I haven't been able to find on any other Android email app: Hyperlinks!

    Does anyone know of an Android email app that can do IMAP, MS Exchange and of course, hyperlinks?

  • Today i would also consider Cloudmagic which covers some 90% of my expectations. I used to have K-9 for several years until it started to behave erratically early 2014. The major fix for Cloudmagic would be allowing me to set a default Bcc address.
    I normally manage my main Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail accounts from Cloudmagic. It's easy, simple and sturdy.

  • I wonder why no one ever mentions Enhanced Email, I love it!

  • I do recommend Nine. Simply, the best. Html signature, zoom, sort by conversation, OOO embedded and integrated to GUI, VIP selection, sync of email, contacts, tasks, calendars. I use in sync with my corporate office365 and previously with Exchange but I understand it supports POP&IMAP as well.

  • Agree with Deep, Cloud Magic blows the others away.

  • Are there any mail apps that are rule - based? In other words as an example, automatically move an incoming message to a folder based on a subject or sender, etc?

  • Angus P. May 31, 2015 Link to comment

    Was using K9 mail for years, and now MyMail for about a year.. Perfection.!

  • AquaMail is without doubt the best one.

  • Deep May 31, 2015 Link to comment

    Cloudmagic should be on that list!

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