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Best unknown Android apps you need to check out

The Google Play Store is full of wonders, but many of its apps remain undiscovered because they're not eye-catching enough, not PR-friendly enough or just not lucky enough. This list is a tribute to the brilliant but lesser-known Android apps, now including one that turns your phone into a remote control, and a great way to search for movies and TV shows online. 


Spendee is great because it’s a visual and colorful way to track your expenses. You can quickly connect through Facebook (no annoying email registration necessary) and immediately create your wallet. You can create multiple categories, enter your budget and start recording all your expenses.

The advantages of Spendee? No advertising and a pleasant interface in a modern and colorful style. There’s even the option to quickly snap pictures of a bill for an expense. Your wallet will thank you.

Spendee - Budget & Money Tracker with Bank Sync Install on Google Play


You might be aware of JustWatch because we have written about it before, but it’s still had relatively few downloads for an app that presents such a useful function. If you’re looking for movies or TV shows online, JustWatch shows you if they are available and from which – legal – source. Best of all, its brilliant search function includes free TV shows and movies too. 

JustWatch is something of a work in progress and it might still be a while before it's completely solid. But if you want a quick and easy way to find high-quality versions of a particular TV show or film or browse through what's currently on sale across the web, give it a go.

androidpit justwatch one
JustWatch integrates with free and paid services to find the content you want. / © ANDROIDPIT
JustWatch - Guide for Cinema, Netflix, Hulu & more Install on Google Play


Do you have friends or family abroad?  Do you travel often for work? If so, you're probably always looking for the best way to make international calls without racking up enough roaming charges to remortgage your home.

If you're not fond of the direction Skype has gone, take a look at Ringo. It’s particularly convenient because your friends won't need to install it to communicate with you. This application allows you to call any international number without using 3G, 4G or WiFi connections, but over the local network.

Even though WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger’s calling features are improving, there’s still a long way to go in terms of stability. And in the end, they use up precious data. Ringo on the other hand actually turns international calls into local calls. Of course, calls are not free but they are much cheaper than a normal call so you’ll save considerably. Perfect for any kind of traveller.

Ringo: International calls Install on Google Play

Morning Routine

Not a morning person? Morning Routine is perfect for people who have difficulty getting out of bed. The app allows you to wake up slow and steady by defining a morning routine sequence on your phone (hence its name). For example, it can start by displaying web pages you follow, and makes you read a barcode to switch off the alarm clock as a final step. The app is cute and entertaining with original animations. Good news too, no ads will tarnish your user experience.

If you're looking for a reason not to snooze, Morning Routine is the ideal solution to start your day on the right foot, or at least get that foot out of bed.

morning routine IT
Morning Routine will make sure the snooze button is out of reach. © ANDROIDPIT
Morning Routine - Alarm Clock Install on Google Play


If you love knowing what's going on – but don't want to invest the time or energy into constantly paying attention – then Hooks is the app for you. Hooks lets you set up notifications for basically anything you care about: it's kind of like a DIY Google Now. Choose from existing recipes (to borrow an IFTTT term) or request new ones.

AndroidPIT Hook notifications
Hooks will keep you notified of absolutely anything you're interested in. / © ANDROIDPIT

Sure, it takes a little while to set up, but one you've done it, you'll always be informed about the stuff you care about. You can set up notifications for shows you like that are about to start, sports team goals, Twitch streams, lottery results, weather, concert and festival info, horoscopes, shipment tracking, new online courses – whatever.

Challenger Comics Viewer

Comics are a perfect fit for the increasingly vivid screens that feature on new phones and tablets. There have been plenty of attempts to faithfully bring the comic/graphic novel experience to Android devices, but this is one of the best. Challenger Comics Viewer is a free app with no ads, which lets you view comics in countless formats.

AndroidPIT Challenger Comics Viewer
The next best thing to actually reading a real vintage comic book. / © ANDROIDPIT

You can pinch-to-zoom, change viewing modes, and adjust settings like contrast and brightness to optimize whatever you're reading for your eyes. Nothing quite recreates the experience of holding an actual vintage comic in your hands, but Comics Viewer gives it a great shot.

Challenger Comics Viewer Install on Google Play

SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm

Put the accelerometer in your Android phone to the best possible use. SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm monitors your movements in bed when you're asleep. This app tracks fluctuations between deep sleep and light sleep cycles throughout the night and lets you set an alarm window in which it wakes you up when you're in a light sleep phase.

androidpit sleepbot
SleepBot can even record those weird noises you make in the night. / © Sleepbot

There is scientific evidence to suggest that waking up during a light sleep phase can be better for your well-being than getting an extra couple of hours sleep, so this alarm clock could be a life-changer. Even just knowing what your sleep patterns are like can help you plan a more restful night's sleep.

SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm Install on Google Play

Secret Escapes

If you're a fan of deal apps and sites, don’t miss Secret Escapes, an app that offers deals all around the world for up to 70 percent off the original price. It’s free and also offers an offline mode so you can select reservations while when not online, plus you can set reminders for upcoming sales.

AndroidPIT Secret Escapes holidays
We all deserve a break sometimes. We deserve discounted breaks even more. / © ANDROIDPIT

You can choose from hand-picked hotels and holiday destinations up to a year in advance, be inspired with great recommendations and make use of the last-minute feature for those quick weekend getaways. Now you really have no excuse not to take a holiday.

Secret Escapes Install on Google Play

Ask Me Anything - Reddit AMA

Last but not least on our list of apps that don’t get enough recognition is Ask Me Anything - Reddit AMA. This is the official Reddit app that exclusively features interviews between people of interest (celebrities, inventors, sports stars, politicians) and the Reddit community. The best part is: you're the interviewer. 

AndroidPIT Reddit AMA app
If you don't know Reddit that well, AMAs are pretty much its backbone. / © ANDROIDPIT

Ask Me Anything - Reddit AMA is perfect if you find the wormhole that is Reddit a daunting. The AMA section is one of the most popular and informative parts of the entire site, and the AMA app puts it right at your fingertips. It lets you choose from a bunch of categories, track upcoming AMAs, read old interviews, ask your own questions and be alerted when a particular interviewee is active. 

Ask Me Anything - reddit AMA Install on Google Play

Have you tried any of these? Which unknown Android apps have you discovered recently? Share your tips in the comments. 



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  • John B. 6 months ago Link to comment

    Great article Scott keep up the great work. I really enjoyed this article and I hope that more like it will continue to come out.

  • While some users may be missing some of these, I've found the most "unknown" set of apps generating any interest are ones that provide services from the (large, urban) public library system:

    PressReader - gui for digitized full copies of international daily newspapers and periodicals
    OverDrive - audiobooks and ebooks
    RBDigital - gui for full copies of popular magazines, and audiobooks
    Hoopla - mass media video, music and cartoon graphics
    Naxos Music Library (NML) - classical music
    NML Jazz - jazz and blues

    People are surprised that libraries offer these streams and downloads free, along with a lot more exclusively for kids. Only requirement is annual confirmation of residence for a library card - and some will permit cheap monthly subscriptions for out of towners. Retail subscriptions to the same content are available, but would add up to a fortune every month.

  • D. L. 6 months ago Link to comment

    I was interested in sleep bot, until I read recent reviews, and saw it's not been updated since 2013!!! It may work OK on older phones, but I'm guessing the bad reviews are from people with newer OS.

  • Moodify Relax should be there in this List, It changes the relax app definition by giving Infinite relax sounds offline and online.

  • you should give a try to Xwidgets, This app is small (2.5mb) having 1400 beautiful widgets for home screen,

  • Georeader checks all the boxes for unknown as well. Automatically reads out loud historical markers to you as drive by them.

  • this is a nice unsung gem its been around for a while, yet only has 100 downloads. thats right. its called multiwindow by music amp its a simple slide out bar on either the left or right side of your screen. there are many like it were this app really shines is not in the apps you choose to put on the bar, but the ones that come with it. the bottom half of the bar is yours to put a good amount of Apps in I have four or five the too half is reserved for the apps that come with it and not annoying apps with ads either. it features a calculator a notepad a browser a music and gallery shortcut you don't have to do anything your music and pics are already there flashlight camera and every single one pops up in a small square screen on top of the App your already running. not to mention being able to switch back-and-forth between apps without them closing and having to reload such as clash of clans or Dragonvale .

  • I've created this one,
    Here is one more funny Prank app only for 18+
    Just put

  • Hi Everyone, Hi Scott! i have a HTC One m8 and i'm looking for an app that lets me insert a mobile number into a text message. I dislike sending contact cards via SMS or Whatsapp. In my line of work, when i'm working with tradesmen and need to organise some maintenance work for tenants, I need to be able to send a tradesmen the name and number of contact within a SMS text message. The only way i can do this, or know how to do this is to search for the contact, edit the contact entry and copy the number, go back to the SMS and paste the number back in. LONG! Is there any otherway? or app you guys have come across that could help me?

    • Have you tried actually googling for it? 'Cause I did and came up with these two relevant links, and in both of them found multiple promising apps and methods:

      Of all those info, I suggest you may try this app first:

      (Disclaimer: haven't actually tried any of those methods or apps, so it may not be of any help after all)


    • D. L. 6 months ago Link to comment


      This clipboard app is the best, free, ad free, app, and collects absolutely nothing, because it has no analytics or internet connection, plus you can back up & restore. I've had it from the beginning, and the developer has another app, "Text Expand" that would be perfect for your need. Here is the playstore links: OK I'm too new to post links, but the first app is:
      Clipboardr- clipboard manager, and second app: Texpand - text and yes, those odd spellings are on purpose.

      I've not used the second one, but there are no ads in the free version, and a pro version is available.

  • WTF? Run Pee??? IMHO, probably the stupidest app available. Obviously, people go to cinema to drink, eat and... pee.

  • I really like the super simple 1 Radio News app for listening to hourly news headlines from stations like the BBC.

  • Hi there! I am new to the application development, and recently I have released an Android application called Downloader : Aladin DM. It's a download manager that can fetch flash videos from web sites download them directly to your sdcard.
    If you are interested, you can search the app by : Aladin DM

  • If you're old enough to remember when Atari made home computers and game consoles, you may enjoy Retro Atari Podcasts.

  • Moodify relax melody app...the best relàxing sleep app in market with all type of relaxing sounds...a must have app.

  • Instead of Sleepbot, I've been using Sleep as AnDroid for a few years, and it is amazing...

    I would totally recommend that one...

  • Scott, I really like your articles. Keep up the good work!

  • Great article with detailed information. I am creating a web repository of top articles on mobile app development and will add this link there. Thanks.

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