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Let the Mapping Wars Begin: Google Releases Incredible 3D Map Video

Hoooooooly cow. There is a holy war brewing over the future of digital maps and the real winners are all of us. First there were substantial rumors that Apple was planning on unveiling a Google-busting 3D map app on their latest OS and now Google has just announced their own 3D mapping of major metropolitain areas across the globe. The new fly-overs look incredibly impressive in the video below.

Users can now navigate a 3D cityscape where detailed buildings remain accurately to scale, and even the shrubbery is available in the third dimension. Google apparantly uses their own planes to create their maps. These small, camera-equipped airplanes have been hovering over several major cities and taking what must be hundreds of thousands of pictures from all sorts of angles to create these incredibly detailed maps.

But that's not all Google announced yesterday. Another new Google Maps feature unveiled is called Tour Guide, which lets the user tour 3D landscapes in Google Earth and suggest lists of attractions users might be interested in visiting. Google has also announced that FULLY-OFFLINE Google Maps are coming soon, allowing anyone to access Google Maps at any time, whether there's a 3G connection or not.

The new updates, including the new 3D imagery, is coming to both Android and iOS devices in the coming weeks. In other news, there is now no need for anyone to buy a helicopter anymore (except the police, naturally). Apple will really have to wow the crowd to be able to compete with Google now...

Source: Tech Crunch


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  • Its in Googles best interest to offer Maps - Chrome Browser - Navigation to both Android & iPhone both for revenue & to offer Consumers a choice (if Apple seriously thinks it can do better then both Google or Microsoft as far as Maps go? I have to say "prove it" & let them take the time to be innovative in their labs vs. wasting valuable time via worthless litigation lawsuits) ...

    & YES that video presentation was great !

  • Right, and I just can't even IMAGINE Apple compiling all the data Google has for their Maps in the next few weeks. Plus, good luck competing with Street View.

  • Well its good to make some more dollars obviously, but its still pretty weird if you ask me. Anyway, it would be very ironic if ios users used Google 3D maps more than the Apple's 3D maps in the future which I think is whats going to happen lol. People are already used to Google Maps, I wouldnt be using any other maps app when there is the Google Maps if I was using iOs.

  • @Dogukan: I think it's brilliant to bring these features to Apple's home turf, and let iOS users decide which they prefer: Google Maps or iOS's version of 3D maps. Plus more customers = more dollars, naturally. But dude, in any case, the video IS totally awesome..

  • Hell yeah! Apple Maps got me worried as an Android fan, but this is a big relief obviously. But why the availability on ios also? I thought Google was trying to surpass ios? Why add the same cool features to your enemy when you are in a war?