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Samsung Galaxy S6 Android update: latest news

Update: June security patch arriving for the S6 now
Samsung Galaxy S6 Android update: latest news

Android Nougat is slowly being rolled out to most of Samsung's flagship phones (past and present). With both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge receiving the coveted Nougat update, there were signs that the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus could be next in line - which proved correct. You might have to wait just a little bit longer though, as roll outs can be slow. The latest news is that an update is arriving now which carries the new June security patch.

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Current Android versions for Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+

Device Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Android Marshmallow Android 7.0 Nougat
Samsung Galaxy S6 Yes Yes Yes
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Yes Yes Yes
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Yes Yes Yes

Samsung Galaxy S6 Android Nougat update 

AT&T has recently announced that both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will be receiving an update to Android 7.0 Nougat. The rollout has already begun and is being distributed via OTA, so it may take a couple of days to reach your device. The update weighs in at around 1.3 GB so you will need to ensure you have enough free space to download and install Nougat on your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge. The latest update includes Samsung Cloud and Samsung Pass, including a number of other fixes and enhancements. AT&T has also confirmed that the update will include the security patch for April as well.

The most recent update to hit Galaxy S6 devices brings the June security patch, in addition to some general performance enhancements and bug fixes. The update is hitting unlocked S6 devices in Europe now, but there's no word yet on the S6 Edge. You can expect the update to arrive soon as firmware version G920FXXU5EQFC.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Android Marshmallow update

Following a series of rumors, roadmaps and betas, Android 6.0 Marshmallow finally rolled out to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its siblings in eaerly 2016. Samsung made the announcement on February 15 via its Newsroom. The announcement gave no indication of how long the update would take to completely roll out, and there was no information on where in the world users could expect to see it first, so a little patience might was required,

On April 1, Verizon announced that it is officially beginning to roll out the Marshmallow update. As usual, the process happend in waves, leaving several users anxious to when and if they would actually get the update. 

samsung galaxy s6 marshmallow beta screenshots
A preview of the new TouchWiz interface on Marshmallow. / © Jack

Samsung Galaxy S6 Android 5.1.1 update

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6 update  

Verizon Wireless released an update for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, bringing the devices' software up to version VVRU3BOG5. This marks the eagerly-awaited introduction of Android 5.1.1 on the Verizon Galaxy S6 variant, as well as improvements to the predictive text for the Samsung keyboard. View the full list of changes in the Verizon release notes.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6 update  

Sprint rolled out Android 5.1.1 to the Samsung Galaxy S6, bringing it up to software version G920PVPU2B0F7. The update comes in at around 563 MB and brings with it some typical bug fixes.

Make sure your battery is charged to at least 50 percent before attempting to download and install the update, and check our Android 5.1 features page to see what else is included with the new software version. 

samsung galaxy s6 3
The Samsung Galaxy S6 is due to receive Android Nougat soon. / © ANDROIDPIT

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  • No AT&T update yet.

  • Got the update about a day ago and it's really bad. A lot of things no longer function properly. Apps shut down for no apparent reason, and 15 minutes ago it freaked out completely and now I can't turn it on.

  • I have updated this software yesterday I hate it. My phone is now completely foreign to me. I have been trying desperately to get the ld software back. My phone is always low on char charge as it drains faster and the keyboard is too slow. A load of crap. Please change back .

  • After the update, I can no longer send/receive picture messages. Can anyone help me with that??

  • This new update is stupid. My keyboard is slower than I type. They took off one of the reasons I went back to Andorid from IPhone which was the fact they had picture widgets. You can no longer adjust your brightness by just pulling down the top screen. If things don't go back to the options we had before I will be switching back to IPhone when it comes time to renew.
    Disappointed in you android..

  • Update is horrible. Now my phone doesn't even notify me when I have messages!!!!!

  • Someone help! This new s6 update is trash. Now my speakers on my phone eco whenever i try to play an sounds! Give me back the old software.

  • Terrible update, get half a day battery on nougat vs 2 days with Marshmallow, what BS!

  • since updating my s6 wish i never did has ruined my phone apps force close all the time and my battery life now is rubbish i charge my phone to 100% send a message and bam its at 5% afterwards my phone was perfectly fine before the update i have even put power saving on and still makes no difference i factory reset my phone and update is still there it cant be removed

  • I updated my s6 and now it's constantly roaming in places that I had service prior to this update. Does anyone else have this issue?

  • My excellent Samsung Galaxy S7 and Tab S2 have received the 7.0 update but unfortunately my S6 is still on 6.01... I've received 2 OTA updates in the last 2 months for my S6 but unfortunately they were probably security updates as it still on 6.01. I was kinda expecting that it should have been issued by now so I'm slightly disappointed.

    On the plus side my Excellent S7 & Tab S2 have taken the Nougat update well, and it's a definite improvement.

    Peace 🖖

  •   24
    Deactivated Account Mar 9, 2017 Link to comment

    Vodafone UK et alia released nougat today for the S6 and S6 edge devices.

  • There is nothing new with the process of Samsung, always expect scenarios like this

  • I've had the update on my Z5 for over two weeks now wished I'd never updated it continuous rebooting for apps and other niggling things all for no visible or better device performance.Plus one niggle about you androidpit why after commenting and posting the app takes you back to the beggining of the comments aright if there's only two or three but if there's a lot it takes a lot of scrolling back to the beggining to see your post as now i can only see one sentence on screen very annoying?

    Deactivated Account

    •   24
      Deactivated Account Mar 7, 2017 Link to comment

      didnt sony stop the nougat rollout for the Z5 as there were some issues with it?

      • Yes they did but resumed it after fixing the problems! I got it after but it's still problematic so wished I'd have waited longer as there's no big difference between nougat and marshmallow.

      •   24
        Deactivated Account Mar 8, 2017 Link to comment

        what a shame - have you tried downgrading back to marshmallow?

      • no haven't access to a computer and don't want to complicate things even more the issues i have are not that big an issue really.

        Deactivated Account

  • A premium, flagship device like the Galaxy S phones should have faster updates.

  • Aiasha Dec 11, 2016 Link to comment

    I absolutely hate the updates.They are making the phone useless.After every possible update,my phone is suffering from the same non-stop rebooting,over heating,and continuous restarts.Its so frustrating.
    Neither does the 'wipe cache partition' help nor does 'rebooting' it.
    I need some help,I cant access my phone.
    Some suggestions please.Or atleast a new update that can fix the bug

  • I loved the new update because it had little bits and pieces which I thought were cool but seems now I can't use my mobile data. Like apparently that just doesn't work anymore which is annoying when I need to go places and use GPS or transfer money over while i'm out. It seemed the phone wasn't 4G until the update.

    • Samsung pushes out September security patch for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge in Europe.
      techpathy . com/september-security-patch-for-the-galaxy-s6-and-galaxy-s6-edge/
      the OTA is being pushed out in stages. However, if you’d like to see if it’s ready for your device simply follow these steps: Settings » About Device » Software Update » Update Now.

  • I hate everything about this new update. Update has to work better than befor. This is a downgrade. Nothing is working as it should. K lpve my phone, now i can use it because of lags, slow calculation and battery life. Something is not working. Please please dont fix what is not brokken and dont break what is fixed. Put the previous version back

  • not sure if anyone else is having this issue after the update but my phone is not allowing me to print to the brother printer

  • I agree with everyone that says this upgrade blows. I was just thinking how great the relationship between my phone and me had become. I get to stream NPR while i work in the yard. Listen to Pandora at work and now NOTHING! All streaming audio has stopped. Plays for a minute or so and just stops. Pandora buffers constantly and wont play. Bad decision by me to upgrade but finally got sick of telling it not to. Please fix this piece of feces. Factory reset? Please! I went from having a phone that i loved to having to devote hours of time i dont have to fixing a phone i hate? Because of an updrade? Hello iphone.

    If anyone has a fix tot he streaming audio problem i would love to hear about it. I am on AT&T with a Galaxy S6.

  • I was having the same problem with the talk to text. I had to download a app called Google Keyboard on the app store and that fixed the problem. I still don't like the way everything looks. Everything is so different it's like I'm learning to use my phone all over again. I wish I could go back. :'(

  • I just did the marshmallow update and now my facebook app won't work. when I try to open it the screen goes black. My phone is also extremely slow opening other things. I wanted to update my apps, but it dodnt show up, almost a minute later while I was doing something else it all of a sudden pops up.
    This update is TERRIBLE!

  • Ever since I got the update, kik decides not to work like it was. It won't even notify me that I got a new message. I have to go on the app just to get a message. Idk what happened but I think it's not right.

    • Ryan Apr 28, 2016 Link to comment

      that happened to me, but only when i was on Power Saving Mode..
      Once i turned off power saving mode, notifications were coming up again :)

  • Sara Apr 22, 2016 Link to comment

    I'm glad to see i'm not the only one with the same problems. This update messed up my phone bad. I listen to samsung milk music nearly every day. Since the update, it sounds like i'm listening to a skipping record, even when i have all my equipment directly next to my wifi! I mean, cmon! My device now messes up constantly and i have to restart it over and over! Really?! why bother to make an update and have it cause more bugs than before! I used to like this phone and now i hate it! I used to use the collage feature on my pictures all the time and they chose to take that away? Really?! Way to make cropping my pictures a hidden thing now. I figured it out, but before it was all choices that were front and center. I had to practically relearn my device with this update! But the skipping music sound is the worst. This ruined a great phone.

  • Did they even test before they roll-out the updates?!?!?!?

  • The updates are really horrible.
    1. I can't listen radio thru Apps.. there is always intermittent lost of network even while using wifi.
    2. When the screen timeout while downloading, the download paused. I have to check every 10 minutes when downloading a drama/movie.
    3. Now i have to do one more action to access my phone. this is Stupibility!

  • Jill M Apr 21, 2016 Link to comment

    This update sucks. The font and icons on the home screen are huge and I can't move icons back to where they were. This is so confusing.

  • Samsung S6 Marshmallow is big KAK no more Screen Mirroring !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • New software update is horrible,layout is crap and themes doesn't work.....wish we could get a preview before update because I never would have done it. I miss the old layout,looked a lot nicer

  • HORRIBLE update! I can't call or text! It freezes up and delays! This needs to get fixed! It sucks...

  • Rish M Apr 18, 2016 Link to comment

    THey need to ensure we have the option to rollback to the previous software if this ones SH*T!!!

    Annoying and has me hating using my Samsung S6 Edge for the 1st time since i had it 11 months ago!

    Sort it out please!

  • SUX! My texting keyboard punctuation moved so memorization is useless now. Talk to text gone, that's a bitch! I can't even get to new themes at all. Also what happened to screen mirroring? WTF, Samsung?

  • man why the heck did you guys even add the app permission??????????? its not letting do crap at all!! might just move over to apple because of this dumb update.

  • Experienced several nagging issues - Exchange and Gmail won't sync, no swipe delete in Exchange email, and a few others. Amazingly this comment thread helped with a couple of the issues:

    - email won't sync (there are so many threads out there on this issue...). I use power saving mode and noted below when on email doesn't sync. I turned off power saving mode and restarted the phone. Now emails in both apps are syncing correctly. Of course it feels like a step backwards that I can't use power saving mode and still get sync. When I toggled power saving mode off/on I now see there is text that states email or other apps may not sync.

    - email swipe delete - noted below its now a left-swipe to delete (Gmail still has the right-swipe to delete). Yay!

    I'll hope there will be some option or update that will again allow email/app sync when in power save mode. Before the update power save mode with sync still only used about 10% of power vs. full power mode. Not sure why developers made this choice to stop sync - I'm sure it saves power but can't believe its worth the added inconvenience.....

  • KDH Apr 15, 2016 Link to comment


    Stupid upgrade messed up my phone HORRIBLY. That nice, big emergency call button is going to be great fun for toddlers that get their hands on mom or dad's phone! UGH!
    I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of this upgrade - I'm not sure that even a factory reset will fix this. I used to really love my phone... now I want to throw it in a fire.
    It wasn't broke before so what was there to fix?! Thanks a lot, idiots!
    I think as soon as I can upgrade again I'm getting the hell away from Samsung if this is what they're going to do to my phone.

  • I absolutely hate this update! it looks awful, it sounds awful and it feels awful! i want to get back my old phone :( :(

  • Hi updated my phone and now my talk to text won't work and I am not receiving any emails. unless I go into my email manually. Been to carphone warehouse for advice. They told me to factory data reset. Has anybody done this and has it worked?

  • Seriously, this update has ruined my phone. The type ahead / word recommendation is garbage, no more talk-to-text, and some other serious usability issues. Does anybody else receive an error message when trying to create a new text message? My phone tells me the recipient isn't a valid one even though I've texted them before... I need to hunt down an old text and reply to that string for it to work.

    Has anybody heard from Verizon/Samsung about resolving this issue? Last time I blindly except an OS update....

  • Terrible ruined my phone! Cannot connect to smart tv easily anymore. Would revert back to the old update in a heartbeat! Also the 3d effect on the wallpaper screen is gone yet again. Seriously considering not getting a Samsung when I'm due my upgrade next time round if this is a sign of things to come!

  • This last update is TERRIBLE!!!!! You have apps open, hit the close all button... they all close, but when you try to re-open them, they don't reload... they open back to the same thing you closed. I can copy text, but when I go to paste it, it doesn't give me the 'paste' option. I have to restart my phone to get it to work... My purchased theme isn't the same. I hate swiping to unlock my phone and then enter my pattern... I have my phone set to use a pattern for a reason... to unlock my phone. Why is there now 2 steps???!!! NOT IMPRESSED!

  • DD1 Apr 13, 2016 Link to comment

    Since the new update I cannot change my wallpaper on my phone. Every time I change my wallpaper, it doesn't stay for long. Once the phone dies of has been left for too long without being touched the wallpaper changes back to its original one. This happens every time I change it.

  • Since this update, which i really dont like! I cant use facebook, it just keep telling me it cant connect to the wifi (yet i can use other internet based apps) Also i use the draw a pattern phone lock but when i use this i first have to swipe to unlock (as well as draw my pattern) frustrating!! I also keep getting the message "failed to download attachment from multimedia message, try again later" Really wish i hadnt updated now. Ive always been happy with samsung...... Not anymore!! :(

  • Hate the new update, since inadvertantly downloading it the notification bar is horrible colours and my sound breaks up on every playback. I so wish I had not fallen for the update, 2 month old phone ruined.. grrrrrrrrrrr

  • I knew I should have ignored those annoying Update notifications. Updates wreck progress and frustrate the status quo. The user comments only raised my level of anxiety. I cannot seem to swipe right to delete my emails without having to make a decision. They overreached and mismanaged customer expectations. If they were aiming for intuition... surely they know customers are trying to make less decisions, not more!

    • M K Apr 13, 2016 Link to comment

      You can swipe left to delete the emails now. The swipe right stuff might be cool if it actually worked, but mine just let's me see those nifty options but not actually choose any of them.

  • New update will not keep my e-mail synced up at all. I have to un-sync then re-sync to get to to show up any e-mails or have my charger hooked up? This is not not not good. The phone I use is a company phone and I needed to keep my e-mail constantly synced up to keep track of warehouse operations? Can a person undo this update I want my old phone back, it was better before the update. I would not like to change to a company I-phone but I will if this cannot be fixed.

  • The upgrade ruined the S6 phone. I cannot download photos to hard drive through USB port anymore. #1 rated phone now dead last and plan to dump it.

  • How do you turn off the button key lights they are so annoying. Before the update i was able to turn them off under the power saving mode but now even under the power saving mode it still there. Please help!

  • After the update my phone loses wifi connection at home constantly, won't update when I am away from my wifi and on the network, and to top it off, as of this morning my email is no longer updating to my phone. Frustrated!

  • I am all for updates, and this one wasn't so bad until it started screwing up the wifi. It can't hold a connection for crap now. I restarted my modem, I've restarted the phone. Notta! My wifi was fine before the update so I have no idea what the hell just happened!

    • Same for me. And, as of today, my email will not update any longer.

    • M K Apr 13, 2016 Link to comment

      Same for me. My email updates at random and never manually, so it is unreliable for those of us who need this for work. Bonus problem is that Facebook won't update and just says can't connect even though I have perfect wifi connection and can use the device for Google stuff just fine.

  • Other than the cosmetic changes this update has been absolutely fine. I do wish there was a way to change what the icons look like but oh well. I know everyone has been having issues with talk to text but I have Verizon and mine still works perfectly as it did before the update. The lock screen is a bit annoying with the phone and camera icons having flashing arrows above them every single time that you turn the screen on. The quick connect feature is definitely helpful because I use wireless headphones, a wireless JBL Pulse , and a bluetooth radio in my car.

  • This update made everything worse. The screen is dimmer on auto brightness, your phone doesn't automatically show up on your computer when you connect the USB cord, and the cosmetic changes are useless.

  • Just downloaded the update which I didn't want to do. Because as I thought I would I hate it. I have an eye disease and now I can't see anything in the drop down box because of the change in the color to this light gray-white. When I click on messages my background is also White which puts a huge strain on my eyes and a lot of the contact pictures did not carry over. I hate the actual text message format with the little bubbles, its juvenile. Under the phone tab when you find your contact their photo has disappeared also. The camera tab once you hit video stays red and does not go back to the video icon which is annoying. I am still looking through the phone for my bitches and I am sure there will be more. Also no crop in photos. The lock screen quick access icons don't work either. I hate relearning this every time. This update sucks.

  • Hate the new update. I'm having so many problems with so many things it's hard to say which thing I hate most. For right now I guess it would have to be messenger. I send a lot of text messages. Today, after having done this update yesterday, I found that for every time I had sent or received a message I had an open message window. Something like 30 or more of them before I realized what was making my phone tweek. Before this update one window would open. That's it. All the messages coming and going showed up in that one window. Are they trying to crash the phones?

  • Had the same problem but found the solution for my Galaxy S6 from Verizon. In messenger if you look at your keyboard next to a button that says SYM in the bottom left corner is a small button that looks like a cog, hold it down and select microphone icon from the four choices it gives you then you can use the microphone and speak your texts. I don't know if this is the fix to every phone but hope it helps. I have found that this feature doesn't work quite right anymore. You could end up sending a lot of nonsense texts.

  • Super upset. Unless I'm missing something and, I have looked everywhere, I can't talk-to-text. I can record my message and send it but I have no interest in doing that. I used talk-to-text a lot and now would you rather I text while driving??? I wonder if iPhone has that feature? If I'm missing something someone please let me know. :(

    • I called Samsung and after 33 minutes the assistant couldn't figure out. Now she tells me I need a "hard rest and will loose everything". This loyal Samsung user is MAD.Your comment

    • M K Apr 13, 2016 Link to comment

      I also flipped out when I lost the talk-to-text. Just found it. In a text, press and hold the gear symbol in the bottom right (where the microphone symbol used to be). It will pop up several selections, one of them being our old friend the microphone. It then sticks and stays for future texts.

  • Problems.... I use my phone at work as a radio has always worked fine, now when I turn it on it only stays on until the screen locks or a few seconds after and then knocks off.... This is useless to me I will be going back to the shop because a phone that I cant play radio on is useless to me.. It's a basic function like!!!!
    The phone is only 2 months old and already had to do one factory reset, I really don't want this phone any more it is terrible...

  • So far have noticed that I no longer have a crop photo option in gallery. I use talk to text a lot and now I have to hit the button where the microphone button was and then choose microphone from a choice of 4 items. The gray and blue notifications panel is not appealing in any way. Is there a way to undo this update without having to go back to factory settings?

  • I just bought the Samsung S6 in January, and a software update was done tonight on my phone. Now my fingerprint doesn't work, it never did, and there is no option for a back-up password . Now I am locked out of my phone. Nice work Samsung.

  • Absolutely HATE the notification panel. White grey and blue? Honestly? The messages app is hideous and dull. Bring the color back or at least give us the option to change it if we want. Message bubble has no personalization. Also dumb. I think the lock screen is nice. Samsung has always been better than Apple, one reason is because of customization. Give us the old galaxy look. Release another update fixing what your Samsung fans don't like, and fast.

  • So... when I TEXT my wife's S6 from my S6 it shows up in her work EMAIL now, after we both updated. How's that even possible, her wrk email isn't even synced with her phone. Seriously considering #iphone now.

  • I installed this update last night before going to bed only to be unpleasantly surprised when my phone never powered back on after the restart. Now the most it will do is flash the start up screen continuously, but otherwise its a brick. It won't even start up in safe mode!

    • I had the same exact thing happen to me. I installed the update and now the phone just repeatedly tries to reboot and is stuck in a constant loop! I called my carrier and they told me i have to wait up to 48 hours to get a new phone. We spent an hour and a half on the phone trying to factory reset and anything else that might work but nothing did. This is ridiculous.

  • I am extremely unsatisfied with this latest Software upgrade, my Fingerprint no longer works and it does seem to be draining my battery rapidly. This may be the final straw that sends me over to Apple, if Android doesn't come out with some quick fixes. The amount of money I paid for this phone, the insurance on the phone and the service provider plan to have features stop working and battery life drain rapidly is not acceptable.

  • For all of those having battery and crash problems, many people have said to factory reset the phone. Backup any contacts and any other stuff you need, and factory reset it. However, DO NOT restore it from a backup. You can separately back up contacts and photos and any other things you need and just add them back onto the phone if you need to and you can redownload your apps from the store. Trust me this sounds like a pain but this has worked for people from what I've seen and heard.

  • Wow, judging by the comments below, looks like I should be glad that AT&T hasn't pushed the update on my S6 just yet.

  • I think this is thee worst update I have ever seen. I can't mute my phone anymore. That will be really nice in meetings. AND the texting looks horrible. I can't seem to change anything either. Reading the posts below, I guess I am glad I can at least use my phone. My music is also all screwed up. Why hasn't Samsung done something about this?

  • This update is just awful! I hate it! My phone (S6 Edge) looks so bad! Like it is from '97, I can't stand it! It's all gray, the colors are so ugly... My notifications are hard to read, and the update mixed everything up! It's quite hard to work on it. Also the new software is literally eating my battery! I'm so disappointed, wish I hadn't done the update! I want the old version back immediately!

  • This update is absolutely driving me insane. My phone has crashed at least 6 times in the last 2 hours. This is happening constantly since the update. Basically turning my phone into a 1 trick pony. I cant have a music app going with any other app bc the phone crashes. Not able to multitasking at all. This is insane and I don't know what I cant do to fix it.

  • I want to throw my phone through the wall. The one thing I love about my phone the most is the fact that I have access to music all through the day and night. Since the upgrade, my music and my apps that play music are all choppy and has my nerves on end trying to listen to it. That's the exact reason I play my music all day at work (to stay calm). Needless to say, I'm far from calm. I've shut all my apps down and did everything I could find on the net to fix this....NOTHING!

  • The latest update is shocking. An absolute pain in the rear end.
    My connectivity is now useless on both WiFi and 3/4g.
    My signal always shows as only 1 bar (nothing wrong with my service provider) and I no longer get certain notifications.
    The email layout is just down right stupid.
    Sort it out Samsung.

  • The new Samsung s6 edge update is awful and annoying, my WiFi or 3G network is not stable always have to turn off and on WiFi before I receive message or notification from whatsapp, viber, Facebook, email e.t.c. then 5 mins later no connection please do something!

  • I absolutely hate the update. Can't stand the email and the text bubbles are very difficult to read when they're in the blue and yellow bubble. Why can't I change the color of the bubble. There's nothing about this update that I thought was necessary

  • The newest software update is absolutely AWFUL!!! Drains battery, and messes up everything!! Wish I could change it back and wish I could talk to someone about this.

  • the new email format is awful, I cant even open up attachments. Also the calculator is piss poor, the power saving mode wont go away from the top of the screen unless you turn it off..... this new update blows hard

  • i did the system update last night. ever since i did the update, im no longer able to access my phone. the pattern lock and password does not work! has anyone else had this problem?? im so frustrated!!!

    • I've upgraded mine this morning and my fingerprint screen unlock is not working anymore either

    • yes same thing happened to my husbands last night with fingerprint and password... now it has blue screen of death, after attempting to factory reset three times and something about the new system not mounting. I also contacted Google, Us Cellular, and Samsung the are completely clueless. Do not factory reset .... the os update has a security feature that shuts down your phone access, an does accept your gmail account.

  • Shalon Mar 11, 2016 Link to comment

    Why can't I change the color of the text messaging bubbles. They are permanently blue and yellow

  • when will my device get upgrade to marshmallow...? 920I .

  • OH MY F*CKING GOSH! This update is costing me my job!!!! My service no longer work. It's way to many unnecessary options to do simple stuff. I did not opt to update this, it updated on it's on. My service worked only a few minutes after the update and now it no longer work. The screen does WHATEVER it want. My phone does NOT work. A lot of apps get stuck and confused. There's no reason to leave home without the device. I have been researching on HOW to undo the update, and I'm guess it's almost not worth it. I am not a phone tech. I don't have the time to find one because I work crazy hours. I didn't even have the time to do this review but I'm at home now because I can't do my job because I DON'T HAVE A PHONE. Simply because of this BRIGHT A** UPDATE! Everything bright af on the phone now, I hate that too!

  • I am very pissed off and disappointed with android and whomever created and launched this update. Not only do i normally and did not receive an email or notification to okay this update to begin so it started and i had no knowledge it was updating on its on. No clue! So therefore, according to Verizon this afternoon, i disrupted the update like leaving a wifi source. Once again, if i would have been sent the notification to okay the update i would have waited until i got home i know your suppose to have wifi and plug your phone up so the update doesn't get disrupted but like i said i had no clue it was happening. So it apparently began updating on its own while i was at work on one wifi, left went home was on another wifi and my phone completely stops working. So do i do? Turn it off turn it back on, like most people do when your phone freezes, and well mine never came back on. This update BROKE my phone, when i thought updates improved your phone. Now going day 2 without a phone waiting for mine in the mail. This is absolutely ridiculous and i have totally thought about looking further into this, but ill wait maybe thee company sees this. Samsung, android, google, whatever whoever you broke my phone i lost all my pictures contacts and such when a update is suppose to improve!

  • my call volume got it up after any call i have to turn it down after the calls i found this issue after the update (5.1.1) anyone have this problem?

  • Harun Jan 17, 2016 Link to comment

    I have Samsung S6 Edge +. First time trying Android phone. Many problems.. Restarts automatically. Almost all the applications stopped responding or crash. Swipe button deactivates, when I press any button without swiping power or any buttons opens main screen. Sometimes delay showing screen and not responding 5-10 seconds. Now suddenly battery is low. When I use apple I never met such big problems. I will take it to Samsung service and try to write here what happened. I am planning to exchange with iphone 6 or 6s plus. I wish it works, I may be try to continue using my Samsung. RESTARTS, NOT RESPONDING IS VERY ANNOYING!! My pc not makes such problems.

    • Harun Jan 28, 2016 Link to comment

      I have sent to service and repaired partially. Still no problem with restarts itself! That's amazing!! I wish works. But still Google Play and Google Chrome stopped working messages rarely but still annoying!!

      • Sorry about this. I know how frustrating it can be. Having worked for AT&T (albeit only briefly) I can tell you no matter who the manufacturer is, they ALL--yes, even Apple--produce their own fair share of lemons. No device is perfect regardless of who made it. I sympathize with your situation but I can assure you that is the opposite experience I have had with my GS6 Edge +. Sorry again and hope you can get it replaced or corrected.

  • Cabdisiciid143@gmail.com

  • Cabdisiciid143@gmail.com

  • Cabdisiciid143@gmail.com

  • Is there any time line for providers to provide the marshmallow update to the 6 edge as the chart shows that none of the providers are going forward with the update?

  • After installing an update, always go to storage in settings, clear cache and restart!

  • My Galaxy S6 sometimes off the screen while Im using. Sometimes it turns on and off the screen again and again with the short music. Does anyone have same issue?

  • Is anyone else having trouble with their text message notifications? After the update my phone won't vibrate or ring when receiving texts, although notifications for other apps seem to work. I've checked all the simple notifications stuff in settings and all is normal, and I'm hesitant to do a reset. I've just met somebody with the same problem. Anybody else?

    • I have the exact same issue that's actually what brought me to this article

    • I had a similar issue. My phone was vibrating without a notification sound. I resolved the issue by changing the notification sound withing the messenger app. I use "Chomp SMS," as my messaging app, so this may not work if you're using the native or other third party messaging app. I would also try clearing the cache for your messaging app if this simple fix doesn't set you right, but I highly recommend using Chomp SMS with Swiftkey (keyboard). They're always my first installs with a new reboot or new phone.

  • After the latest update for samsung galaxy s6 the back key is continously operated and the app opened gets closed how to resolve this issue update is not good

  • oh grow up sage Saylor.

  • My phone now takes 6+ hours to fully charge. This is beyond infuriating. I have things to be done throughout the day that involve my phone. Can't do that if my phones takes half the damn day to charge now can i?

  • honestly what i do hope that with the 6.0 the key action light settings will be enable/available again.
    It was/ It is a pretty cool option to optimise and just generally having the availability to switch off or set up only few seconds of lights. AND ITS option helps saving battery too if we can switch off.

    (honestly, 3 buttons, 1 physical and 2 touch one) who couldn't find the back key and list key?
    so would be pretty "amazed" if it would be back.

  • What Are The Galaxy S6 Tips And Tricks ??

  • This update is the worst. My wife and mine both have freezing problems with our keywords now. The Swipe text makes up random words I've never in my life seen or used. The phone randomly freezes. I will randomly receive duplicate texts from earlier in a conversation. It takes forever to send and receive pictures now.

    • hi,
      i had lag issues. but actually i just did an "emergency recovery reset "on the phone. and it works perfectly now, nor even warms up even a bit! i was amazed. feels so smooth and works perfectly, MOREOVER the battery life have increased to 2 weeks now. so its pretty awesome!

      (constantly using twtr,instgrm and 3rd app such as telegram messenger).

      • how do you emergency recover reset? because i did the update yesterday and when i text there are lag delays when i press a letter and stuff

    • I have that same issue. 😕

    • Everything you just said are exactly the problems I'm having with my s6 edge. Infuriating would be an understatement. I can't even listen to music because it freezes almost every 30 seconds

  • My Samsung Galaxy s6edge is sometimes hang if am i type a message the keypad is freeze and when I see a movie the display is hang for 3or4 sec plz tell how can I fix my problem or you helped

  • My s6 edge turned colourless right after the update. But the screenshots taken after the update and were sent to other device and are viewed with colour..

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  • I'm with At&t and have tried doing the software update. It downloads but when it reboots and tries installing/activating the update it says there was an interruption and the software cannot be installed. Humm, WHY? I received an email from Samsung saying the new Samsung Pay is ready for my S6 and is available via the update....now I cannot be eligible for their free offer because At&t is lagging? Anyone else having this problem and is there a solution? Thank you in advance!

    • I had that problem! I contacted At&T support and they told me to wipe the cache partition. There's a video on YouTube that can show you how to do that. They won't let me post the link here, but search "Galaxy S6 wipe cache partition."

      After doing that, redownload the update and attempt installing again. It should work since it did for me. Good luck!

      • Thank you for your reply, I looked up the instructions via YouTube n followed them, tried the update again and yet still got the same error. Any other suggestions?

      • Clear the app cache again, and REMEMBER to enable and the apps that came with your phone. So go to disabled apps in the your phone and enable ALL your apps. Then restart phone and update again and it will work I promise.

      • I went to settings applications to ensure no apps were deactivated then cleared cash again and still got my error message.

      • Thank you for your attempt to help. I went into my settings system folder to the storage option and cleared cashed data. Once this was done my update finally worked. Have a great day!

    • Go to your local samsung experience shop at bestbuy and ask them to do the update for you, hope that works.

  • dana g Sep 30, 2015 Link to comment

    Question: On my 6S before my latest update, when i clicked either up or down volume controls on the side of the phone, the text would get smaller and larger. Now, on any screen, it adjusts the volume.
    Is there a way to get it to go back to increasing and decreasing the size of the text with the volume control buttons on the side?

  • Galaxy S6 on Verizon. Update notification yesterday 09.30. Set it to install at 2300hrs, put it on the charger. This morning the update was installed. 0940hrs and all is working fine. No problems incurred during install nor with phone usage so far. Can't wait to see what happens with Marshmallow.

  • I have the Galaxy s6 and downloaded the update through AT&T. Since then my battery life is terrible, my phone freezes and my keyboard disappears and reappears when I'm typing - either for texts, emails, SnapChat, etc. Anyone else having these issues?

    • I have the s6 as well and I updated mine today through T-Mobile and I am having the exact same problem!! I already cleared my cache and rebooted my phone, but its still the same.

    • I am having the same exact issue. I can barely call anyone because the phone freezes up and I can't text at all. Battery drains super fast.

    • Yes!!!! It freezes so much, and I barely made it through my work day. The keyboard is terrible, and my texts take forever to actually send

    • Julie Feb 18, 2016 Link to comment

      My battery barely lasts 4hrs if I'm using it, or 8hrs if I'm not using at all. Last night it was at 100%, when I woke up 7hrs later (screen off) it was at 28% - really?! I have wiped cache partition, and did a recovery, it's still the same. Anyone have suggestions?

  • I have found thst the edge plus runs much smoother than the Egde. Must faster response and no freezes or lags since I purchased 3 weeks ago. I also have the regular edge and it does occasionally lag and freeze. So not fussing about the IR blaster not available, it was removed for a reason

  • With the free 100 MB cloud storage a 64.gb should be all anyone would need

  • I just received the 5.1.1 update for the edge+ on AT&T network a few minutes ago. Look for it now!

  • When will sprint allow the video calling? for the galaxy s6 edge, and edge+

  • After I received my upgrade, my screen brightness has been out of whack. Constantly too dim or too bright. When I click on the auto seeing, nothing change. I am able to manually slide the setting, but this is a challenge when I am unable too Sr the screen in the first place. Anyone else having this problem? I do not notice the notification problems others are reporting.

    • my friend who works with samsung phones (service technician) did some calibrations with my battery,RF and grip sensor. after that my problem with the dimming were gone. You have warranty so use it :)

  • Since my upgrade to 5.1.1 my battery doesn't seem to last very long (approx 8 hours) and it's reset itself a few times. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • I hate my Galaxy S6 Edge!!!

    Lollipop is a joke!

    The features of this phone, or the lack thereof, are terrible!

    I went from an S4 to this S6 Edge and I have never regretted a decision more in my life!

    Where are my air gestures?

    Why doesn't my page scroll down as I'm reading?

    Where does "Hi Galaxy" disappear to?

    Why do I have to have a 2 amp charger in every room and vehicle?

    What genius decided to take away everything I loved about Galaxy devices?

    But I can open two windows at once and move them around..... Who seriously uses that? This screen is not big enough for all that nonsense!

    And these edges that Samsung are so proud of....
    I have to tickle my phone just right and wait twenty seconds for the edge to display crap that I don't even need.... It's faster to just wake the entire device....

    I could go and on all day, but I'll stop here....

    PS I can't wait for my iPhone 6 plus to arrive!

    • Gestures are all still there mateie, go look in settings, it's laid out different.
      You don't NEED to use a 2amp charger a 1amp will charge but slower, it's basic electro engineering.

      I use multi window surprisingly frequently it does actually work.

    • Mike Sep 3, 2015 Link to comment

      Oh boohoo to you. Sounds like you are a bit slow and really should stick to the iPhone for dummies

    • When his iphone arrive... you'll still looking for all that features...

    • Sounds like you more into basic things. I would recommend using an iPhone. They definitely have a lot of basic features and are very user friendly to users that so tech savvy.

    • You should stick to Apple. I, for one, never had nor will have Apple in any form. Way to propitiatory for me. I like the ability to choose from multiple sources when looking for accessories, software etc. Plus the little green guy, Android, kicks a*s!

    • Same here , before i was an iPhone 5s user still am , but i wanted a better camera so i went for the S6 and im already regretting my choice , planning to sell my iPhone and s6 and than also get the 6 plus 128gb

  • I have VZW Galaxy S6. On Aug 14, I received OTA update to 5.1.1 The software version is G920VVRU3BOG5 I live in Texas All seems to be operating very good. Have not had any issues with any of the updates, 3 of them so far. Looking forward to M update now.

  • how do i update my s6 is not updating?

  • The Samsung Galaxy S6 has an integrated vibration mode, which gets the user's attention to various notifications and interactions. So for example also the haptic feedback is controlled by vibration. The Samsung Galaxy S6 vibrates in the following cases on your Samsung Galaxy S6:

    • Incoming Call
    • Notifications
    • Haptic feedback

    If you wish that your Samsung Galaxy S6 does not vibrate, we show you now how to disable the vibration on your smartphone. For this purpose navigate from the home screen to:

    Menu --> Settings --> Sounds and Notifications

    Here you can now see the entry "vibration intensity". Tap on the item and it will open a small window in which you can now adjust or turn off the vibration for the above functions. To disable the vibration eg. the haptic feedback push the controller to the leftmost position. Thus, the haptic feedback on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is completely disabled.

    It's the same with the other vibration modes on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

    You have now learned how to disable on the Samsung Galaxy S6, the vibration for calls, alerts and the haptic feedback.

  • Geeb O Aug 12, 2015 Link to comment

    I am on EE in the UK and the 5.1.1 upgrade happen in the last few days. The upgrade seems to have affected my ability to install non-playstore apps. The installation process (of non-playstore apps) hangs and never completes. As I don't use the play store (I use the F-Droid app manager), this is a big problem for me.

  • Comprei um fam da família galaxy s comprei um s6 a uns 5 dias tenho gostado muito realmente o s6 é um aparelho fantástico porém senti falta de algumas coisas que eram diferenciais como cartão sd entre outras funções que existiam no s4 e s5 que desapareceram

  • I can't lie...my s6 is lightning fast with the update but u guys seriously downgraded the S family. When did android start copying the iphone! Its really irritating that u can't insert a sd card. Now we are stuck with uploading it to the cloud ,which wastes a ton of data. I used to like the S family but i am really sad to say that u have really made a mistake with the s6 model.

  • Tom m Jul 15, 2015 Link to comment

    Cant get rid of a constant voicemail notifications on the s6 edge since update. Ive been able to make it go away temp by updating prl or by cleaeing data in application manager under "phone" but notifications come right back. Its really annoying. Sprint is no help and there is no android support phone number. So i guess we just have to deal with another garbage update with phones buzzing and notifying randomly and crashing.

  • The same here. Got update yesterday and now or notification sound or vibrating when sound is mute every few minutes, sometimes few times per minute. It's driving me crazy. Plus My Places notification still apearing but I can't find app itself anywhere and battery work decreased...

  • Got the update this morning and now my s6 will not stop vibrating every few minutes. I'm going nuts! Please help!

  • Since the newest update, my S6 Edge constantly notifies me of new voicemail messages even though I dont have any vmails. Ive tried to clear the notification with no luck. I also turned off vmail notifications in my settings but the notification icon will not go away. Has anyone resolved this issue? If so, please share. Thx!

  • Just checked my s6, and the update from AT&T is available in the US. I haven't DL it yet though because I can't get on a reliable wifi until I get home from work. If I remember to do so, I'll post an update.

  • Since the last update.. my S6 is giving notification sounds.. without having any notification reasons.

    The beeps are working all the time.

    Everything else is great.

  • Hey, I updated to 5.1.1 and now my phone doesn't working. WTF????

  • I've updated my S6 yesterday and already have an issue. Again with the lock pin. First, let me tell you that about a month ago I've an issue with my fingerprint (had to reset it trough Samsung account, and then it was problematic again) hence I was forced to switch to PIN. And then, here we are with the brand new update, using my PIN - with this strange bug: I have to slide it, and I CAN UNLOCK IT with the sliding method, however if I slide up, the number pad for PIN appears too! Unfortunately, I am already considering to switch to another phone (and I though I'd be so happy with this one) :(

  • So far, the update is OK on my S6. The only sort of bug I have noticed is when I pause a video when it's streaming, it decides to play on its own even though it's paused. Other than that, no other problems. ☺

  • updated to 5.1.1 yesterday night and so far so good! The battery is ok and software is rolling well on galaxy s6 edge!

  • Updated my edge 2 days ago. Crashed twice already and keeps buzzing every 10 minutes.

    Damn you Samsung!! Damn you all to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Where can i get a link for this update guys?

  • Jw86 Jul 1, 2015 Link to comment

    I'm very happy with my gs6 however recently I've noticed a lot of lag whilst trying to switch applications. It might be my phone or an app I've installed. The antenna is not as strong as my old htc or g2. I lose connection in certain spots like the elevator, where as before i wouldnt. I'm hoping verizon will roll out the 5.1.1 soon. I'm looking forward to the memory fix.

  • I'm on the sprint pcs network, been running the new update about an hour now...so far no problems.

  • I'm on Sprint and my S6 updated to 5.1.1 this AM. So far, no issues to report; stoked to have camera RAW support.

  • Just updated my Galaxy S6 and now I can't post photo comments on Facebook! Why in the world would you follow through with altering my online surfing experience? This has to be one very dumb thing to do, please explain this...Has anyone else had this problem?

  • I am in the U.A.E. I have received the Lollipop 5.1.1. update for my Galaxy S6 today morning.

  • I'm with AT&T and I'm still waiting for Lollipop 5.1.1 to come out, I have the S6 Edge.

  • I lost my mobail data icon from the quick sitting and others after the update

  • My S6 is through T-mobile, i have since left them for ATT. After the update all my app's keeps restarting constantly and draining my battery within 30 to 45 minutes. Have anybody else had the same problem?

  •   16
    Deactivated Account Jun 16, 2015 Link to comment

    Definitely happy with mines. much better resources being consumed which means better standby and overall battery life than on 5.0.2 or on my Note 4 or NoteEdge with 5.0.1

  • what happens withe the switch mode i don't see in this update....

  • Omer Jun 9, 2015 Link to comment

    I have WiFi and IR blaster problems on my Samsung Galaxy S6 G920F

    • Jw86 Jul 1, 2015 Link to comment

      Turn off IPv6 on your wireless router. Revert to IPv4 if your provider allows it. Problem will be fixed.

  • I came frome the s4 to the s6 edge & couldn't be happier😆. I got the edge on release day & I'm still amazed at how great the phone looks feels & works. With my s4 I never replaced the battery or used a SD card, so not having the option on the edge don't bother me at all. I got the spigen neo hybrid case but i can not get myself to put it on & hide this beautiful phone. I would highly recommend the s6 or s6 edge to anyone looking to upgrade there Samsung phone or any phone. This is Samsung at it's best & i love it.

  • Tim Apr 17, 2015 Link to comment

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