Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Android Apps

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Oct 24, 2016 9:26:21 AM via Website

Toady, I would like to share some ideas about how to promote Android apps efficiency!

If a developer wants to be successful with their creations, they will need to find a way to distinguish their work from other developers in the same or similar industry. This can only be done by marketing the developer’s apps so that android users are aware of its existence and its functionality. So, for those who are interested in how to promote Android apps online, here are 7 effective tips that can be started today.

Promote Android Apps via Facebook Ads

When a developer wants to boost their app install rates, one of the best things that they can do is utilize paid vehicles like Facebook. This is because Facebook provides opportunities for developers to offer ads for their apps to a specific target audience. So, when a developer signs up for this kind of promotion, they can pick can choose which audience or audiences that they want to appeal to. The developer’s audience may be identified by age, location, mobile operating systems as well as other types of criterion. Additionally, if the developer wants to customize their audience to a specified group of users, they can create an email list.

Buy Google Play Reviews

Another option that developers can take advantage of involves promoting their by buying Google Play Reviews. Finding the best services provider for these services, however, is one of the keys to being successful. So, developers should search around for online businesses that will provide detail reviews that actually promote their product based on the features offered.

Promote Android Apps in Multiple Stores

Promote Android Apps in Multiple StoresEven though some developers may be tempted to promote Android apps in Google Play Store only, this can significantly compromise their marketing plan. Specifically, because it will only open up the possibilities of one target audience buying and installing them on their android devices. On the other hand, if the developers’ reviews all of the stores that they can use online to build and create a diverse marketing strategy, they can benefit from promoting the app on other sites.

Offer Premium Apps

Though there are many different ways to encourage users to download an app, one of the most successful is to get users to download premium versions. While free apps can help with building up the user base, it does not always cover the extra territory that is available to the developer. Meaning after the user downloads a free version, they may then move forward by buying the full version or add ons when they need them.

Advertise Though Free Content

Sites like are ideal for developers that want to take advantage of free publicity. So, this is also an excellent resource for marketing an app. On these types of sites, the developers will be appealing to a start-up voting community that will not only give excellent input about an app, but will also give the developer top billing when their apps are voted in the top ranking spots.

Promote Apps on Youtube

Promote Android Apps on YouTubeOne of the biggest problems with getting an app noticed involves making sure the intended audience or audiences understands what the app is for and what it can do for them. So, when a developer provides an overview of what an app can do, it will place them light years ahead of others in the same development community. With this in mind, a brief but thorough overview of an app can also assist with boosting traffic and sales.

Create a Gorgeous Icon

Many marketing specialists spend countless hours working on the presentation for a new product or service. The primary goal during this time is to make sure the product is appealing to the eye. The same concept is true for developers who are placing their apps on Google Play store and other places, especially since one of the basic tricks is to promote android apps creative plans over others. For instance, if the icon for the app looks inferior, it can hamper the possibility of increasing sales severely.

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Oct 27, 2016 3:19:14 PM via Website

Social media has always been a most powerful tool for promotion. It won't be wrong to say that all people across the globe use social media channels for marketing their app.