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Dead Trigger 2 on Android and iOS

Dead Trigger 2, one of the most highly anticipated sequels for any mobile game, is coming out October 23rd on iOS, Android and Steam. The best news of all? It will still be free, although it will be supported by in-game microtransactions. Many of you may have already seen the level preview floating around YouTube of a test level on the Nvidia Shield, and the great opening cutscene video below, one that gets my blood rising more than the new series of The Walking Dead. Seriously, I wish this was a tv show.

Fancy a run-in with this guy? Well, he's coming! / © Madfinger Games

On September 18th Madfinger Games shared the news of the impending release along with the opening cutscene, and fans are as excited as me for the big launch in three week's time. But you won't be alone when it launches because Dead Trigger 2 takes the FPS global, offering online multiplayer. The game will be free in the Play Store but it will be undoubtedly be a pretty huge install, so you had better start deleting other apps if you're low on space, because you're going to want to be on the pointy end of this wave of the zombie apocalypse. Why? Because it will also be offered in real-time.

On the day of release, we will unveil a world that has battled the ravages of a zombie plague for the past two years. The first players of 'Dead Trigger 2' will enter into the conflict at this precise moment, while additional players will essentially be stepping aboard a moving train. New players, who download the game a year from now, will find themselves joining in at the third year of the apocalypse - Marek Rabas, CEO, Madfinger Games

Link to Video

The game is optimized for Tegra 4-equipped devices like the Tegra Shield and the upcoming Tegra Note as well as some other tablets (currently only the Xiaomi Mi3 and ZTE Geek pack the Tegra 4 in a smartphone). If you have a Tegra 4 graphics chip you'll be able to switch on Tegra-enhanced graphics options like real-time reflections, better ragdoll effects and so on via the Unity engine, adding an extra layer of realism and sparkle to the release. It will also be launched concurrently on PC, Mac and Facebook.

Yes! Yes! Yes! The sooner the better! / © Madfinger Games

Bring on the apocalypse. Will you be installing Dead Trigger 2 on October 23?

Source: Madfinger Games


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