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Instant Heart Rate - Keep the Beat Going
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Instant Heart Rate - Keep the Beat Going

Android phones can do a whole lot. It seems like there is an app out there for just about anything from the most ridiculous to the most useful. Street navigation, newspaper articles, astronomy – you name it! That’s all fine, but using your phone as a medical device seems a bit, uhm, sketchy. That’s why I decided to check out the Instant Heart Rate to find out if Android phones can be trusted with our health.

This test report comes from Cem Belli.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.5.4 Varies with device

Features & Use

Measuring your pulse with your phone seems like a crazy idea at first sight. You won’t need to go to a doctor’s office to get your pulse measured with this new app. Instant Heart Rate is an excellent pulse heart meter for your phone. Here’s how it works technically:

Instant Heart Rate is an app that measures your pulse using your phone’s camera. Just press your finger lightly against the camera lens for 10 seconds and the app reads your heart rate. Make sure the camera is a bright location or alternatively use the LED flash. Your pulse is determined by measuring the levels of oxygen saturation in your blood based on slight changes in skin color.


  • Live heart rate measurement
  • Information about possible sources of error
  • Measurement notice

I have to admit that the app does a heck of a job. It measures your pulse and shows it neatly on your display.

I tried out this app with over 15 people and it worked without fail for every single one of them.

Only 3 stars here because the app really only has one purpose and function. It may be a neat little gimmick for hypochondriacs, joggers and amateur athletes, but people should rely on professional pulse meters for serious health issues.


Screen & Controls

The Instant Heart Rate app is really well laid out and guides the user through the process step by step. Just don’t so far as replacing your regular doctor with this app. The graphics are nice and clear. Your pulse is represented with a small blinking heart. It’s a nice little addition, in my opinion.

It’s important to have the right lighting conditions and place your finger directly on the camera. The app has a space that turns red when your finger is correctly positioned.

Great stuff! 4 stars!


Speed & Stability

I’ve had the app for a while now and Instant Heart Rate has never crashed!

Bottom Line:

Imagine the look on people’s faces when they see you trying to measure their pulse with your Android phone. Instant Heart Rate isn’t just practical, but it’s also cool to have around to show off to friends and family.


Price/Performance Ratio

Instant Heart Rate is without any ads and completely free of charge. 


Instant Heart Rate - Keep the Beat Going Instant Heart Rate - Keep the Beat Going Instant Heart Rate - Keep the Beat Going Instant Heart Rate - Keep the Beat Going


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