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Huawei: we don't need the USA to be number one

At a recent press conference in Beijing, Huawei's mobile division CEO, Richard Yu, boldly stated these words: "Even without the US market, we will be number one in the world. This is our year. By the latest, we'll be able to do it the following year!"

Yu obviously refers to the smartphone division of the company, currently in second position, beaten only by the South Korean rival Samsung. For most of 2018, Huawei was third behind Samsung and Apple, but managed to overtake the Cupertino giant in August. But the Chinese company made significant gains last year, while its two rivals faced a number of difficulties.

According to various reports, Huawei shipped more than 208 million smartphones last year, an increase in sales of 35% over the previous year. Growth in stark contrast to growth is in stark contrast to the market in which Huawei is found, given that the total number of smartphones sold worldwide has fallen by 3%.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 20 vs mate 20 pro c
Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro are the current flagships of Huawei. / © AndroidPIT

However, Huawei has also faced some serious difficulties recently, such as being blocked from selling smartphones in the US, or the arrest of its CFO in Canada on behalf of the United States. However, in light of all these difficulties, Huawei has established an excellent relationship of trust with its users and, probably, if it were able to sell its products in the United States would already be the number one smartphone manufacturers in the world.

Are you happy with the climb undertaken by Huawei? Do you also think that he will succeed in his task?


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  • If you don't count actual numbers then no

  • storm 3 weeks ago Link to comment

    I've enjoyed my Huawei products but they seem to lack robustness in my small experience sample. Ports especially seem flimsy.

    What is number one if you don't generate profit in that industry? Huawei, like most android makers isn't generating profit in their Android division.

  • I pretty much agree. I had 3 Huawei phones. All were superb phones, were great values, worked without flaws (sans updates). Sadly, the USA market, is sort of a duopoly with Samsung/Apple. People in the USA are "conditioned" into thinking they can get a top line phone for "99 dollars" because that is what they were use to, with carrier subsidies. Now, carriers offer 0% interest, you pay a monthly fee to get the newest phones. They don't have a clue the phone is 1000.00 dollars. When ZTE & Huawei tried to get into the USA market with a carrier branded phones, I still believe the K-street lobbyist for Apple/Samsung tossed a ton of money around in DC, to protect their "turf".