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Poll: Do you still trust Facebook enough to use it?

Facebook is great for connecting with friends and family, sharing memories and having a good laugh. But there are plenty of things it doesn't get right. You've been hearing about the Cambridge Analytica scandal all over the news recently, and it probably feels a bit like déjà vu, as we've been hearing for years now about issues with personal privacy, fake news, threats to democracy and more. We want to know how you feel about Facebook now.

Last week, our colleague Eric wrote a great article detailing the recent scandal and why now is the time to ditch Facebook. If you believe that Facebook won't have a "moral change" as he puts it, then it's up to us as users to leave Facebook behind.

That's easier said than done, not because of any technical difficulty, but because it's hard to leave behind a mode of communication many of our circles have come to rely on for keeping in touch, sending event invitations and sharing photos. But plenty of us got on just fine without Facebook before, and we can surely survive without it now. The question is whether or not you're concerned enough about Facebook's issues to quit yet. Have you finally had enough?

Let us know what's on your mind by participating in the poll below and leaving us a comment. We've put together an article on not only how to deactivate an account but also how to delete it permanently, which you can find here if you're exploring your options or ready to take the plunge.

Do you still trust Facebook enough to use it?
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  • I really don't want Facebook to be the next MySpace (except it has become just that), but I will not be surprised if a better Social Network comes along and we all move our profiles over to it.

  • I find Facebook forums for products/hobbies that I have to be an invaluable resource.

  • I started adjusting my Facebook account from day one (my friends thought it was strange that I didn't participate in Facebook games, polls, etc - well, now they don't question as they adjust their settings).

    I have been careful what information I shared (or have on my profile), because that's information anyone can see (or use). I'm grateful for what Facebook offers, but I think we all value our privacy to a degree.

    I really don't want Facebook to be the next MySpace (except it has become just that), but I will not be surprised if a better Social Network comes along and we all move our profiles over to it.

  • I have the feeling that a paid campaign is being fought against FB. Paid with fees. Before the scandal in question, there was no such mood, and everyone knew how FB worked.

  • Sorin 8 months ago Link to comment

    I prefer to keep my FB account because I have a quite extensive network of friends and contacts. Because I know it is an "open" network, meaning transparency (!), So I do not use it to transmit sensitive data.
    It is a good network because it has a big advantage and if you know how to use it is a good thing especially for your business: it has many subscribers. Obviously there are other alternatives that you can use together, making it a viable solution.
    Strictly reported to FB, the equivalent of whispering to someone in the network, is equivalent to screaming in the mouth to hear everyone! Amateur advice.

  • zoeyst 8 months ago Link to comment

    I never trust any app, especially social apps like Facebook, since no app will not read and steal your phone data. But still have to use some of them.

  • I never trusted Facebook and even more so now, but there's no real alternative, is there? If there was one, I would be gone in a heartbeat.

    • Mark
      • Admin
      8 months ago Link to comment

      No real alternative? How about texting, calling, skype, or just meeting for an outing. The problem with social media is people are forgetting how to be social, I never have had it and never will. Even when I always say "don't ever use the word never", I will use it for Facebook I will never sign up for it.

  • I signed up when they first started but quit when they suggested I friend people that I went to school with decades earlier. I found this entirely too creepy. I thought I deleted my page, but have since found out that there are lots of hoops that you have to jump through to delete your page completely. I have totally forgotten my password, etc, so I'm sure my page is still there, somewhere!

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