best apps for droid

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Aug 2, 2010 11:02:51 PM via App

what would people say are the best apps that run on the droid/milestone???
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Aug 3, 2010 11:45:16 AM via Website

The droid runs Android 2.1. Apps are almost never only good for a certain handset. Check out this thread here for favorite apps:

There are lots of other threads inside the forums discussing the same thing you are asking about, so if yo are interested, take a dig through the forums and you might find some more recommended apps threads.

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Aug 3, 2010 8:57:54 PM via App

thanks, iv got a htc desire as well as my milestone so i know most the good apps out there at the moment, i prefer the milestone to the desire coz htc keep bringing out incomplete phones, coz the legend (that has a bigger processor than this) has no live wallpaper support and the desires snapdragon processor is rubbish, my apps and home replacements run so much faster on my milestone and it just confuses me that this phone has half the processing power and uses it to its full potential but the desire has a 1ghz processor that runs like crap and makes the phone overheat lmao
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Aug 4, 2010 11:07:55 AM via Website

The Droid has a processor from a different manufacturer. HTC phones and Motorola phones usually use 2 different processor families. The Legend and Desire both use HTC Sense UI, while the Motorola Droid runs original Android, so that could very well be reason for the difference in performance. As for the comparison between the Legend and Desire, I believe the Desire has a higher performance processor, but the Legend has less than half of the pixels that the Desire does. The Desire has to do more calculations because it has a bigger screen, so that is why it may be faster in some situations.