Eclipse CatLog - messages are flushed out

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Dec 29, 2012 12:59:02 PM via Website


I am a rather new programmer on Android. The fact is that I've started an year ago but I have a lot of trouble with Eclipse and i can't focus on learning programming.
The new problem I have is the CatLog. My program has a bug and after a while the message error disappears. The program log is empty!
I get a lot of system errors from the emulator. It seams it has not enough memory: 512M.
All these problems I have with the latest version of Eclipse on Windows XP. I've been using an old version of Eclipse (Indigo) and I had no such problems. Only the emulator got so slow that was impossible to do anything (20-30 minutes to activate). I've tried to re-install but there was no more the version I used. now I have this new Eclipse that needs more memory, I guess. I have 2G RAM.

What can I do? Ho can I filter and flush the system errors to get only application errors. My guess is that as I get continuously errors the log fills up and flushes the old messages.

Have you any suggestion? Except buying a new computer...
Maybe I should get another version of Eclipse/ADT/SDK?