AndroidPIT Video Review Of The WeTab

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Sep 29, 2010 7:21:46 AM via Website

I like it but it seemed a little buggy for me, I noticed lots of things you tried clicking on 2 or 3 times. Also scrolling the screen seemed buggy. Was this because of the touchpad not responding or the software? I like it but android in windowed mode would be a deal breaker for me, I wish you could replace the whole os with android.
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Sep 29, 2010 11:00:50 AM via Website

That may or may not be possible. I don't know much about the future of Android on the device other than what my bosses tell me. "A little buggy" is being generous with this device. I will post an update to the device once Android has finally arrive on it, in one way or another. I do believe that the faults of the tablet are caused by the OS, and I too am frustrated to hear that it may not have a genuine complete Android OS on it.

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Sep 30, 2010 2:02:47 AM via App

Ok.. the MeeGo OS has got to go.. the videos were painful to watch.. I felt your pain as you were trying to demo it for us. Thanks for the effort.. but until that thing has an Android OS its worthless un my opinion.

I own a first generation Android Tablet (SmartQ V7) which came with 1.6 (now running 2.1 rooted) that is much more user friendly then that thing.

Can't wait to see it with Android and AndroidPIT! :-)

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Sep 7, 2011 1:19:15 AM via Website

Hello. I have just bought a refurb Wetab32gb to replace my iphone 4...and I can honestly say, apart from not being able to use it as a PHONE (is that such a BAD thing?:hahahah!!), I LOVE it...EXCEPT FOR ONE TERRIBLE GLARING DESIGN FAULT!!!! WHO on EARTH decided to put the built-in microphone right next to the cooling system?????????? It is HORRENDOUS! When I Skype on it, the other person can hardly hear me for the noise of the FAN!!!!!!
Such a shame...really, are they that dumb, these tech designers??? And if thery had furnished a jack socket for an external problem. As it is, it is useless as a 'phone'. Sorry messed up bigtime with that.
Battery life is excellent. The pinboard is brilliant. The wifi is excellent. So is the bluetooth. 16 seconds to be on my favourite website from off...unbelievable! Email great..Everything is excellent...EXCEPT THAT MICROPHONE! I am going to investigate to see if I can replace the onboard mike with a jack socket, and I will be 110% satisfied.

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