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HTC's new VR headset will come with gamer-friendly controllers
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HTC's new VR headset will come with gamer-friendly controllers

With its new virtual reality headset, the Vive Cosmos, HTC looks set to address one of its shortcomings compared the to Oculus Rift - the controllers. In a teaser video posted on Twitter, HTC revealed its new gamer-friendly controls and seamless tracking system for its latest VR headset.

HTC seems to be trying to attract a mainstream audience with its latest VR offering. The Vive Cosmos can be used without external sensors and, according to earlier teasers, will also work with mobile devices. Now, the latest video reveals that the fully tracked motion controllers are "designed to give you greater control of your VR experience".

The Taiwanese manufacturer also says that the joystick and button placements are now more ergonomic and better for four fingers and thumbs. Lights in the controllers can track even minor movements, such as the flick of a wrist. The new controllers will also be compatible with your existing VR experiences.

Interestingly, the buttons and joystick on the Vive Cosmos controllers are inside the loop, unlike on some rival VR devices such as the Oculus Touch and the Samsung Odyssey+. The display itself uses is housed in a flip-up compartment, allowing users to jump between reality and virtual reality in seconds without disrupting your immersive experience. It means that you won't have to take off the whole headset if your doorbell goes or your phone rings while you are in using the device.

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The Vive Cosmos features a flip-up design. / © HTC

We still don't know when the Vive Cosmos will be released or how much it will cost. The steady stream of teasers and updates coming out of HTC, however, would suggest that the company is ramping up for a full launch in the near future. There is also talk of modular upgrades for the Cosmos and the brand's sharpest screens yet. HTC says that with wide and accurate tracking, gesture controls, and a 6 Degrees of freedom (DOF), the headset-and-controller setup promises a "deeply engaging VR experience" right out of the box.

Are you excited for the HTC Vive Cosmos?

Via: Engadget Source: HTC VIVE

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