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Nexus 6 Android update: latest news

Update: Android 7.1.1 Nougat update now available

From the beginning of December 2016 many Nexus devices received the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat update - all except for the Nexus 6. The wait is now over, as it has now been confirmed that Android Nougat is now available and will be distributed to all Nexus 6 smartphones before the end of January. Find out all the latest Nexus 6 Android update news below.

AndroidPIT Nexus 6 Android 6 0 Marshmallow review 14
Nexus 6 Android update news! / © AndroidPIT

Nexus 6 Android 7.1.1 Nougat update

The Android 7.1.1 Nougat update is now available for all Nexus 6 owners as both a factory image and OTA update. The December update for most other Nexus devices failed to reach Nexus 6 due to a "last minute bug," but is now ready to be rolled out. The update will be distributed with the latest security patch for the Nexus 6. 

Android 7.1.1 will bring some added new features to the Nexus 6, including app shortcuts, night mode, GIF support for Google Keyboard and other performance improvements. Unfortunately, features such as the Pixel Launcher and Google Assistant are not part of the update as these are exclusive to the Google Pixel. 

The Android Nougat update will most likely be the last big update for Nexus 6. Google has been making an effort to keep the Nexus 6 updated with newer Google-branded hardware, but older hardware has become less of a priority since the launch of Google's self-branded, top-down Pixel line. 

Source: Android Police

Nexus 6 Android 6.0 Marshmallow update

Factory images from Google have arrived for the Nexus 6. You can grab them directly from Google. The latest version is MRA58N, which contains some small security fixes. You can follow our How to install Android Marshmallow on your Nexus guide to get it on your phone right now.

AndroidPIT Nexus 6 Android 6 0 Marshmallow review 43
Get Android Marshmallow for this big, beautiful block of a phone now. / © AndroidPIT

The 6.0.1 update began rolling out to the Nexus 6 in December. For the impatient, there is, as ever, the Google factory images page. It brings 200 new emojis, and the camera can now be launched with a double press of the power button. To find out the full extent of the update, including notable bug fixes, visit our Android Marshmallow: features and patches page.

Nexus 6 Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update

The Android 5.1.1 build LMY47Z has rolled out with AT&T in the US. It is the same build that was seen earlier on Sprint and U.S. Cellular devices. The update pulls in at around 81 MB, and brings stability improvements and bug fixes to the previous version of the software.

This is almost certainly the last major Android update that the Nexus 6 will receive before Android Marshmallow launches fully. Head to your Settings > About Phone > Software Update page to check if you're up to date.

T-Mobile has also rolled out the Android 5.1.1 update too (build number LYZ28E), as have Verizon, issuing build number LMY47Z to their customers.

Nexus 6 monthly updates and Stagefright fix

As with other Nexus devices, the Nexus 6 has received the patch for the Stagefright MMS vulnerability. If you don't know much about it, read our Stagefright: what is it, am I affected and what can I do about it? guide. From this point forward, Google will provide monthly security updates for the Nexus 6, as well as the usual fixes that appear in Google Play Services updates via the Play Store.

In March 2016, Google announced an emergency security patch, independent of the monthly updates, for a vulnerability affecting the Nexus 5 and 6. The issue relates to the device's kernel being used by a malicious rooting tool to compromise the device. The update is beginning to roll out and should be on all Nexus 5 and 6 devices within the coming days. Thankfully, the odds of having been affected are slim, as the rooting tool must be manually installed by users to be able to take advantage of the vulnerability.

If you haven't received the over-the-air (OTA) Nexus 6 update, you can visit the Nexus factory images page and flash the firmware on your Nexus 6 yourself. The update just arrived on our Nexus 6 and we can confirm Stagefright has been patched. Hit the Stagefright guide link above to check if your device is still affected.

Monthly updates are continuing to roll out. The latest version number is LMY48Y, or LYZ28N, if you're on T-Mobile. These images can be downloaded directly from Google.

stagefright exploit demo
This is how Stagefright works. / © Zimperium

Have you updated your device to Nougat yet? Have you experienced any problems with it? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • So nice new smart phone and UPDATE: Android 7.1.1 Nougat update now available

  • I'm using note4 android 6.0.1

  • I put 7.1.1 on my nexus 6 today!

  • Nexus6 at sub £250 in UK with m6 out of the box, at 50% of its original rrp.....
    feel like I got bargain of the year, m6 seems OK, with doze it gives a definite improvement in standby battery life, and now with regular security updates, there's lots to like especially the price,performance and sheer value..

  • I don't know if the 5.1 update has any thing to with the issue I'm having with my nexus 6, but I've been having issues with the blue tooth connectivity to my hands free phone in my car. Before the update I had no issues. Now for some reason my car looses connection when having a conversation. Streaming music is on no issues there just when talking through the blue tooth. Any advice on this issue would be appreciated.

  • Since I put the upgrade in I cut my battery life more than half have to go back how do I do it

  • Just bought Nexus 6 today. Also try today to update to Android 5.1.1, and it got stuck in a boot loop. This is so frustrating! Can it be a problem with the device? Can I solve it somehow?

  • My Nexus 9 is updated, but not my Nexus 6...still have lollipop 5.0.1...what is taking so long?

  • I'm waiting for the update with ota.

  • I still don't have lollipop 5.1 Nexus 6 was purchased a few months ago unlocked from Amazon...I'm on Cricket Wireless. Any idea why I don't have it?

    • I upgraded and now I can't receive or send pic msgs and group txts while on WiFi and barely on LTE! So be careful. If you go to settings and switch the cellular networks over to 3G it works just fine but its a hassle to do this every time I wanna send or receive pics or group txts. And BTW I also have Cricket hince the reason I have commented. Unlocked Nexus 6 as well.

  • My new nexus 6 fails with fatal error every time I try to install the update

    • Hi,

      The offered update OTA got my brand new device bricked too!
      See more details in this tread:!topic/nexus/Ev4yBSssdIM

      Regards Radwaz Uralla

  • I got my nexus 6 today July 11 but I haven't received any update yet. The os shows as android 5.0. When I started my phone there was a notification saying that android 5.1 is available and then I did download the update and tried to install but it didn't install. And then when go and check for updates it says that my system is upto date showing os as 5.0. Please advise.

  • Just got the 5.1.1 update on my Verizon Nexus 6.

  • What i want to know is when the verizon nexus 6 will get 5.1.1

  • Camille, it sounds like your phone might be set on a higher network speed than what is stable currently in your area. You can try lowering your phone network speed. Here's how: Go to "Settings" -> Wireless & Networks section -> "More". Select "Cellular Networks". Select "Preferred Network Type" and slide Enhanced 4G LTE Mode to the off (unhighlighted) position. Good luck.

    • Douglas. I so appreciate you trying to help me. I ended up getting the update Sprint promised. Yes, multible messages stopped instantly yet at the same time my screen was turning black. Lasted 4 stressful days. I had to drive over to Sprint store being that when I called into technical support, I was told it was the google update and that it could not be reversed. So if anyone else have a Nexus6 cell ever have this prob. It turned out to be my screen protected this time. With the update, the sensor updated also. I don't have the grey screen protector or the mirrored one. I have the new glass one. Day I bout it. Its been on my cell for 3 months. The sensor updating definitely was the prob this time keepn my screen black 75% of the time. Technician guy demonstrated on an off with the clear glass. Wow. Who would have thought.
      Thanks a bunch Doug...Happy Easter.

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