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Hands-on Lenovo Yoga Book review

The Lenovo Yoga Book looks to combine productivity and entertainment. The built-in touchpad keyboard and the stylus are intended to simplify the taking of notes. The easy foldability provides the convenience of a basic tablet. In our first hands on, the Yoga Tablet keeps its promises and turns out to be one of the most impressive devices at IFA this year.

Lenovo Yoga Book release date and price

The Android version of the Yoga Book starts at $499 and the Yoga Book with Windows pushes the price up $50. Both versions will be made available in September. The Android version is available in gold and gunmetal, while the Windows one comes in carbon black. When you consider what it’s capable of, the Yoga Book is remarkably cheap.

lenovo yoga book ifa 1
A pad of paper that magnetically attaches to Yoga Book is included. / © AndroidPIT

Lenovo Yoga Book design and build quality

The Lenovo Yoga book is remarkably lean. The manufacturer advertises it as "the world's thinnest 2-in-1" because, when closed, it measures 9.6 mm at its thickest point and 4.05 mm at its thinnest. Thanks to the use of magnesium and aluminum, the Yoga Book should, despite its thinness, remain robust. The halves are connected by a hinge and each half of the device can fold flat against the other in either direction.

lenovo yoga book ifa 4
The metal hinge is sturdy. / © AndroidPIT

Weighing 690 grams, the Yoga Book is light for a 10.1-inch hybrid tablet. The connectors, which include a Micro-USB port and a mini HDMI port are found on one of the shorter sides of the frame. On the opposite side, the power button and volume rocker reside.

AndroidPIT lenovo yoga book 2
The Yoga Book is strikingly thin. / © AndroidPIT

Lenovo Yoga Book display

The 10.1-inch Full HD IPS display was bright and crisp enough for relaxed word processing in the press demo room. When it comes to movies and games, and how the display performs in bright environments, we’ll have to wait for the device to arrive in our offices.

AndroidPIT lenovo yoga book 4
The screen does not support pen input. / © AndroidPIT

Lenovo Yoga Book special features

Integrated halo keyboard

The so-called halo keyboard is a full, illuminated touch-screen keyboard. The touch screen is made of rough, matte glass; only when necessary are the white outlines of the virtual buttons displayed. The Halo keyboard uses learning software to adapt to the typing habits of the user.

lenovo yoga book ifa 9
They keyboard can turned off, allowing you to take notes by hand on the same area. / © AndroidPIT

In our hands-on test of the Lenovo Yoga Book, the keyboard proved a little stiff, but this should significantly improve after several days of use, after the learning software has had some time to adjust.

Real Pen - stylus and ballpoint pen

Turn off the Halo keyboard to use the screen area with the stylus. The Real Pen contains actual ink and can, therefore, be used to write on paper. Place a piece of paper over the screen, and whatever you draw or write will be translated 1:1 onto the tablet. The paper can be up to one centimeter thick.

lenovo yoga book ifa 7
Everything can be copied 1:1, but there is now optical character recognition. / © AndroidPIT

Of course you can also write directly onto the panel and use the space as you would a Wacom graphics tablet, just remove the ink refill and replace it with the included plastic tip. The pen offers 2,048 levels of pressure. The Real Pen comes from Wacom feel Technologies and works with electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology, allowing the pen to operate independently of batteries or cords.

lenovo yoga book ifa 8
Any notes you make are recorded, even when the device is sleeping. / © AndroidPIT

The note-taking software can also be used when the display is switched off: just enable the touch surface, make a note and then switch the display back on. The digitization and storage takes place in the background. The next time you wake the tablet from standby, a notification will alert you to any new notes you have made.

Lenovo Yoga Book software

The Yoga Book has its own Book UI based on Android 6.0. It is easily adjusted to be used with a mouse and keyboard, and, on the home screen, it provides additional shortcuts that are reminiscent of the Windows interface.

lenovo yoga book ifa 3
The quick-launch toolbar looks similar to those on Windows or OS X. / © AndroidPIT

The multitasking view has been slightly improved, so that switching between multiple apps is more convenient than it is in stock Android. You can use more apps simultaneously, enlarge and collapse them.

AndroidPIT lenovo yoga book 8
Lenovo has optimized the tablet for multitasking. / © AndroidPIT

Lenovo has pre-installed a selection of Microsoft apps. These include the typical office apps – Excel, PowerPoint, Word and OneNote. To use them, you only need to register, which is free of charge.

Lenovo Yoga Book performance

The Yoga Book has surprisingly strong features for its low price. It is powered by an Intel Atom X5 processor, backed by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, enough for numerous apps and documents to be used in parallel.

How well the Yoga Book performs against its competitors will be discovered when we have the opportunity to review the device in full. Hopefully Intel has solved lingering problems with its chip’s performance during gameplay.

Lenovo Yoga Book audio

Lenovo has earned a Dolby Atmos certificate for its sound setup. How well the Yoga Book compares to the excellent sound on offer on the Huawei MediaPad M2, we will discover in our full review. The scene was a little noisy at the hands-on event to test the speakers.

Lenovo Yoga Book camera

The rear camera offers an 8 MP sensor and autofocus. On the front is a fix-focused 2 MP camera, designed for the likes of Skype and Duo. Lenovo did not put any emphasis on the cameras, so we don’t expect impressive results out of them. In our full review, we will determine if the front-facing camera is indeed sufficient for video calls.

Lenovo Yoga Book battery

Lenovo promises "up to 15-hours of battery life" of the Yoga Book, which contains a 8,500-mAh battery. No quick charge support was mentioned during the event. We will test the battery to its fullest and see if the 15-hour claim holds up once we have the device in our offices.

lenovo yoga book ifa 2
A micro-USB port is used to charge the Yoga Book. / © AndroidPIT

Lenovo Yoga Book technical specifications

    • Type:
    • Tablet
    • Model:
    • Sorry, not yet available!
    • Manufacturer:
    • Lenovo
    • Dimensions:
    • 256.6 x 170.8 x 9.6 mm
    • Weight:
    • 690 g
    • Battery size:
    • 8500 mAh
    • Screen size:
    • 10.1 in
    • Display technology:
    • LCD
    • Screen:
    • 1920 x 1200 pixels (224 ppi)
    • Front camera:
    • 2 megapixels
    • Rear camera:
    • 8 megapixels
    • Flashlight:
    • Not available
    • Android version:
    • 6.0 - Marshmallow
    • RAM:
    • 4 GB
    • Internal storage:
    • 64 GB
    • Removable storage:
    • microSD
    • Chipset:
    • Intel Atom
    • Number of cores:
    • 4
    • Max. clock speed:
    • 2.4 GHz
    • Connectivity:
    • HSPA, LTE

Early Verdict

The Lenovo Yoga Book excited me. In the demonstration, the note-taking features worked great. The keyboard is a big help and a good substitute for an on-screen keyboard. Although the tablet is insufficient as a laptop replacement, it could provide a vital injection of energy into the tablet market. In particular, at this price, the performance offered is unbeatable.


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  • steve 1 month ago Link to comment

    Looks pretty good.

  • The article includes a photo labeled by " the screen doesn't take pen input" but a video on YouTube shows a direct writing on the screen as a normal stylus.. So does the photo label mean the real pen?

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