Axis x and y inverted

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Jan 7, 2018, 12:09:58 AM via Website

Hi Developers, this is my situation:
I have a tablet, when I touch on the screen it happens that the axes are inverted. It can be confusing, because the image is seen correctly, but imagine that a "y" axis indicating the height and a "x" ​​axis indicating the width of the tablet, when I tap on the "x" and "y" coordinates (100, 50) the observed result is that I touch on (50, 100).

I thought about developing an application that reads the coordinates and invests them, something like this:
- OnTouchListener(EventArgs e){
var tempY = e.Y;
e.Y = e.X;
e.X = tempY;

I suppose that android does not allow an application to have that privilege, and i also thought about modifying the touch driver, but it seems very risky

Any Ideas?.

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