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Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 5.1 Lollipop update news

Update: Android 5.1.1 appears

Authored by: Mary Mod — 2 weeks ago

The Galaxy S4 has the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update in a number of territories, with most carriers having already pushed out the new software over-the-air (OTA). While T-Mobile users in the US are still awaiting Android 5.0, the Android 5.1 update is already making headlines. Find out all of the latest Galaxy S4 update news below. 

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Android 5.1.1 ROMs appear

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop has appeared for the Galaxy S4, albeit in the form of another custom ROM on XDA Developers. Bliss Pop is a super popular custom ROM that is chock full of customization options. It's based on the even more popular CM12.1 ROM from CyanogenMod, taking that base and adding even more features.

There's another good Android 5.1.1 ROM worth checking out on XDA Developers. The popular Resurrection Remix ROM has also been released for the international Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500). Alongside the usual Android 5.1.1 updates, the ROM also brings some gesture controls, LED density changer and theme chooser.

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The sun still hasn't set on the good old Galaxy S4. / © ANDROIDPIT

Official Android 5.1 update

The official Galaxy S4 Android 5.1 update is a little less clear cut. Some publications are claiming insiders have confirmed that the Galaxy S4 will get the Android 5.1 update, even though the S4 Mini failed to be approved. So, will the Galaxy S4 get an official Android 5.1 update?

Yes, if you believe Sam Mobile, who are claiming that the Android 5.1 Lollipop update for the Galaxy S4 is indeed in the works, although only for the Google Play edition version. Other sources claim the standard Galaxy S4 will be getting the update soon as well.

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The Galaxy S4 might soon have Android 5.1. / © ANDROIDPIT

Galaxy S4 Android 5.0 Lollipop update in the US

Verizon Galaxy S4 Android update

Verizon has updated its Galaxy S4 support page to announce the arrival of Android 5.0. The three-page document outlines the changes that the updated software (version LRX22C.I545VRUGOC1) will bring to the device, including Material Design, lock screen notifications and the new recent apps menu. 

The update is unlikely to land on all devices at once, but keep checking your software update page over the coming days to see when it's available on your device. 

AT&T Galaxy S4 Android update

The AT&T Galaxy S4 Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update began rolling out on April 7 via an OTA update. The exact date when you will receive the update depends on the batching process and your particular region.

To check for the update, go to Settings > About Device > Software Update > Check for Updates. If you experience any problems with the AT&T Galaxy S4 update, visit our guide on how to fix Galaxy S4 Lollipop problems.

Sprint Galaxy S4 Android update

Sprint has released the Lollipop update for its branded Galaxy S4 Spark LTE devices (you should be able to download this now), but the roll-out schedule for its standard Galaxy S4 (SPH-L720) is still unknown. 

T-Mobile Galaxy S4 Android update

The T-Mobile Galaxy S4 Android 5.0 Lollipop update has not been released yet. As soon as the T-Mobile Galaxy S4 update is available we'll update this article.

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What version of Android is your Galaxy S4 on? / © ANDROIDPIT

Galaxy S4 Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update in Europe

Android 5.0.1 Lollipop has been rolling out across Europe and can currently be found in the United Kingdom, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland, the Baltic, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India.

Galaxy S4 Android M update

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Android M update is not yet available. Android M is expected to launch globally in Q3, 2015. We will let you know when we learn more.

Install Android 5.0.1 Lollipop on the Galaxy S4 manually

As the international Galaxy S4 firmware has already made its way online, you can get Android 5.0.1 on the Galaxy S4 right now by following our install tutorial below.​

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You can get Android 5.0.1 Lollipop on the Galaxy S4 right now.© ANDROIDPIT

How to update Galaxy S4 to Android 5.0.1 with Kies

The easiest way to install the update is by using Samsung Kies. Just download the latest version of Samsung Kies on your computer and connect your Galaxy S4 with a USB cable. Kies should notify you that there is an update available. Simply follow the steps. If Kies doesn't let you update the Android 5.0.1 firmware, you can flash it manually using Odin. Here's how to do that.

How to install Android 5.0.1 Lollipop on Galaxy S4 with Odin

Note: the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop firmware, build number I9500XXUHOA7, is official Samsung firmware for the Galaxy S4, GT-I9500. While it is Russian firmware it will also work on any international S4. Attempting to flash this firmware on carrier-branded S4's may cause problems so we don't advise it. As always, manually tinkering with your device has risks involved. Please be aware of them before proceeding.


Odin v309 blank
This is Odin v3.09: see the ID:COM and AP boxes. © AndroidPIT

Install Lollipop on Galaxy S4 instructions

1. Unzip the downloaded firmware zip file on your computer.

2. Launch Odin.

3. Reboot your Galaxy S4 in download mode (Volume Down + Power + Home button).

4. Connect your Galaxy S4 via USB cable to your computer and wait for Odin to recognize it (a blue box should appear next to ID:COM).

5. Make sure only Auto-Reboot and F.Reset Time are checked in Odin.

6. Make sure Re-Partition IS NOT CHECKED.

7. Click the AP button and locate the tar.md5 file in the unzipped firmware file and hit Start.

8. Wait patiently until the procedure ends and do not disconnect your S4. It may take a while.

9. You should see a green PASS message when successful.

10. Once your Galaxy S4 restarts, you should be running Android 5.0.1 Lollipop!

Restore any backed up data and if you get stuck in a bootloop or encounter some buggy behavior, reboot your S4 in Fastboot (press and hold Volume up + Power + Home) and use the volume keys to navigate and Power button to access Recovery Mode. You wan to clear cache partition and then reboot.

If you have any major bugs at startup, do a factory reset on your Galaxy S4 from Recovery Mode and then restore your data again.

What version of Android is your Galaxy S4 running? 

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  • Garry Daley 2 days ago Link to comment

    Since the new crappy update my messages keep on wiping clean and im not getting all my messages I have to keep on restarting phone. Please fix it Samsung

  • Erik Kroehler 2 days ago Link to comment

    The update was finally released for us S4 users.

  • Zeanaqudsi 3 days ago Link to comment

    Please my phone didn't update automatically but my sister's phone did also to all my friends
    what should I do to update my phone automatically ?
    Please help me

  • Justina Reimerytė 5 days ago Link to comment

    So I got this new update for my S4 and it has features like in S5 that I don't like. Is there any going back? I just liked it when it was all dark and SIMPLE. Please let me know.

  • Dan Brooks 5 days ago Link to comment

    Sooo... not all new things are good. The update was a forced issue. Now my battery dies at an unbelievable rate. My phone treats me if I am a completely new user on a smart phone. Simple items like my calendar which was a widget on the phone were removed and as such appointments lost. To be honest I haven't noticed that visible change I like. I think I'm about to abandon the smart phone for a flip...

  • Rashing Ragav 6 days ago Link to comment

    can I update my galaxy s4 to this recent software update. I need to know weather it's good or bad.
    please someone give a correct answer

  • Salomon 1 week ago Link to comment

    I think in the beginning of any update you can get little problems like battery fast draining. I have had the problem in the first 5 days but now is better than before the update. So you need maybe little more patience?

  • Steve Bruce 1 week ago Link to comment

    since the last update my battery only last half a day now it seems to drain the battery twice as much how do i go back to the old version?

  • Amara Saleem 1 week ago Link to comment

    I haven't even got the update yet, how am i supposed to get it?

  • Siraj Shah 1 week ago Link to comment

    When will samsung s4 i9500 get lolipop update in pakistan im on 4.4.2 still

  • Danny Ordonez 1 week ago Link to comment

    Fuck you Samsung....IT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED!!!!

  • Yohana Khoury 1 week ago Link to comment

    I have S4 GT-I9515 and I want to upgrade to Lollipop but there is no one for my country so i will need to follow the above instructions.
    My question is: Will this root my device? It is a company device and there is stuff that i cannot do...


  • Hlias Saltsidis 1 week ago Link to comment

    Can anyone tell me how can i go back from the last update it really make me so angry i am hearing music all day i can't even change the songs with locked screen

  • Griffin Long 1 week ago Link to comment

    This is when samsung lose money i am moving to iphone this upodate is terrible and there was nothing wrong with the other update

  • Michael Bey 1 week ago Link to comment

    I have a Note 3 and the lollipop update SUCKS. It's horrible. Everything about it: the look, it drains my battery, my phone gets hot, aps freeze up, the screen changes for no apparent reason, it turns off wifi for no reason, it changes volumes for no reason, etc. Absolutely horrible. No fix either. I call Samsung and they tell me to empty a cache after holding 3 buttons on start up, and then upgrade my Facebook. It didn't work and what the hell does Facebook have to do with my phone and/or the Lollipop "upgrade"? I'm going to buy the new Sony phone with the 4k camera when it comes out. Goodbye Samsung, you just lost a loyal customer...

  • Omar Ek 1 week ago Link to comment

    Hii . im really want to update my galaxy gt-9505 but i'd like to know if there will be problems in futures. please let me know

  • Sally Blank 1 week ago Link to comment

    I went to my verizon store and told them I was having problems with my phone ever since this update. They told me to back up everything to the cloud and do a factory reset and not it is worse than it was before. Before I did this I had problems with it freezing, my camera would not work right. This update is horrible. Why do they have to do these updates anyway? It seems like every time I upgrade my phone to a new one, it works fine and I love it, UNTIL they do an update, the update ALWAYS makes the phone worse in my opinion.

  • peg ko 2 weeks ago Link to comment

    I agree with everyone's assessment of this upgrade. It is horrible! I lost progress and points on games I play, and I have paid for a lot of those points. Not only that but my phone doesn't recognize my wifi. I've reset my wifi a few times, still not working properly. I have to use data, from my own home, in order to get things done. And forget even using Google as a browser, the wait is ridiculous. EVERYTHING is soooo much slower. For me, it's now just an expensive glorified phone. Liked the phone before and now it just raises my blood pressure.

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