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Infographic: AndroidPIT Compares 7 New (& Powerful) Android Phones

Authored by: Eric McBride — May 11, 2012
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So....many....good....phones. It makes me CRAZY sometimes. If you're like me and need the newest and most powerful shorlty after it comes out, then you know how difficult it can be in selecting which device is gonna stay in your pocket for the next 6 months. But have no fear, as AndroidPIT is here to try and make things a bit easier by comparing 7 popular and relatively new android phones!

In this new infographic, we have put 7 of the most popular and most powerful smartphones (dual core and quad) into one clear graphic in hopes of providing an overview of what type of specs you're looking at in each device. To do this, we have compared the following 7 devices:

Samsung Galaxy S3 (listed twice for easier comparison)
Sony Xperia S
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
ASUS PadFone

Out of all these devices, the Galaxy S3 is certainly generating the most attention right now, but that's not to say it's the best choice for everyone, as it certainly is not leaps or bounds better than other options on the market. We wanted to include a few other devices (from Huawei and LG) but decided to update this again when those devices are officially released. Benchmark wise, there is also no clear winner, as certain devices excel where others don't. But hey, benchmarks don't mean everything, and I hope this chart helps to provide a bit of an overview when making your next smartphone purchase.

Which device do you have your eye on the most, and why?

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