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Sep 30, 2010 7:07:29 AM via App

Hi all,
After watching the ereader market for over two years I bought the Nook because the Alex was to $$. Problem was I got my N1 six months earlier and I rarely look at the Nook. I'm waiting for a 10" version of the N1 or equivilent.
So here's my current Android Tablet featured Want List: (a few features borrowed from this forum. Please add to it.)

Android Tablet Ideal Features:
10-11" Size Screen
Capacitive Touchscreen
12 hour battery life
Android Version 3.0
Android Marketplace support
Boxee &/or Netflix availabilty
Multimedia store (for Music/Movies/TV shows)
1GHz or faster dual-chipset
SSD Harddrive
HDMI Connection
MicroSD slot
Night Viewing Mode (red screen)

Anything out by November which will fit the bill?

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Sep 30, 2010 10:41:05 AM via Website

Well, I don't know any tablet yet that fills your requirements. Don't forget that Gingerbread hasn't been confirmed for any device that has been announced.

At IFA Berlin, I talked with many company representatives that made promises of Android 2.2, and I believe Samsung said that they would have an Android Gingerbread tablet as well, but that was one sentence from a foreign CEO, who may have been uninformed or simply was dodging the question and throwing out promises.

HTC, Motorola, and Samsung are likely all working on 10" Android Gingerbread tablets, but the release date for those devices is likely sometime next year. Also don't forget that Android Gingerbread hasn't been officially announced for a release date, and it usually takes awhile for the update to make it's way onto devices. However, it wouldn't be impossible for the announcement of Android Gingerbread to coincide with the launch of a tablet running it.

The battery life is another spec that I believe is very unlikely. 12 hours of battery life for a 10" tablet is a bit of a stretch. I believe that the iPad has a typical battery life of about 10 hours (video playback), and the iPad has, from what I have heard, the best battery of any tablet out on the market so far. 12 hours is a tad too unrealistic.

The current Android tablet that best meets your requirements is the Galaxy Tab, but I'm betting you have already looked into it.

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Sep 30, 2010 8:50:28 PM via Website


Yes Doug, I've seen the Galaxy but it's not making me jump. This post is what I usually do when buying something to integrate into my life. I write all the ideal features I want, look at the list, see where I am willing to compromise, and see what's on the market. If there's nothing close I'll wait or compromise more.

Like many, I'm following the open-source tablet scene closely by means of Google Alerts. This started for me about three years ago when E-Ink and Ereaders started to gain momentum. Personally, this will fill a great professional need for me as I work with PDF tech manuals everyday & I would like a tablet where I can view the PDF (as one would on a laptop), highlight & make notes, and save the PDF with the notes. Ereaders just ain't doing it. Tablets will. And an Android tablet would be the sh't if it goes that way.

Because I've been following the market for awhile, and because I used to live in Hong Kong, I know there are many Android tablets available in China right now, right here: <http://www.12hk.com/area/ShamShuiPo/GoldenShoppingArcade.shtml>. I'd bet you could find many models not even on the internet now but being sold. That fact with my complete confusion of why Apple is 12-18 months ahead of every single manufacturer out there with the IPad is leaving me impatient and frustrated. How can Apple be so far ahead? I understand the iPhone. That was a surprise to everyone. No manufacturer saw that coming. But the iPad? There was no surprises here. We were writing the iPad feature list 6 months before it was out. Why is nobody in any real competition with this overpriced socialist gadget?

Anyway that's enough of my rant and thanks for reading if you're still here. I feel I can rant a bit here as I like this website (AndroidPit) due to the format and I can experience & contribute it equally on my laptop and my N1. I will not buy a tablet (if available) till mid-October at the earliest as I am on a boat crossing the Atlantic ocean for the next few weeks. In the meantime I'll keep building on my list in the hope's HTC is reading this :>

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Oct 1, 2010 8:31:07 AM via App

Thos os a nice one:
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Oct 2, 2010 3:26:47 PM via App


Not rocking the Android world but impressive considering the retailer.
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Oct 2, 2010 3:31:58 PM via App

So anyone with an opinion of why Apple is so far ahead with the unsurprising iPad?
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Oct 11, 2010 12:08:36 PM via Website

I would venture to say that it's success may be attributed to 4 things: dedicated app store for the device, branding (Apple, some people out there just love anything Apple), build quality and pricing versus many rivals, and being the first mainstream/successful company in the tablet market.

The iPad can get expensive for the highest end model, but the base model has an affordability which is somewhat hard to beat, when you consider the quality of the materials used, number of available apps, and the battery life/performance. There are are very few, if any, Android tablets which match and/or beat the iPad in the battery life area, and many of us are familiar with the problems facing Android tablets and apps. I am almost always disappointed in the battery life of every single phone that is released onto the market, as not everyone wants to have to charge their phone up every night or every other night.

While Android speed/performance has surpassed what is available from the iPad, the total package of the iPad has so far proven hard to replicate. Many tablet manufacturers that I have seen so far seem to be content fulfilling the role of being the "affordable" choice for a tablet, but the high end segment of the market should not be ignored.

Apple was also the company that broke the tablet market wide-open, so their name is somewhat synonymous with a tablet, and with that comes trust that they know what they are doing. They also had more time to research and plan their product, as it was the first successful product, and they were not pressured by competitors to push out the product before they felt it was 100% ready.

In addition, the next refresh of the iPad is not far away, so expect there to be major changes coming with the newest model, which will likely put the Android tablets behind in terms of performance/abilities.
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Oct 21, 2010 6:00:25 AM via App

Damn, my long response lost in 'force close'. Dont like that. Write online tomorrow :)
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Nov 13, 2010 1:09:13 PM via App

Technology has taught me infinate patience. I still am waiting for that ultimate Android tablet. I didn't pay much attention to it initially but the Notion Ink Adam has really caught my eye. I usually don't like getting first generation products from a first generation company but I am probably going to pick this unit up when it is released. I also am very interested in HTC and Asus's products but we won't see those till 2011.
In the meantime I picked up one of those $99 Walgreen units and that will give me something to play with. With the help of the geniuses over at XDA, I should be able to root that unit and put 2.1 on it. :)
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Nov 15, 2010 3:32:08 PM via Website

I am now in your shoes, but looking for the perfect Android phone. I'm debating between the Galaxy S, Nexus S, Dell Thunder, and the rumored Sony Ericsson Anzu. The wait for a release date is painful, as I have been looking for a new phone for what seems like months now. Regarding your previous question about why Apple is still ahead:

Apple, and maybe mostly Steve Jobs and his marketing team, have a special gift. They possess the ability to give their products a perceived sense of "necessity" to a large audience. It could be argued that they convince customers that they need a product, even when the perceived need does not exist. The iPod, Macbook, iPad, iPhone. Think about the kind of consumer that you would see using one of those products. They create good quality products, but that doesn't answer the question about their popularity.

They sell the products as part of a lifestyle or as an extension of your identity. Apple likes to create the image that their company's products cater to the tastes of "hip", affluent, and yet "sensible" individuals. It could be the connection between price and self-image that makes Apple so popular, like the expensive and famous clothing brands, or car makers. If a company becomes famous enough selling a product that is known to be expensive, an individual who buys that product could rightly make the assumption that after having this expensive product, they now outwardly appear to be more wealthy.

After all, who here doesn't want to be wealthy, or at least appear to be?

The surge in competition in the tablet market may be explained like this:

Apple, as previously stated, may have the ability to convince customers they need something. Individuals with money can always find ways to spend it. Apple says to themselves:

"Hey, let's create a cross between the iPhone and our Macbook, and market it as the iPad. We have plenty of loyal customers who will likely buy this product regardless of whether they really need it or could even justify purchasing it.

I don't remember there being a big clamor or outcry for tablets before Apple released the iPad. It just wasn't deemed necessary, or even useful. However, Apple, the "hip" company, has decided that people DO need tablets, and because they understand this "need", they release the iPad. People with money and a desire to look hip, popular, rich, and important buy the iPad.

I believe that many companies believed Apple's try at the tablet market was going to be a flop, so most companies didn't focus on creating a competing product for an nonexistent market. However, seeing Apple's success at creating perceived need, other companies wanted a piece of the tablet market. And here we are.

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Feb 22, 2011 11:14:55 AM via Website

is it 12 hours battery life? i can't believe.