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Apr 25, 2016, 10:35:30 AM via Website

I have an idea for application which I think is great and doesn't exist so far so I wanted to start developing it.
I'm a first year student for computer science but like most first year students - I've never done anything like this before.
The application , in it final revision , will need to serve both iOS and Android users , but as first step - I thought to develop it only for Android.
I have 2 reasons for developing for Android first:

  1. I own an Android device (LG G3) as well as all of my friends.
  2. I already took 2 courses in Java in collage so I have a little background.

Here is a short description , in general , of the application functionality:

The app should allow users to search (using many different filters) in a database , add records to the database (but not delete) , rank the records and add comments.

Here is a short description of what the app requires and what's not:
1. The app needs to have database.
2. The app should looks good: The UI should be rich and inviting.
3. The app doesn't require any very special effects or animation.

I started making an internet research as for where/how to start.
I understand that there are 3 implementations for mobile applications: Native , Hybrid and Web.
I read a little bit about each of them but I can't decide which one is best for my requirement and knowledge so I would like to hear what you think.

Here are my general and specific questions that I would like that you will help me answer:

  1. Consider that this is my first app development on one hand and that I already have some knowledge on Java - Which implementation should I choose? Native/Hybrid/Web?

  2. I understand that a rich UI is best achived by Native app - is that ture? Is this a good enough reson to go on Native app development?

  3. I understand that there are many tools that help with the development proccess , Which tools do you recommand? Can you specify a little bit about Indigo Studio and PhoneGap ? are they easy to use? are they both only for Web/Hybrid applications?

  4. Consider the fact that my app should be based on a database - is that give any implementation (Native/Hybrid/Web) an advantage? I saw that there are many tools that help developers build and combine a database in their applications - can you recommand some of them? which one are best for first time use?

  5. In my country - most of the people have internet access all the time so should I store the Database localy or remotly?

  6. It's important that the app can have notifications system that can alert to users once in a whie that some changes took place, Is this possible in Web applications or only via Native and Hybrid which you get from the playstore.

  7. from distrebution point of view - is a Playstore distrebution (Native/Hybrid) is better than Web distrebution (Web applications)?

  8. How much time do you think it will take to an inexperienced guy like me to develop a basic revision of a database based application?

Thank you very much in advance , I'm aware that this is a long post and that my English isn't very good but any comment will be appreciated.

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May 5, 2016, 10:20:39 AM via Website

Great if you wan to develop your idea. Here are some response against your queries

1: You can start with Native as you mentioned you have background in java.

2: Every implementation has rich UI.

3: Android Studio you can use. You can find it in website as well as you can find all the api docs here.

4: I don't think database will have any impact.

5,6: Remote would be good as you will have your own UMS and as you need the notification it will help in it as well.

7: depends as now a days mobile users numbers are good enough.

8: As based on my experience 8 to 9 month. it also depends how clear you are about your idea.

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