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Download and install the latest Google Play Services APK 7.9.53 for free

Authored by: Kris Carlon — 1 week ago

Everything the Play Store does with the apps on your phone – from syncing and API access to push notifications – goes through Google Play Services. It also tells your phone when to update all your apps and introduces new security features and location-based settings. Long story short: keep it updated. The latest version is Google Play Services APK 7.9.53. If you just want the APK link, head to the very bottom of this article.

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Google Play Services 7.9.53: what's new?

August 18, 2015: The latest version of Google Play Services available right now is 7.9.53. It has been pulled from the Android M developer preview 3. Right now there is only one version available, so make sure your device is compatible before you update it.

See below for instructions on how to pick the right version for your phone. If you update the wrong version you'll have bugs until the right version for your phone appears, so don't be too hasty. We'll update this article if we find changes in the way Play Services handles things.

AndroidPIT Mlais M7 permissions manager
App permissions will soon be widespread in Android Marshmallow. / © ANDROIDPIT

Google Play Services 7.8.99: what's new?

August 5, 2015: After two pretty minimal incremental updates to Google Play Services — v7.8.93 and v7.8.95 — we've now stepped things up a notch to Google Play Services 7.8.99. The update has only just popped up, so we haven't had a chance to look into it yet, but we'll update this article if we find anything of note.

In the meantime, we'll remind you to make sure you install the correct version for your device. Instructions on getting the right version are at the bottom of this article. Let us know if you find anything new in the comments below.

androidpit google play store hero 1
Google Play Services is the link between your phone and the Play Store. / © ANDROIDPIT

Google Play Services 7.8.92: what's new?

July 21, 2015: The team at Android Police has reported that there are advanced Location Sharing strings in the Google Play Services v7.8 code, which will share more than just your current location. Additional information can be shared, including your name, profile photo and details of where you've just been and what you've been doing (e.g. running, driving or walking).

Android Lollipop's Smart Lock features are also getting some attention. You will now be proactively asked if you want to trust a location in which you frequently unlock your phone. Likewise, On-Body Detection will recognize your gait in the latest versions of Google Play Services.

AndroidPIT Google Play Services new permissions smart lock for passwords
This should give you an idea of just how critical Google Play Services updates are. / © ANDROIDPIT

Google Play Services 7.8.87: what's new?

July 16, 2015: This is big news: Google Play Services 7.8.87 introduces the Nearby Messages API, commonly known as 'Nearby'. Nearby allows devices in close proximity to communicate with one another using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and your speaker and mic (by transmitting inaudible sound to identify Android or iOS devices in the area).

You can share files, messages, create groups, play multiplayer games, edit shared files, whatever. Check out the Google Developer's blog for more details.

AndroidPIT Google Play Services Nearby API
PocketCasts allows you you share podcasts and compare lists using Nearby. / © Google/PocketCasts

Just to be clear, the API is in the new Google Play Services update, but you'll need an app from one of Google's early Nearby partners to make use of it. You'll also need to wait until Google enables the feature in the latest version of Google Play Servcies.

PocketCasts, Edjing, Trello and Trulio are on board and more information can be found on the Google Developer's Nearby page. Of course, you'll have to accept the permission the first time an app requests access to the Nearby API.

Install Google Play Services: the easy way

The simplest way to always have the latest version of Google Play Services installed is to keep an eye on this page, where we'll provide you with a download link to the very latest versions available in the Play Store. Just tap the install button below to ensure you have the current version.

Google Play services Install on Google Play

However, as with most things Android, there are always newer and better versions available if you're willing to put in a little more effort. For example, there are multiple versions of Google Play Services for the different versions of Android you might have. So if you want the very latest version (including from the Android M developer preview) then just follow the steps below.

AndroidPIT Lollipop Settings About Phone Android Version
First you need to know which version of Android you have. / © ANDROIDPIT

Install Google Play Services: the better way

First, you'll need to know which version of Android you have. Go to Settings > About Phone and look for Android Version. Then, you'll need unknown sources enabled on your phone. This just allows you to install apps from outside Google Play. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and check the box. 

AndroidPIT Lollipop Settings Security Unknown Sources
Then we need to enable Unknown Sources in your security settings. / © ANDROIDPIT

Next, you need to know which version of Play Services is right for you. This is where your Android version number comes in. Each Google Play Services version has a three number suffix at the end, following the hyphen.

These three numbers are broken down as follows: Android version, CPU architecture and dots per inch (DPI). You can check the current version of Google Play Services by going to Settings > Apps > All tab > Google Play Services.

AndroidPIT Google Play Services
You can see the -446 suffix at the end of the Google Play Services version number (right). / © ANDROIDPIT

The first number is your Android version:

0 = Android 4.4.4 and older

4 or 7 – Android 5.0 Lollipop and newer

8 – Android TV

The second number is your CPU architecture:

1 - armeabi

3 – armeabi-v7a

4 – arm64-v8a

7 – x86

The third number is your device screen's DPI (dots per inch):

0 - universal

2 – 160 dpi

4 – 240 dpi

6 – 320 dpi

8 – 480 dpi

So in the screenshot above you can tell I have a Lollipop device running an ARMv8 chip with 320 DPI. If you want to do things the other way around and figure out which number you should be looking for, just grab CPU-Z, which will tell you your CPU architecture and DPI. The good news is that once you know this information it won't change until you get a new phone.

AndroidPIT CPU Z SoC System
One the left we can see this device has x86 architecture and on the right, 160 DPI. / © ANDROIDPIT
CPU-Z Install on Google Play

Download Google Play Services APK

Now you simply have to choose the right Google Play Services version based on the three pieces of information you just collected. You can find the latest versions of Google Play Services hosted on APK Mirror and select the right one with the right suffix for your device. Then, just download and install Google Play Services onto your phone.

Kris Carlon comes to the AndroidPIT Editorial Team via a lengthy period spent traveling and relying on technology to keep him in touch with the outside world. He joined the Android community while resurfacing in civilization back in 2010 and has never looked back, using technology to replace his actual presence in other people's lives ever since. He can usually be found juggling three phones at once and poring over G+ posts, Reddit and RSS feeds.


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    Why can't we get these updates on Google PlayStore ???
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      You do actually get these automatically from Google, but there are those amongst us that like to have the very latest of everything all the time. SAs soon as a new version appears we want it, so we download from elsewhere so we don't have to wait for Google to send it to us.

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    Hi again Asus MeMO tablet android 4.3 my error message is wrong architecture my google play servicess is over 3.1.59(736673-30 factory setting...I don't know how to download the right version please help

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    Hi I have a Asus MeMO tablet.. android's says wrong architecture google play has been installed with an architecture(x86) which is different from your device architecture(Armani v.7a) my google play services version is 7.8.95.(2113048(070) the error message just pop up again...please help me to download the version

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    Downloaded the newest version all seems to be good.
    Why doesn't Google push these versions on the play store?

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    Hi I have just updated Google play services on my Samsung S5 and now I get the following message: Wrong architecture- Google Play services have been installed with an architecture (x86) that is different from your device architecture (armeabi-v7a)
    I am trying to uninstall to revert back but unable as no uninstall is possible.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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      You must have downloaded the wrong version.
      You need to re check your version and re download the correct one. Don't panic it will work ok.

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    Can't install after downloading. Says : problem parsing download: another words, it won't install at all. It has a problem! ! Please fix!! Zte Zmax

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    When a call comes in the answer icon touch/slide function does not answer the call about 30% of the time, and the call is missed. Is this operator error or a malfunctioning feature?

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    The mic stops working when on a call, and mute button is "not" on. The party on the other end of the call stop hearing suddenly, and only when the speaker is turned on can they hear what's being said. Is their a fix?

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    Autorotation on 6 edge is unstable when using camera. Landscape presentation goes 180 degrees out when using camera/video. Turning the device 180 degrees to correct the presentation only works intermittently, all other times the screen turns upside down again.

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    Hi all ,
    Is there an App or such that stops all the other less used apps from battery flogging that you don't need when your using your main daily apps, without going to physically to Disable them. I have one that just 'Optimizes' but they start up again soon automatically.
    I have a ZOPO 999 Pro, 4.4.5, with an AN TU TU rating of 47558 ... she really rocks !

    Awaiting for your 'knowledgeable' and extensive knowledge !!