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LG introduces flexible battery and mass produces flexible displays
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LG introduces flexible battery and mass produces flexible displays

Well that certainly didn't take very long. I was just talking about how the ''flexible'' displays of LG's upcoming Z model (or Z1, as it may confusingly be called) and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active or Galaxy Round (or whatever their flexible screened device will be called when it is announced this week) won't make much of a difference until the internal components of smartphones get a bit of the flexy treatment too. Otherwise all we get is a more resilient screen. 

lg z concept crop
This kind of real flexibility could be not too far in the future./ © ZDNet Korea

Well, that is all set to change with LG Chem announcing that they have developed flexible cable batteries capable of powering smartphones. The company's ''stacking and folding'' technology can also be used to fit smartphones, but it is not yet clear if they will use curved batteries, which they have also produced, or the folding or cable batteries in their next gen devices. You may also remember the stepped battery design LG introduced with the G2, and the split-touch sensor in the display, which all adds up to thinner and more durable tech. LG are also pioneering fully flexible, wafer-thin AMOLED displays.

lg chem cable battery
There's tons of applications for flexible batteries in wearable tech and smartphones. / © LG Chem

The degree of flexibility of the assembled smartphone will of course be directly related to the flexibility of the internal components, the battery being the largest and least flexible of them once the display is taken out of the equation. LG has also announced it has started mass producing the first fully flexible smartphone display. LG Chem's batteries are apparently also capable of being used in smartwatches or smart glasses. The cable batteries can be tied in knots and don't heat up, meaning there are a lot of great wearable applications of the technology in the future for LG. In the meantime though, we can look forward to more hard-wearing screens until both flexible screens and the new batteries appear in devices in the coming years.

How great do you think flexible batteries are? Are you looking forward to the day when our phones are completely pliable and practically indestructible?

Via: Engadget Source: NewsWire Korea

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