Problems with the stock music player

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Mar 11, 2014 8:20:04 AM via Website

I have been having this problem of and on over time with the stock music player that comes with android. It keeps deleting my playlists, well not actually deleting them. The music player simply does not see them anymore. I have about 17 playlists with all my music stored on my sd card. When a playlist disappears I can still find the missing playlists both on my sd card and on my phone, but the player does not see it. I have to connect to my computer (Windows Media Player latest version with windows 7 64 bit) and re-sync all the playlists to get it to work again. Can someone please help?
EDIT: Now when I try resyncing my playlist, it shows up in the music player, but there are no songs in it. Sort of that is. Only the first two playlists I Re-synced have songs, the rest do not. I also restarted my phone several times.

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Mar 11, 2014 11:25:46 AM via Website

Isn't there a chance I will actually delete all my music if I clear my data?
Ok, I did those two things. Now my music player will not even open. I'm trying to sync a short 10 song playlist, it is at the point where it says the songs are already on the device. But it says 0% for sync status and it hasn't moved in 5 mins.


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Mar 11, 2014 5:06:53 PM via Website

I tricked the music player to open by going into the apps and clicking on it in there. For some reason the 4x1 player I have on my home screen will not open. I was able to get a few playlists with short song lists to work. Now when I try to sync a playlist with a long song list, the sync takes forever even though the sync list show all the songs synced. But when it does finish (half hour or so, should only take 5 mins at best) the playlist is nowhere to be found on my phone.
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Mar 12, 2014 6:40:32 AM via Website

It looks like the your music player is experiencing too much problem, and i can't guess now whats happening with you device. I'll say if its possible for you then factory reset your device or you can also try using some other music players like Play Music etc. as they are much better than the stock.
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Mar 13, 2014 2:56:58 AM via Website

I was able to load my largest two playlists just fine and I thought it was just a glitch, but I discovered it loaded the playlists and subsequent songs onto the phone and not the memory card. Which is what I didn't want to do. I am assuming then that there has yet to be a fix developed for the problems with memory cards. I have another music player on my phone, winamp, and the same playlists disappeared from that as well. Is there any fix in development for the problems with memory cards?
If your talking about the Google Play Music then I didn't care for it when I tried using it awhile back. I don't remember why except there was some feature missing that I needed.

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