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OnePlus One Android update: latest news

Update: Cyanogen OS 13.1 now available
OnePlus One Android update: latest news

OnePlus One owners now have a choice of two operating systems to run on their handset: Cyanogen OS or OxygenOS. OxygenOS received a long-awaited update in January – its first in almost a year – and Cyanogen OS 13.1, based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, is also now available. Find out all of the latest OnePlus One Android update news below.

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AndroidPIT Oneplus hero 2
Find out all of the latest OnePlus One update news here. / © ANDROIDPIT

OnePlus One

Android 5.0 Android 5.0.1 Android 5.0.2 Android 5.1 Android 5.1.1 Android Marshmallow
Verizon Yes - - - Yes Yes
T-Mobile Yes - - - Yes Yes
AT&T Yes - - - Yes Yes
Sprint Yes - - - Yes Yes

OnePlus One Android Marshmallow update

On April 6, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei tweeted that the OnePlus One Marshmallow update with Cyanogen OS 13 has entered the final test stage and is almost ready to go. They're just waiting on 'other parties', presumably the Cyanogen team.

Now, Cyanogen OS 13.1 is official. Based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, this software includes security and stability improvements, as well as core Marshmallow additions like Doze and granular app permissions.

What you might find more impressive, however, are the new Cyanogen OS 13.1 MODs. Cyanogen OS's MOD platform allows you to make use of specific app features outside of the app itself. Cyanogen OS 13.1 includes MODs for lockscreen trending tweets from Twitter, integration for Skype in the native Phone application, and more.

The update is rolling out OTA and you should be notified about it on your device soon but you can run over to the OnePlus forums if you want to flash it manually. Check out the trailer below to see what else you can do with MODs. 

For more details on Cyanogen OS 13.1, head to the official Cyanogen OS website.

OnePlus One Android Lollipop update

January 22, 2016 was a day of jubilation for OnePlus One owners, as OnePlus at last began to issue an OxygenOS update to the device. Version 2.1.4 of the software is the first update to arrive since April 2015 and is touted as offering a clean user experience free of bloatware.

The operating system leaves out some features seen on the OnePlus 2's build, such as MaxxAudio's proprietary sound technology, manual camera mode and support for RAW format. Otherwise, the rollout of an OxygenOS update is sure to be a welcome occurrence for many owners, who may have been beginning to fear the day may never come.

Find out more over at the OnePlus forums.

oneplus one teaser
Cyanogen OS or OxygenOS: which do you prefer? / © ANDROIDPIT

Which OnePlus OS do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • Will the one plus one get the nougat update

  • Hi,
    My oneplus one still android 5.1 . I am waiting for updates .
    Any one tell me updates come or note?

  • hey! after updating to 6.0 marshmallow, Im facing "n" number of issues.
    1) battery draining.
    2)heating while charging.
    3)heating while using Wi-fi.
    4)when connected to Wi-fi ,phone becomes dead slow and cant even make a call,and lost all contacts.
    5)when i open an application. it shows "application isn't responding."
    6)camera isn't working properly.
    7)problem in backing up datas (not even cnnecting to pc).
    so i've decided to flash my phone. what do you say guys ??
    any suggestions??
    please someone help me to fix this problem.

  • After 2 days OnePlus 3 is going to Launch with a Metal Uni Body and Many Secret Features

  • The new information for the 13.1 mod update,why was this not made into a new article?
    We have really old comments attached to this article, that have nothing to do with the new update!

  • I updated it and wow its more perfectly than earlier versions, display get more crisp n sharper, ok google now resolved, mod option is also good but yeees its darning the battery. but happy with the upgrade

  • My phone died after upgrading to Marshmallow. I don't know wtf just happened

  • I'm from India. I upgrade my oneplus one yesterday night to Android Marshmallow (cynogen 13.0 OS version, Dragon Fruit (4) ). It's seems marshmallow is slower than lollipop at connecting wifi, and the battery seems to be draining faster than lollipop. Anyone notice this problem, also I cannot connect to some wifi which was connecting find before i.e in lollipop stage. Has anyone encounter this problems and those anyone have a solution to it?

  • Yogesh Mar 17, 2016 Link to comment

    Scott Adam Gordon, please make a review on CyanogenMod 13.

    Deactivated Account

  • I want to ask about my Google play service..I update my phone and all of the Google play store already gone. I already downloaded the Google play service and all it do is not responding. I had to disable the Google play service for that. Please help

  • Fury Jan 22, 2016 Link to comment

    After updated Cyanogen 12.1 in my phone I have faced a new problem. When I opened any apps they automatically closed. I don't know how the fixed the problem. Could any body help me on this?

    •   18
      Deactivated Account Jan 25, 2016 Link to comment

      Take backup of all your data & contacts then you can do factory reset. This will help you.

  • With the new cyanogen update which includes cortana, my phone battery is draining way too fast. I need to know some solution...coz its really annoying me.
    Thank you...please come up with a solution ...as soon as possible.
    Thanks again.!!

  • I am not able to install 12.1.1 cortana update on my oneplus one ..... It restart my device ... It show installing but after that my cm recovery mode open automatically..... I currently i have to reboot my phone... Why this ??? @timmaaa currently i am in Cyanogen os 12.1 YOG4PAS3JL

  • Or you can flash a cm13 nightly which is working fine and have marshmallow

  • with this new update i can now only screenshot by pressing volume down and power. this is not user friendly for arthritic people. also, something happened where my upper and lower toolbars are now shadowed. i have the old versions with the new icons bolder on top

  • very bad update. I lost all contacts and after that someone call us, it gave me blank screen. Not satisfied at all.

  • Now my screen is stuck in fastbootmode and cant get out of it, geezus wow...

  • I downloaded this update and it completely fucked my phone, i cant even use it now because all my phone does is repeat my boot up screen when i turn it on, i cant fucking use my phone now and i just got it not to long ago, seriously? 500 dollars down the fucking drain because of an update, ive tried so many things to fix it, safe mode, rebooting the phone when i even could, i let it die and charged it a little and still didnt fix it, it even wouldnt go into safe mode when holding lock button and volume button it just gave me "fastboot"

    • You don't know that much about flashing do you?

      • Lol for reals all he has to do is flash his old rom and he's good, he probably threw the phone away by now, oh well

      • Oh yes lol sneer at people who just want to use the phone. Not all of us are tech-savvy. I know nothing about flashing. Why should I have to? It's a phone, not an endless exam.

    • I have the same problem, really annoyed! Did you manage to get yours going? Any help would be very very gratefully received thanks.

  • Does the one plus one come with android 5.0.0 no root?

  • After Update to cynogen 12.1 I am face troubles but what trouble unable to understand. Some one problem other time one problem which problem occurs i am confused with the update what i have to do now

  • the update of 5.1.1 is the worst update in OPO.. messed up the theme, font, and the dialer is a nonsense. and the battery drained worsen.

  • I updated my phone (CM12.1) and now it won't turn on past the cyanogenmod face logo .. it stays at the face for a bit and then the screen goes blank. I've tried holding the power button down, leaving the phone dead over night and charging it in the morning for an hour and holding the power button simultaneously with the volume down button but it takes me to a screen with a little bunny or something on it and the writing is all in Chinese (which I can't read) so I have no clue what options to select. Please help!!

  • Priti Aug 31, 2015 Link to comment

    How do I roll back to 12. 12.1 is horrible it is just draining the phones battery. Pls guide me to downgrade

  • Frustrated.
    Ever since I updated it moved around a bunch of photos from Google+ (so they were in backup folders but not the actual photos section) and my phone kept giving me the same notification over and over after I cleared it, which never happened before. The vibrating would not stop for like a half hour even after I fixed the first issue, and I couldn't figure out why because it wasn't giving me new notifications. In addition to the horrible switch to Bing.

    Probably worth it for the security patch tho.
    Still disappointed.

  • updated the last version CM12.1 for one plus one and the battery control get a problem, it to easy come to low battery.
    set standby mode all night and battery is 0%.......I am sure it standby mode

  • adr Aug 26, 2015 Link to comment

    What are these comments doing here for months when the article was published 3 - THREE- hours ago?

  • After the Cynagen 12S update I'm very happy with how the phone works . . . it just takes time to get used to it . . . I had a Nexus 4 Lollipop 5.1 but the battery was failing . . . I think Oneplus One was a good deal and just in time.

  • I just received my new oneplus one yesterday . . . it's still 4.4.4. It doesn't seem to know there's an update . . . shall I wait for the 5.1 or try to force the 5.0.1 update?

    • I got my oneplus one today and I'm having the same issue. Did the 5.0.1 ota update come through to your phone in the end? Or did you update manually?

      • In the end, I updated it myself . . . I used this YouTube video which explains everything well . . . just make sure you do it exactly as he explains.
        "How to Install CM12S on OnePlus One - No Root or . . . "

  • Some games were no compatible for this this version please fix this ex-dead trigger 2

  • Will the current gestures be available in both the OS or only on Oxygen does anyone know?

    • if you're talking abt nxt & previous... circle for camera & 2 fingers to pause music... & double tap to wake.. yes.. they still there

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  • Awayze Mar 28, 2015 Link to comment

    Lollipop isn't all that. It needs a massive update after 5.1. Its very pretty I'll give you that but when it starts to lag, it's awful. Google material apps lag to.

  • I guess there's a lot of Android smartphones still waiting for an Android OS lollipop 5.0 - 5.1 update (including myself with my first gen Motorola MOTO X). I am just going to be patient as Android OS Kit Kat 4.3 works fine on my MOTO X (I do not want an immediate OTA OS update that is bug ridden).

    As for what One Plus promises with its Android smartphones, along with Cyanogen mods current relationship with One Plus? That is an entirely different topic (I do not have all the details, but in my opinion? I think it would be sad if both of these companies are no longer working together - especially when both spent best part of 2014 offering press conferences together publicly endorsing the One Plus One).

    • Prepare to be sad. They're no longer working together. There's a definite limit to future Cyanogen OnePlus One updates.

  • FZ2015 Mar 28, 2015 Link to comment

    Well, there are already issues with Global International Version and Global Versions already. While in India, we are not going to see official CM ( due to deteriorated relationship between CM Team and Phone Manufacturers and Government ). It's high time, when people realize they need to choose what's best for them.

    My HTC One 801n (M7_UL) received Lollipop 5.0.2 yesterday, Great and Smooth,
    whereas My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 still awaits ( We wont get Lollipop though )
    and counting days.

    CM is the solution for those stuck on Updates. Cheers

  • wkm001 Mar 28, 2015 Link to comment

    I'm a little disappointed, I had higher expectations for Cyanogen. Maybe if their relationship with OnePlus wasn't so soured... If the Nexus 6 wasn't so big and expensive I would certainly be carrying one of those.

  • andy Mar 28, 2015 Link to comment

    are we really that bothered about a couple of days / weeks really come on get a grip is not life changing ,is it ,and with all the messing around with cyanogen its no wonder ,so chillaxe peeps

  • Real bulcrap by 1+1...

  • HTC One Plus One?

  • Willem Feb 24, 2015 Link to comment

    This has nothing to do with the HTC One plus one but with my very...... old HTC one M7. Does anyone knows or heard rumours about any update concerning the HTC one M7 device , it was delayed but two months ?

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