better keyboard problems

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Apr 29, 2010 5:31:06 PM via App

I recently bought better keyboard for my droid eris running 1.5. The first part of the day, it worked fine, & I enjoyed all the skins. later in the day, I went to type a text message, but when I put the phone in landscape mode to type, better keyboard started acting up & force closing, & even force closing my messaging app. This started with just my messaging app, but gradually moved to every app on my phone using the keyboard, (browser, notes, market). I emailed the dev, better android to see if they had a solution. the emailed me back to reboot my phone. I did & when my phone came back on the phone process had stopped. to fix I had to do a factory data reset, clearing all my information. afterwards I emailed them notifying them that I have both shapewriter and slideit, and have never had any problem with either. They emailed me back saying it was a problem with my phone. What's wrong with this picture?
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Apr 29, 2010 5:36:54 PM via Website

What's wrong is that they (like many people) just pass the blame on to someone other than themselves. If you still want to use that program, try sending him a more detailed explanation of what happened as well as all the technical details of your phone (OS version, Kernel, Build Number, etc...) so that if it happens to others, he can go from there. Otherwise, abandon it I guess =/