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13 of the best icon packs for Android: customization heaven

There are many ways to personalize your Android smartphone or tablet, from changing the wallpaper, to adding new ringtones or fonts, to installing a custom launcher. But did you know you can also personalize the app icons on the home screen and in the app drawer?  This guide will show you how and point you at some of the best icon packs available. 

What is an icon pack?

An icon pack is an application that replaces all your icons with customized ones. In general, they're very simple to install, and you can do that in the same way as you would any other app. The one difference, however, is that if you want to test out a few different icon packs to find your favorite, you'll want to install a launcher first to make the process easier. 

If you don’t have one yet, something like Nova or Apex Launcher, can be installed from the Play Store for free. Once you've found the icons you like, you can always change your launcher, as long as they're not an integral part of it.

Nova Launcher Install on Google Play Apex Launcher Install on Google Play

1. Click UI

There are many icon packs out there that look similar to Click UI, but this one has a fair claim to being one of the first to introduce icons with subtle long shadows that give them a sense of gentle motion.

The app was last updated in November 2016 (correct at time of writing) and there's a super-simple icon-request tool included for any of your favorite app icons that are missing. You can also use it to set your background and lockscreen wallpapers too, though there are better apps for this

androidpit click ui
Simple, clean and a good selection of icons. / © AndroidPIT
Compatible launchers Nova, Apex, Action, Go, Solo, Trebuchet, Smart, Aviate, Next, KK, Nine, Blur, Unicon, ADW, and most others that have icon pack support. A launcher isn't essential to use this app.
Size 15MB
Price $1
Click UI - Icon Pack Install on Google Play

2. Retrorika

Bringing smooth vector graphics with a retro swing to Android, Retrorika takes material design and runs 30 years of cigarette smoke through it. Each icon brings a unique take on the original design, too; it's a passion project, with a great attention to detail, and it's for this reason that it makes it into this list.

Retrorika is one of the best icon packs for giving your device that paradoxical retro feeling but at the same time retaining a modern feel to your phone. Like some of the others here, you can also set your wallpaper with the app. 

androidpit retrorika
Some of Retrorika's icons are a bit weird. But they're all tinged with a vintage look.  / © AndroidPIT
Compatible launchers 27 launchers, which probably includes yours too. A launcher isn't essential to use this app.
Size 23MB
Price $1 or less (currently on offer) 
RETRORIKA ICON PACK Install on Google Play

3. Polycon

Polycon is the first free option in this list, but it's not just that you can get it without handing over any cash that makes it worth checking out.

If you like a mostly stock Android experience with some pizazz, Polycon's icons provide sleek, flat, colorful flourishes.

At latest count, there are over 750 icons available, and as with others, you can request any odd ones that are still missing. It's an icon pack that's not afraid to stray from set shapes, so you get nice curves and corners to keep things visually stimulating without it all appearing messy. 

Polycon's a solid choice for a clean overall look.  / © AndroidPIT
Compatible launchers Nova, Apex, Action, Go, Solo, Trebuchet, Smart, Aviate, Next, KK, Nine, Blur, Unicon, ADW, Arrow, Xperia Home. It may work with others too that aren't 'officially' supported.
Size Around 8MB
Price Free (in-app purchases available)
Polycon - Icon Pack Install on Google Play

4. CandyCons

Bringing Material Design icons with a little handcrafted tweak is CandyCon's forte. The pack has 1070 icons at last count, including multiple color choices for some of the more popular ones.

There's also the obligatory icon request feature on the rare occasion you don't see the icon you're looking for. It strictly sticks to the Google Material Design color schemes, and includes around 20 wallpapers. Fans of Muzei can still use that app to modify wallpapers too, which is nice. 

All you need to do, like the others that require a launcher, is navigate to the settings and hit Apply. 

CandyCons is a good option if you want to stick to Material Design / © AndroidPIT
Compatible launchers Nova, Apex, Action, ADW and many more launchers supported. Requires a launcher to work correctly.
Size Around 18MB
Price Free 
CandyCons - Icon Pack Install on Google Play

5. PixBit

OK, so you want a retro feel to your icons, but you don't want vintage appeal. Got it. You should probably check out PixBit's 8-bit pixellated glory. It's made by the same developer as CandyCons above, too. 

That means that using it is just the same too - depending on which launcher you choose, long-pressing an icon should give you an option to swap it out, though all the default ones are applied as standard when you select PixBit as your icon manager in your chosen launcher.

It might not have quite as many icons for apps as some of the other options here, but there are a few pixellated backgrounds you can download to keep it all themed too, if you want. It's also totally free, and doesn't show ads, which is always a bonus.

If you want to bring a little 8-bit joy to your phone, PixBit is worth a look. / © AndroidPIT
Compatible launchers Nova, Apex, Action, ADW and many more launchers supported. Requires a launcher to work correctly.
Size Around 4.5MB
Price Free 

6. VIT

VIT Icon Pack has over 2,000 crystal white icons, looking to add a touch of purity to your smartphone. The minimalist approach combines the simple color scheme and now-expected wallpaper integration option to provide a single app that can completely change the look of your phone. 

The icons take a standardised design with their approach to shape too, and give the impression of depth with a little drop shadow around the edge.

VIT is compatible with a wide-range of launchers, and is provided for free too. It's worth noting that it hasn't been updated since 2015, though. 

androidpit vit
VIT's Android icon pack is all-white in design.  / © AndroidPIT
Compatible launchers Nova, Apex, Action, Aviate, Themer, Smart, Atom, Inspire, KK, Solo, Holo, ADW, Nine, Unicon and some others.
Size Around 20MB
Price Free

VIT Icon Pack Install on Google Play

7. Stamped Black Icons

If you like a bit of dramatic silhouette action, the cunningly titled Stamped Black Icons' pack should be your next stop in Google Play. There are over 1,250 free icons in this pack and they work best with minimal or 'moody' wallpapers and themes.

If you're a fan of the approach, but would rather have stamped white icons, the dev has made that app for you too. How thoughtful.

stamped black icons
Stamped Black Icons brings a dramatic simplicity of its own. / © AndroidPIT
Compatible launchers Apex, Nova, Action Launcher Pro, ADW, GO (No masking support), Lightning Launcher
Size Around 10MB
Price Free 
Stamped Black Icons Install on Google Play

8. Pixel Icon Pack

If you want the look of a Nougat-totin' Pixel phone, but don't actually want the phone itself, you can get hold of more than 2,700 icons in the Pixel icon style in one pack right here. The one catch is that it's not free, but it's still pretty cheap at less than $1.

There's a wide selection of well-designed HD icons (which is part of the reason the app is larger than some of the others) and it offers the same icon request and background features that many of the others in the app list. Going through the settings allows you to change the appearance of icons in different places.

pixel icon pack
You might not be able to have a Pixel, but you can have Pixel icons.  / © AndroidPIT
Compatible launchers  ABC, Action, ADW, Apex, Atom, Aviate, GO, Holo, HoloHD, iTop, KK, LG Home, Lucid, M, Mini, MN, New, Next, N, Nougat, Nova, S, Smart, Solo, V, ZenUI, Zero.
Size Around 50MB
Price $1 or less (currently on offer)
Pixel Icon Pack - Apex/Nova/Go Install on Google Play

9. Min

The name says it all: Min is a minimalistic icon package that only takes its full effect if you remove the labels from the icons and choose them to displayed as monochrome.

Purists might find that Min is their desired icon package as it brings a harmonized balance to the home screen without all the flash of colorful or oversized icons. For many apps, there are specially designed icons, while others are automatically enclosed in a small circle with a white border. For those, the inner part of the circle contains a small version of the original colorful icon and gives the appearance as if you’re looking through a keyhole.

Min works particularly well with a simple or plain wallpaper and is available for free on the Google Play Store. It can also be used as a standalone app, or in conjunction with launchers or other icon packs.

Min androidpit
Small, lightweight and minimalistic. / © AndroidPIT
Compatible launchers Nova, Apex, Action, Smart "and others".
Size Around 9MB
Price Free (with in-app purchases)
Min - Icon Pack Install on Google Play

10. Outer Space 

The Outer Space Icon Pack transforms your smartphone into a cheerful conglomeration of cartoon style icons. The two main characters are a rabbit and a cat with an afro, which are depicted alternatively throughout icons.

The icons combine the quirky love of cats and a cartoony style to the traditional app structure. Some apps are very distinctive in their look, but you may have some trouble finding less easily distinguishable apps at first with this app pack.

It's also one of the simplest to use - there are no options menus - but it does require one of the four launchers below. 

Outer Space won't be for everyone, but it will please some people. / © AndroidPIT
Compatible launchers Apex, Nova, Go Launcher, ADW
Size Around 2MB
Price Free
Icon pack - Outer Space(FREE) Install on Google Play

11. Superhero Icon Pack

Want to transform your icons into a superheroes? With this pack, you get 20 comic book superhero icons in total, so it's not going to compete with others in this list in terms of versatility. However, there's nothing to stop you using it in conjunction with another icon pack from this list.

It's free to download and works with a wide range of launchers, if you want to get your superhero on. They are a bit confusing though if you don't know what each is set for.

superhero icons
Best used alongside another icon pack.  / © AndroidPIT
Compatible launchers Apex, Nova, Go Launcher, ADW
Size Around 3MB
Price Free
The Superhero-Icon Pack/Theme Install on Google Play

12. Atran

Atran is going to be a fast-favorite for anyone that likes unified circular icons with a retro filter-like appeal. 

With more than 4,000 icons (and 30 HD wallpapers), there's plenty of value for your $1 and more are still being added all the time. You can, of course, request any that you're missing. 

If you're looking for icons with a little texture, Atran is worth paying for. 

Atran's icon manage to give a subtle texture without looking tacky. / © AndroidPIT
Compatible launchers Apex, Nova, Go Launcher, ADW
Size Around 2MB
Price Free
Atran - Icon Pack Install on Google Play

13. Tigad Pro

This is another icon pack that's unlikely to appeal to everyone's design sensibilities, but if you've got a penchant for 3D and want a little more depth in your icons, check out Tigad Pro. 

In total, there are more than 7,800 custom-designed icons in this pack, all with a 3D design, and it supports applying them directly or via most of the most popular Android launchers. Like most of the others in this list, it provides a number of different wallpapers that work well with its icons too within the app. 

3d icons
Want 3D icons with depth? Tigad Pro has nearly 8,000 of them! / © AndroidPIT
Compatible launchers Supports 22 of the most popular launchers
Size Around 2MB
Price $1
Tigad Pro Icon Pack Install on Google Play

What's your favorite icon pack for Android? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Stephan Franz Feb 24, 2015

    Who do you think makes these resources? Google? No, these aren't a way for the big companies to try and take advantage of you. These products are creations of artists and designers. Your statement sounds a lot like this analogy: "I bought a computer, and now when i try to get on some websites, they want me to PAY!! I paid for the computer, why are they trying to con me into giving more?!" Perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions. These designers created something and offered it to the community to enjoy. They just want a little compensation for their time. If you do not enjoy the art or resource, don't install it. If you don't mind supporting a person who put time and effort into something, then enjoy! As for subscription services like multiplayer support, its not like multiplayer support is just a magical connection that doesnt require a maintained network of servers and specilized software. Its not like those companies hve to pay for internet bandwidth to allow you to play their game on their servers. Its not like they have to continually pay for maintaining the sercers and network (though, if they actually didnt, it might be a little more understandble when all their networks are breached and customer informtion is stolen). Multiplayer support in games is a HUGE investment, and its not "half" of the game. It is MUCH easier, and MUCH less expensive to create single player games. Again, if you think paying a tiny fraction of a multiplayer game's overhead is ridiculous, then dont pay it. Yes, i can see the point ofeeling like we're being nickeled and dimed. It certainly feels that way a lot of the time. But maybe it isnt that others are trying to find ways to get every penny out of us, but that we are wanting and expecting more and more. Nothing is free, and costs, at the very least, time. Sure there ARE some people that want to con or rob you. And yes, caution and skepticism are good defenses. But the truth is: a business wants to give you what you want. You expect more, they offer more, you pay for more.


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  • I just want the bog standard Lollipop icons on Nougat. I don't like those "sqround" ones. I found where to turn off icon frames so 3rd party apps can have their full, uncropped sizes, shapes and/or transparent backgrounds. Needs to replace the icons for the factory installed apps on my Galaxy Grand Prime J7.

  • In my opinion the best Icon Packs for time being are:
    Paper Icon Pack
    Tigad Icon Pack
    Oreo Bickies Icon Pack
    Pebbles Icon Pack
    Rugos Icon Pack
    Sailfish Icon Pack

  • Where is merrun pack its very good than above all

  • The best icon packs currently in the market by August 2017 are
    1. Paper Icon Pack
    2. Flix Icon Pack
    3. Tigad Pro Icon Pack
    4. Rugos Icon Pack
    5. 3D Icon Pack
    6. Graby Spin Icon Pack

  • Ozigamers 4 months ago Link to comment

    Decent icon pack with a black background or theme are great, It consumes little battery.

  • Really hoped it would of told me at the top of the article that these were paid before I spent 10 minutes picking out an icon pack that looks good. I've been using the Internet and Android for a long time - Since are ALL icon packs paid on a website and it wont even say till u click download? Seems deceptive. Personally, I'm not used to paying 2 bucks for a cell phone icon pack. This comment is because I'm just so tired of more and more people asking for money for smaller and smaller things that never used to be paid! I'm an adult and I pay my own bills (before you flame me for expecting everything in life for free), and I understand that sometimes things you want cost money -- BUT most of the time you can find a free version! ;) (for small things like this). As if it isn't enough that we all pay for our phones, our cell plan, all of life's real life bills like rent, and electricity. Wages have not kept up with inflation in America, and on top of that many services ask you to pay for "gold" subscriptions because the free version is limited (Example: Discoery and History channel not offering HD unless you pay for them separate and in addition to your cable bill). And now y'all want $2.00 for a pack of android icons??? Thanks for wasting my time. Icons are a really minor thing, I'm saving my 2 bucks for lunch, and these sites asking for money are capitalizing on people who don't know they can get just as good icon packs for free. Anyone else feel this way? I don't mind paying for people's time, but this is an area where you should be offered free choices before paid. To back up my opinion I will make a set of 16 android icons to anyone who asks me

    • Bastian Siewers
      • Admin
      • Staff
      4 months ago Link to comment

      I completely disagree. Icon Packs are not a minor thing, if they are good, it is a lot of work. And yes, I am perfectly fine with paying for a great icon pack. You are basically saying that any basic job should not be paid, and I cant not agree with that ;)

    • Hi Izzy, yes please make me 16 Android icons for free. But I do want these icons to be topnotch quality obviously. Good design quality which will match my user interface designs perfectly, not that crap quality design which you can download for free all over the internet. Thanks.

  • It is most likely in the icon pack called outer space since that's where it is displayed.

  • There is a new icon pack called S8 Black AMOLED , its awesome based on s8 style whit deepest black , have 1.500+ icons whit daily updates.

  • Anyone know the name of or where I can find that wallpaper with the Android logo with the rainbow in most of the above images?

  • Icon packs are no good. They slow down homescreen interactions, instal surreptitious ads and malware, and look extremely tacky. Keep distance from them. My honest advice.

  • Andria D. 9 months ago Link to comment

    I see "Moonshine" listed, but where's "Moonrise"? They're very nice icons, they're free, and there's a BUNCH of 'em!

  • Typo 2 lines below "What is an icon pack?"

  • Alex 11 months ago Link to comment

    If you like cats try also the new Icon Pack El Gaton, search for "El Gaton Cats Icon Pack" on google play!

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