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Google Play Edition Moto G now available

Google has quietly rolled out a Google Edition of the Motorola Moto G on their Play Store. Right now, the device is showing as being unavailable in a number of international Play Stores, but the American Play Store is showing it fully stocked and ready to be ordered.

motorola moto g 4
The Moto G now comes in a brand new Google Edition. / © AndroidPIT

In terms of changes, you won’t find many changes coming in beneath the hood of the device, asides from some more compatibility across different networks. The bigger changes will come in the software side of things: losing some Motorola specific software and adding in a more pure Android experience. And of course, the Google Play Edition Moto G will be among first in line to receive Android updates, much like the Nexus line of devices.

 © Google Play

As well, the Google Play Edition will come as an unlocked device and will be able to be used across carriers without any contract.

Google Editions are among the first to get new Android updates rolled out to them. / © Google Play

The 8 GB version of Google Edition Moto G is available for $179, or you can spend the extra 20 dollars and upgrade to the 16Gb version. Check out the Google Play Store page for more information.


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  • 2 points: 1) Nexus IS a brand for the average consumer, as seen by the price. That's why it's so popular, aside from being pure android. Google is driving the price of smartphones down, increasing the number of no-contract mobile users.That's a sign of things to come. 2) Google bought Motorola so it was obvious a Google Play edition was going to happen--especially needing to fill the void of a $200 Nexus 4. There will always be $700 smartphones and if a company like Samsung allows a GP edition of their flagship phone it's still going to cost $700 or probably more. Nexus is not just about pure Android it's also a lot about an economic choice.

  • I think this is a sign of things to come and spells the end of the nexus range...

    • Probably.....
      If not Nexus is a brand that are "stucked" in the mind of the average consumer, then this is the end of the Nexus aera. What I do not get. Is that these G and X models from motorola, have some pretty decent technology, and not 100% pure android. It is like motorola is only modding those parts of android, that are related directly on what they have done better. Leaving every else stock in android. Compared to HTC or Samsung, that are modding nearly all aspects of andoid. You know, Touchwiz, Sence and such.

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