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Make the most of Google Now with these voice commands

Google Now's "OK Google" voice search is a virtual assistant that provides you with what you need to know, when you need to know it. Whether you're checking the weather, setting reminders or searching for flight information, Google Now is there to help hands-free. Here we have a list of 100 useful Google Now voice commands, all of which you can try today to make your life easier. Plus, we explain what Google Assistant is, and why it's so revolutionary.

To use Google Now, you must first have the app installed. If you want to make Google Now more accessible, go to your app drawer and hit Google Settings > Search & Now > Voice > OK Google detection and enable From any screen. This means you can say "OK Google" whenever your phone is awake to launch the Google Now voice search.

If your phone runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google settings are now found in the Settings menu, not in the app drawer. If you're too lazy to scroll this list, you can also access a list of voice commands on your phone by tapping the mic and saying "show me what you got".

Google Install on Google Play

App-specific commands

“Send a [WhatsApp] message to [Scott Adam Gordon]” (you'll also have to say “Yes” to send the transcribed message)
This same voice command works with WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Hangouts, Viber and NextPlus and there is a variety of possible formats:
“Send a [Telegram] message to [Paul]”
“Send a [WhatsApp] to [Chris]”
“Send a message with [NextPlus]”
“Send a message to [Mom] with [Viber]”

“Search for [document name] in Drive”
“Set the temperature to [X] degrees” (only works with Nest)
“Show me [Steve Jobs] on Flixster”
“Listen to NPR”
“Shazam this song”
“Open TuneIn in car mode”
“Show attractions near me in TripAdvisor”
“Show Instacart availability”
“Activate home mode in Wink”
“Scan my receipt in Walmart”

Remember your preferred apps

If you say something such as, “OK Google, scan my receipt in [Walmart]”, Google will automatically open the Walmart app to scan your receipt. If, however, you don't mention the app and just say “OK Google, scan my receipt”, Google will pop up a window offering you a few options.

If you repeatedly choose the same one (in this case, the Walmart app), Google will learn that you prefer to scan receipts with the Walmart app and will automatically launch that in the future when you say, “OK Google, scan my receipt”.

AndroidPIT google now voice commands 2
Google Now can help you keep your affairs in order. / © AndroidPIT

General commands

“Search for [chicken recipes]?”
“Say [where is the supermarket] in [Spanish]?”
“What is [Schrodinger’s cat]?”
“Who invented [the internet]?”
“What is the meaning of [life]?”
“What's the definition of [ostracize]?”
“Define [symbolism]”
“Who is married to [Ben Affleck]?”
“Stock price of [Apple]”
“What is [Apple] trading at?”
“Author of [Game of Thrones]” / "Who wrote [Lolita]?"
“How old is [Michael Jordan]?”
"Where was [James Dean] born?"
“Who is [Bob Dylan]'s [father]?”
“Show me pictures of [the Sistine Chapel]”
“Post to Google+ [feeling great]”
“Post to Twitter [feeling lame]”
“Search [Tumblr] for [funny cat photos]”
“What is [German] for [what time do you finish work]?”

Gmail integration

These commands rely on you having relevant emails stored in your connected Gmail account.

“Show me my bills”
“Where is my package”
“Where is my hotel”
“Show me restaurants near my hotel”

Applications and device controls

“Open [WhatsApp]”
“Open []”
“Launch [Calendar]”
“Take a [photo / picture / selfie]”
“Record a video”
“[Increase / Decrease] brightness”
“Turn [on / off] [Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / flashlight]”
“[Increase / Decrease] volume”
“Set the volume to [number]”
“Set the volume to full”
“Mute the volume”

AndroidPIT google now voice commands 4
"Take a selfie" is a good command for launching the front-facing camera. / © AndroidPIT

Notes, reminders & calendar

“Remind me to [buy milk] at [5 PM]”
“Add [eggs] to my [shopping / ideas ...] list”
“Add a reminder”
“Remind me to buy [coffee / milk] at [Walmart]”
“Remind me to [empty the bins / clean my bedroom] every [Monday]”
“Remind me [when I get / next time I'm at] [home / work / other location] [to send an email to John]”
“Wake me up in [5 hours]”
“Wake me up at [07:30 AM] [everyday]”
“Note to self: [I parked my car in section D]”
“Make a note to [insert note here. You can also add a specific app name]”
“Set alarm for [8 PM]”
“Set an alarm in [45] minutes”
“Set a repeating alarm for [10:30 AM]”
“Set an alarm for [11:45 PM] [labeled / with label] [empty dishwasher]”
“Set a repeating alarm at [12:00 PM] for [Monday]”
“Show me my alarms”
“When is my next alarm?”
“Set a timer for [40 minutes]”
“Create a calendar event: [Party with Friends] [Sunday at 9 PM]”
“When’s my [next meeting]?”
“What is my schedule for [tomorrow]?”

Time and date

“What time is it in [Tokyo]?”
“When is the sunset [in Chicago (optional)]”
“What is the time zone of [Berlin]”
“Time at home”
“Create a calendar event: [Dinner in New York] [Saturday at 8 PM]”


“Call [Daniel]” “Call [Daniel] on speaker phone”
“Call [the African Art Museum]”
“Call [mom, dad, brother, sister]”
“Send [email] to Daniel, [Subject: Meeting], [Message: Will be there in 5]”
“Send [SMS] to [Philip mobile], [don’t forget to buy milk]”
“[Contact name]”
“Find [Mary’s] [phone number / email / address]”
“Listen to voicemail”
“When is [Mary’s] birthday?”


“Do I need an umbrella today?"
“What's the weather like?"
“Is it going to rain [tomorrow / Monday]”
“What’s the weather in [Boston]?”
“How’s the weather in [Portland] on [Wednesday] going to be?”

Maps & navigation

“Map of [Flagstaff]”
“Where's my hotel?”
“Where is the [Golden Gate Bridge]?”
“Find the "Golden Gate Bridge”
“Show me the nearby [restaurant] on map”
“Navigate to [Munich] on car”
“How far is [Berlin] from [Munich]?”
“Directions to [address / business name / other destination]”
“What are some attractions in [Florence]”
“Show me the menu for [Las Iguanas]”

AndroidPIT google now voice commands 5
Math is easy with Google Now. / © AndroidPIT

Conversions and calculations

“What is the tip for [125] dollars?”
“Convert [currency / length ...] to [currency / length ...]”
“What's [measurement / currency ...] in [measurement / currency ...]?”
“How much is [18] [times / plus / etc] [48]?”
“What is [45] percent of [350]?”
“Square root of [81]”
“[arithmetic expression] equals”


“How are [the New York Yankees] doing?”
“When is the next [Los Angeles Lakers] game?”
“Show me the [Premier League] table”
“Did [Bayern Munich] win their last game?”

AndroidPIT google now voice commands 6
Get Google to fill you in on sports. / © AndroidPIT

Flight information

“Flight [AA 125]?”
“Flight status of [AA 125]”
“Has [LH 210] landed?”
“When will [AA 120] [land / depart]?”
"Show me my flights"

Web browsing

“Go to [Huffington Post]”
“Open []”
“Show me []”
“Browse to []”

AndroidPIT google now voice commands 7
Get quick, direct access to websites. / © AndroidPIT


“Listen to / play [Intro] by [The XX]?”
“YouTube [fail compilation]?”
“Best movies of [2016]”
“Best [drama / comedy / action ...] movies”
“[Action / Horror / Thriller ...] movies of [2010]”
“Osacr winners of [2001]”
“What are the best [Daniel Day Lewis] movies?”
“Who acted in [Ocean’s 11]?”
“Who is the producer of [Titanic]?”
“When was [Alien] released?”
“Run time of [Unbreakable]”
“Listen to TV”
“What’s this song?”
“What songs does [Madonna] sing?”
“Play some music”
“Watch [Finding Nemo]”
“Read [Atonement]”
“What movies are playing [tonight]?”
“Where is [Transformers] playing?”

AndroidPIT google now voice commands 3
Get instant answers to all your entertainment questions. / © AndroidPIT

"Fun" commands

“Do a barrel roll”
“What’s the loneliest number?”
“Make me a sandwich!”
“When am I?”
“Okay Jarvis, …” (Instead of ”Ok Google, …”)
“Who are you?”
“How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.”
“Beam me up, Scotty!”
“Tell me a joke”
“Askew" or "Tilt”
“What is your favourite colour?”
“What is the nature of the universe?”
“How can entropy be reversed?”
“Lions, tigers and bears...”
“Who's on first?”
“What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?”
“Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right”
“Tea, earl grey, hot”
“What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?”
“What is the best smartphone?”
“Tell me about yourself”
“Go go gadget [app name]”
“Flip a coin”
“Roll a dice”
“What is [James Earl Jones]'s bacon number?”
“What does the fox say?”
“When does the narwhal bacon?”

AndroidPIT google now voice commands 8
There are plenty of comedy gems hidden in Google Now. / © AndroidPIT

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is like Google Now, but way more impressive and natural to use. It's available for those with the Pixel phones and with the Google Allo app that is available on most devices. The interaction is much more conversation-like so Google can understand the context of your commands and provide helpful information proactively.

Before Google Assistant existed, you had to give a bunch of separate commands to get a show to play on your TV. First, you had to tell it to look up "Gilmore Girls on Netflix" then tap the Google Cast button, select the right TV and begin streaming. But with Google Assistant, you can now simply say, "Ok, Google. Play Gilmore Girls in the living room," and it will automatically guess that you implied both the Netflix service and the living room TV even though you didn't say it specifically.

Google Assistant doesn't just perform more fluidly, it understands natural language. You speak to the Google Assistant just like you would to a normal person, and it will understand (and even get better with use!). Download Google Allo now to try the futuristic Google Assistant:

Google Allo Install on Google Play

Do you use Google Now voice commands? Which are the most useful for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Bart Starr Aug 28, 2015

    Poor Google, has anyone ever thanked Google for what she does? My favorite is just to say "Thank you Google"


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  • Already at Android 8.0 and still not a command to answer the damn phone hands free. But at least it can flip a coin for you... ;-)

  • Gary M P. 2 months ago Link to comment

    My galaxy tab A sm-t280 isn't compatible with Allo, is there another app I can use for same purpose?

  • Google Now has been a vital part of my Android devices since the 1st Gen Moto Z

    I believe Google Assistant will replace the Google Now Launcher (Google / Alphabet needs to have Google Assistant available for EVERY device in 2017)

  • Any idea if I can put my phone in the "Do not disturb" mode provided by Android using a voice command? Something along the lines of "Do not disturb me [for an hour]"? This particular command currently just does a web search. I generally set my alarms using voice commands. It would be great if I could use DND also similarly.

  • Dean L. Nov 4, 2016 Link to comment

    Thanks for the list of commands. It shows me that I have barely scratched the surface of the commands available.

  • Kristi P. Oct 31, 2016 Link to comment

    Two part question:
    Is it possible to use ok google while listening to music.
    If so,
    Which command is used to leave music playing and open google search, for example?

    • Jay W Nov 8, 2016 Link to comment

      I thought this was a great question so I tried it out. It will automatically pause the song that's currently playing when you say "OK Google" so it can hear you, then switch to the requested song or album, so yes, you can do this. You can also give any other command from the list above, it will listen to you, then start playing the music again as it completes the given command. One thing to remember though, depending on the volume of the song that's currently playing, you may need to say "OK Google" a little louder so it will hear you.

  • This is great list, I must say. But unfortunately , it works lil bit diff on my laptop but at least I ca speak many commands, like saying OPEN any site just types "open". Now all I have to do is click the link but it would be better if it opens the respected site.

  • CJ Brown Jul 25, 2016 Link to comment

    they key phrase is "if you're running Android OS Marshmallow 6.0"
    for those (like me) stuck in Android OS Lollipop 5.0 its a lil' different
    (but the OK Google Commands are spot on) :-)

  • Eric Jul 25, 2016 Link to comment

    a good addition for Google now is Commandr for Google now more control on voice commands you can edit in app voice commands and works with tasker plug in and android wear also commandr works offline

  • Eljo M. Apr 28, 2016 Link to comment

    Oke Google, send Whatsapp to family group?

    This is my problem.

    We can ask the watch to send a Whatsapp to a person in our phone book but a group is not in our phone book because every member has its number. Is there a command to send a message to a Whatsapp group?

  • I can only imagine what google Now will be able to do 5 years from now! Hum... maybe I should ask him lollllll

  • Would have been nice to have a do not like button on Facebook..

  • Aiden Dec 23, 2015 Link to comment

    You can also do a continuation of the previous question. Say for example:

    Okay Google, how tall is the president of the United States? (It list Obama as of writing this)

    after its done.

    Okay Google, what about Michael Jordan? Which list him as 6'6 tall. You can skip the how tall is he part and skip to just the subject.

    You can also do the same like "distance to Korea from my location, then after it's done, say Okay Google, what about New York? Various combos, like age of a renowned person, after its done: what about Queen Latifah or any other person? However, it won't do objects like : How tall is the Eiffel tower? Followed by specific human.

  •   30

    great post...I use Google voice every day, the more you use the better it gets.
    it still feels like early days, limited and underdeveloped, OEM's have only just started to include voice related hardware and software, like Motorola with the Moto X.

  • rslh Dec 22, 2015 Link to comment

    When I say "Send a WeChat to [Richard X]", it responds with "You don't have an account with [Richard X]". But I do have an account in WeChat with a contact named Richard X. Very odd. Anyone knows a remedy?

    • T. Jeff Jan 14, 2016 Link to comment

      I know you asked this weeks ago but, have you tried saying "send a message to [Ricky X.] with (or on / using) WeChat"? Sometimes a cmd just needs to be worded differently.

  • David Dec 19, 2015 Link to comment

    I use it practically every day. ....

  • Why don't "ok Jarvis" work with other than Motorola

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