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The iPhone 7 leak shows us how Android will look next year
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The iPhone 7 leak shows us how Android will look next year

Chinese social media site Weibo has seen alleged images of the iPhone 7 posted. If this leak proves legitimate, this is also how you can expect many Android phones to look in 2017, especially those coming from China.

iphone 7
A leaked image purporting to show the iPhone 7. / © Weibo

You might think the average Android user doesn’t have much use for an image of the iPhone 7 (out in July), because they have no plans to spend $700 on an Apple device. However, even in 2016, there are many Android manufacturers in the world that are inspired by, or even directly copying, the design of the latest iPhone.

That is why, like it or not, many of the phones we see arriving in 2017 (especially those from China) are likely to have a similar design to this image, which first appeared on Weibo and was picked up on by 9to5Mac.

If this does turn out to be the final design of the iPhone 7, then the upper and lower bands, allowing for clear signal reception, that appeared on the iPhone 6 and 6s, are gone, and only inconspicuous lines along the top and bottom of the frame remain.

AndroidPIT iPhone SE 4162
The iPhone SE might also mean we see more smaller Android phones. / © ANDROIDPIT

Another aspect of note, and one which has already been discussed in recent months, is the protrusion of the rear camera, something that even Samsung has managed to avoid (almost) in its new flagship, the Galaxy S7. Many experts in photography, such as DxOMark, have ranked Android flagship cameras over iPhones' for a few years now, so this increased sensor may be an indication of a higher MP count, an attempt to outdo Android phones on this key feature.

Other rumors suggest there to be four speakers, a 4.7-inch screen and a Lightning connector to replace the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Anyway, there are several indicators that the Cupertino company might not be living through its finest hour. The iPhone SE has been received with little interest by the general public, and the latest sales figures are not great for Apple, so it seems likely that the next iPhone will beat a new path from previous models.

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  • William Everette May 29, 2016

    You DO realize that fingerprint recognition was on the Motorola Atrix YEARS ago, right? And on PDAs dating back to 10+ years. If you're going to lead with "Android copied iPhone" , choose something accurate, like rounded corners. /S


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  • I bought an iphone 4 when it came out on contract. It was the most BORING phone I have ever had. And will never buy another. A piece of over priced , over controlled and over here junk.
    I expect someone will try and convince me that crapple didn't copy Android in making a 4.7 and 5.5 inch phone.

  • I'm a gadget lover so I follow both iOS and Android as I have a couple of iPads an iPhone 6 and a Nexus 5X. Since I've switched from iOS to Android I've been very happy with the Android OS and I probably won't go back to an iPhone unless Apple comes out with a killer design and something new in iOS that I just gotta have (which I doubt). In terms of Android OEMs copying Apple, the improved build quality of Android phones and the improvements in Android itself along with Google's apps is the reason why switched OS's. Both iOS and Android take things from each other so for me I just want the best designed phone with the best implemented features at a price I can afford. I don't care if iOS or Android. Whom ever can deliver both of those things will find their device in my pocket and right now it's the Nexus 5X.

  • Don't you mean "how Android phones will look like next year"?

  • Personal think android card

  • I wonder if Apple or Android even care about anyone's comments here. It's just a. Opinion and someone will always be able to counter your opinion with what they want in a phone and why they choose their phone. All of you just want justification lol who cares either way. Let's all have the same phone and have a market controlled by one company.
    Get what makes you happy.

  • I have an iphone 5S. Looking forward to getting the new one. I hope it will be IPHONE7. I sure like the way you can stream your tv online.

  • I have absolutely no interest in what Apple does, though it does concern me if Android were to try and copy the iPhone. It's very clear that the iPhone is designed to rip off its customers (who are happy for this to happen).

    The great thing about Android is its not the iPhone. I want great tech, and a reliable OS.

    I want my phone to be different, I love the way I can customise it.

    Peace ✌

  •   31
    Deactivated Account May 29, 2016 Link to comment

    if copying Apple means great design and tight build quality, what's not to like....
    what really matters to me is hardware choice and quality UX, the main reasons I use Android..
    my current device has fr facing speakers, 6" QHD amoled and a screen to body ratio that Apple has yet to achieve..
    technically superior at a third of the price I'd pay for an iPhone..
    all these features receive regular compliments from my iPhone owning friend's...
    Chinese OEM's doing Apple inspired Android design at half the cost,
    a resolute 2 finger salute in respect of Apples insane profit margins...

    • Couldn't agree more Paul. I have the Huawei Nexus 6P [running the preview of N] and it's brilliant - I know a couple of guys with iPhones and enjoy a bit of tech banter which inevitably, I find, swings in my favour.

  • Alex May 29, 2016 Link to comment

    Android already copied few things from iPhone like the finger sensor aka the finger print scanner and you are again saying that Android is gonna copy all the iPhone features in the near future.

    • You DO realize that fingerprint recognition was on the Motorola Atrix YEARS ago, right? And on PDAs dating back to 10+ years. If you're going to lead with "Android copied iPhone" , choose something accurate, like rounded corners. /S

      • Mando May 29, 2016 Link to comment

        I had the same thought. it's not only hardware they are copying, look at the software as well...let me guess what's next? Apple Rewards? Innovative I'm sure. (Enter Sarcasm)

      • Alex May 30, 2016 Link to comment

        I do agree but I do think that Android Phones have copied a lot from iPhone's like the placement of button aka the finger print sensor in Galaxy Phones which were copied from iPhone's and also pinch-to-zoom and glass back panels seen in older iPhone devices and they wrote the article in order to tell people to guess what Android is going to give you in future by looking at the iPhone 7 and also the gold versions of android devices copied from iPhone's and huawei's force touch which is similar to iPhone's 3D Touch!

      • Luka May 31, 2016 Link to comment

        Seriously? They copied the fingerprint sensor placement? Where else should they put it, when they already have the physical home button, unlike most Android OEMs
        I find it the same as saying they copied the screen or usb port placement... And how come only Samsung is accused of copying. They try new things and push the limit further ecery year. Apple, on the other hand plays it safe. And there isn't a single person on the face of Earth that can convince me (or anyone that is objective) that Apple didn't copy HTC in terms of design. This may also be a bit far fetched but I think they may have a no-lawsuit agreement. Like, after iPhone 6 launched, and HTC A9...