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LG G6 price, release date, specs and rumors

Update: LG has released official display specs

LG's highly anticipated flagship is due to be unveiled on February 26 at MWC 2017, but the company itself and several leakers have revealed plenty of information ahead of the G6's debut. There has been a steady supply of image leaks that give us a clear idea of the G6's design, plus official display specs have been just been released which will complement the new UX.

Highlight recent changes

LG G6: release date and price

The big reveal will be at noon on February 26 in Barcelona at MWC 2017, but we already have plenty of information about the device through leaks and official details from LG. VentureBeat has obtained "planning material" regarding the LG G6 that reveals the upcoming flagship's US launch date, April 7. This would mean the G6 will be available for purchase in the US before its rival, the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is expected to go on sale later in the month. In terms of pricing, we've not seen any leaks yet, though it's likely that the smartphone will be a premium model at around $699. 

LGG6 invitation
Revealing very little in the newest invitation, LG just calls it a "big screen". / © LG

LG G6: design and build quality

There's no shortage of leaked images of the G6 showing off its design. A new image leak shows what the back of the device may look like. If this is real, it would mean that the LG G6 will have a brushed metal rear, like one of the previously leaked images you can see below from UnderKG. The images are of the G6 with a clear Ringke-brand bumper cover, so it gives us a good look at the design.

LG G6 pure
The clear case gives us a good look at the design. / © AndroidPure

The leaked images show the two rear cameras on each side of the flash, with the fingerprint reader below. At the very bottom, we find a G6 logo. On the front, there are no buttons. The bottom has a USB Type-C post, but the top still features a headphone jack anyway.

lg g6 leak androidpure black2
This leak features two color variants, black and silver, but there could be more. / © AndroidPure

The LG G6 was recently spotted in the wild, someone shot a picture of the unreleased smartphone while driving and leaked it for all to see. What this new picture of the LG G6 shows is that it appears a lot glossier than other leaks we'd previously seen, featured in a glossy black casing with rounded edges made of metal and covered in glass. We also have a good view of the fingerprint scanner and the dual camera lens, though this was already known from previous leaks. The LG G6 being the most leaked device of this year's MWC, we're sure more will come until the company's schedule event at the MWC on February 26. Below you'll find all of the other leaks we've already gotten wind of for the LG G6.

lg g6 leak
The LG G6 / © Business Insider

A leak published on the Korean site UnderKG, revealed another side view of the G6. Specifically, it showed the side of the device opposite the volume control. What you can see is the large SIM and MicroSD card slot on the side. And, on the front, you can see the selfie camera next to the speaker. The device is a grey silver, but undoubtedly other colors will be made available.

lg g6 leak
The latest image leak. / ©

Previously, an alleged LG G6 phone case also popped up on SlashLeaks where it appears that the device will share a similar design with its predecessor. The phone case, from an unknown manufacturer, appears to be just a render. The LG G6 will have a horizontal dual camera setup with the flash in between, with a fingerprint sensor just below.

slashleaks lg g6 case
The supposed LG G6 case from an unknown manufacturer. / © SlashLeaks

Forget about leaks, as LG itself has also begun slowly trickling more information about the G6. To tease the public, the company has released a new video asking people to share the attributes of their ideal smartphone. In the video, they mention wanting water resistance, a quality camera and a large display that's not too big to operate with one hand. Since LG released the video, it has confirmed the specs of the display, so we expect water resistance and camera specs to live up to the hype too. Check out the full video below:

LG G6: display

As the teaser video above indicated, LG has now confirmed the display specs of the G6. The QHD+ display will be 5.7 inches, and have a 2,880 x 1,440 resolution and an unusual 18:9 aspect ratio. The sheer size of the display means there won't be much of a bezel, and LG has dubbed this "FullVision".

This unique aspect ratio paired with Android 7.0 Nougat, will allow users to run apps side-by-side in multi-window mode as perfect squares. We will let you know in our review of the device if this really makes for a better multi-tasking experience.

lg g6 multi tasking press image
Apps can run next to each other as perfect squares. / © LG

One interesting thing to note about the press image above, apart from the multi-window feature, is the rounded corners. This might be hinting that the device's screen will have rounded corners, as we saw in the leaked image from the Verge.

lg g6 v
Here is the leaked image where you can see the rounded screen corners and almost no bezel. / © The Verge

LG G6: the end of the modular system

Last year, LG based its G5 on the modularity principle, which allows for the addition of modules attached directly via the bottom of the smartphone. While the idea is good, the approach was complicated and required a restart of the smartphone when you swap Mods, in addition to the time needed to remove the battery. It's definitely not as simple as Lenovo's Moto Mods for the Moto Z.

AndroidPIT lenovo moto z review 3563
The Moto Z introduced a simpler system for modularity. © AndroidPIT

According to the Wall Street Journal who spoke with an LG representative, the company is moving away from modularity with the G6 because customers aren't interested in it. Instead LG will focus on aesthetics and usability. From what we see from the various leaks, LG it seems wants to stop paying the price of failed creativity and instead focus on a smartphone that fans will find simple and actually like.

LG G6: battery

According to PhoneArena, LG is considering getting rid of its removable battery design, which would be a shame given the unique differentiator it gives the company in comparison to other all-metal smartphones.

LG G6: audio 

LG intends to make sound quality a priority with the G6, just like the V20. The new 32-bit Quad DAC for the LG G6 manages the right and left channels separately to offer a more balanced sound. The new DAC should also be able to bring down distortion levels to 0.0002 percent.

LG G6: software

The G6 will run LG's mobile UX 6.0, based on Android 7.0 Nougat. This means the G6 will be capable of supporting the multi-window mode. With the 18:9 aspect ratio of the screen, this means apps can run side-by-side as two perfect squares. You can see a preview of the new UX in the teaser video below.

LG G6: performance

The LG G6 is rumored to have a Snapdragon 821 processor, as some Geekbench results have emerged online suggesting this and there are reports that Samsung is keeping all the 835 processors for themselves. Given that its predecessor, the G5, had 4 GB of RAM, the G6 will have at least 4 GB, if not 6 GB.

What would you like to see for the next LG flagship? Are you excited about the large display?



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