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Not all Galaxy S10s will be created equal, and not just in size

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is still fresh, but the first significant rumors concerning the sequel are already beginning to stir. Will we see a big change from the Korean manufacturer, or will Samsung stick to the tried and tested? The latest reports have revealed more about the three variants of the Galaxy S10 and how they will differ. Here's everything we know so far.

The S10 will come in three sizes, with different biometric capability

All About Samsung has heard some details about the Galaxy S10 from Samsung insiders. First of all, there is information about the camera, which Samsung is apparently planning improvements on. There are currently three versions, and their code names are Beyond0, Beyond1 and Beyond2.

It is now relatively certain that the Galaxy S10 will again receive a 5.8-inch display, while the screen of the Plus version will grow to a full 6.4 inches. But there should be another variant in between with a 6.1-inch display. Apple is planning similar sizes for the iPhone lineup expected in autumn. This information comes via a new report from the TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, as seen by Business Insider.

However, a fingerprint sensor located under the display should only exist for the two larger variants. Similar to earlier Sony smartphones, the "normal" Galaxy S10 will have a fingerprint sensor on its side. A 3D sensor for facial recognition is rumored to be only available with the Galaxy Note 10.

Ultrasonic technology for the two high end versions

DJ Koh, head of Samsung's mobile division, revealed some interesting tidbits about new fingerprint sensor technology for the Galaxy S10 displays during a fan event in China.

For the more advanced Galaxy S10 variants, Samsung plans to skip the adoption of optical fingerprint readers integrated in the displays that we have already seen appear on the market (for example on Huawei's Mate RS) and go directly to the faster and more precise ultrasonic technology. This technology would allow the fingerprint impression to be read more safely, quickly and without being disturbed by water or dirt on the display. According to Koh, if Samsung had wanted optical sensors, it would have used them two years ago.

in display fingerprint demo3
Optical readers integrated in the display are interesting but ultrasonic is more advanced. / © Digital Trends

Samsung uses ultrasound technology that promises more security than an optical sensor. Similar to earlier Sony smartphones, the "normal" Galaxy S10 will have a fingerprint sensor on its side. According to Kuo, a 3D sensor for facial recognition is only available with the Galaxy Note 10.

What do you think of Samsung's three-pronged approach? Is it just copying Huawei's P20 line? Let us know in the comments!

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Finally, it looks like we're getting the in-display fingerprint sensor

As well as this, some further details about the features were revealed. The development project for the S10 involves Fingerprint on Display (FOD) technology, which has been an ongoing project for some time now, but it failed in the S8 and the S9 due to technical difficulties. The sensor would be placed into its AMOLED screen.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy s9 plus 1002
The in-display fingerprint sensor didn't quite make it onto the S9  / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

So far the in-display fingerprint scanner has only been available in rather niche offerings, such as Huawei's luxury RS Porsche Design. Nonetheless, for the technology to truly go mainstream, it's got to come on a Samsung. If the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 won't carry it, then we could see the Galaxy S10 bring this biometric tech to the masses.

3D face scanning to compete with Apple

The Bell also reports that Samsung plans to implement 3D face scanning tech for the next-gen flagship, although this still remains unclear. Samsung has been experimenting with facial recognition since the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. While the Galaxy S8 and S9 saw some improvements with this, the Korean company has always lagged behind its American rivals in this field. 

samsung security options
Security has long been a priority for Samsung. / © Samsung Mobile

3D face scanning on the Samsung Galaxy S10 would boost security for facial scanning and could also improve related featues such as AR Emoji. SamMobile suggests that this lines up with previous reports that Samsung is working with startup Mantis Vision and supplier Woodgate to integrate this 3D face scanning into the next flagship.

Don't expect a radical redesign

While these are intriguing tidbits about potential new features, it also seems that Samsung will be sticking to their winning formula in many ways. The “Infinity Display” design is here to stay, and in the same 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch sizes as well.

samsung galaxy s9 plus display c2vx
To infinity! And bey- ...actually, infinity is just fine. / © AndroidPIT

Don't expect to be able to bend or flex the screen either, as the report from The Bell specifically calls out that this won’t be a foldable phone. Samsung's rumored flexi-phone, the Samsung Galaxy X, was speculated to be one and the same with the Galaxy S10, but at the moment it looks like a divergent evolutionary path for the Galaxy bloodline.

Different cameras for each variation

One of the key differences between each Samsung Galaxy S10 version is the camera setup. 

The larger S10 (presumably the S10+) with the code name Beyond2 has an additional third camera installed on the back, and a dual camera setup up on the front for an impressive 5-camera array in total. According to a report from The Bell, Samsung will add a 120° wide angle module to what is otherwise the same configuration as on the S9+, including a telephoto lens.

And what about the other, smaller versions? The "regular" Galaxy S10 (codenamed 'Beyond1') and a yet-unnamed lower-end variant ('Beyond 0') will have fewer cameras. The S10 is said to have the same triple-camera on the rear, but only one on the front. Meanwhile, 'Beyond 0' will reportedly come with two cameras, one on each side, as is standard.

Technical specifications

Additional information about the Galaxy S10+ comes in the form of specs detailed by reliable leaker Ice Universe, who spilled the beans on the alleged internals: 

Naturally, at this early stage of the game it's important to take everything with a grain of salt when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S10. Things could change significantly between now and the release, but we'll continue to bring you the latest rumors, news and leaks right here.

What do you expect from the Samsung Galaxy S10?

Source: The Bell


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  • I'm done with Samsung, bullshit company.

  • Samsung now seem to making the correct decision now, blending in the Note phones into there Premium phones released earlier,instead of producing and releasing there Note phone later in ,which they only release to put pressure on the Apple iPhones released in September,if Samsung are going to produce 3 version of there S10 phones,then the 6.4 inch screen phone will please the Note phone users,and if they include the choice of the S-Pen as well,so the 5" S10 to please ,budget phone buyers,then either a 5.8 or 6.4 screen S10 phones from the Premium phones,and if Samsung can make the S10 phones super fast with brilliant batterylife then,this will put more pressure on Apple,and save themselves more money not having to create there Note phone no more

  • Samsung now as got to stop worrying about what Apple as to offer,and do All there Best to make there future S10 phones really stand out from the Rest,to show they are still the best phone creators,there getting better with there chips and screens,but its the Software section Samsung as really got to Improve more,to make there phones Up-to-Date regulary,and more simple to customize and run,so hope Samsung can also offer some new type of battery for the future phones,so they can last and run longer

  • the best features like in screen fingerprint sensor will be saved for this galaxy s10

  • Fingerprint under-glass sensor, foldable phone, when Samsung, when? Don't be too surprised if "not yet" is the answer. This "coming soon" stuff is getting old, every year for the past 3years.

  • A great camera that will not be defeated by another phone for two years. Fingerprint scanner under the display. Bixby and in my language. I also want new features, I do not know what, but new and interesting, and just for the S10. :-)

  • The new S10 probably ten more useless gimmicks installed on it that wont work properly? Well it is Samsung after all.

  • Samsung, the Apple of the Android world, will be daring, I'm sure. They will dare keeping away the headphone jack, they will dare to introduce the notch, and they will dare to install a battery of camera lenses as well a a huge anount of bloatware. They will dare not to give customers software updates, and I even believe they will dare not to implement Project Treble. Why? Because some people like to be tortured by the companies they buy from, and then they will bicker all around the interwebs where the best torturer comes from -- Cupertino or Palo Alto. But in neither place they need to worry, since Uncle Sam is protrctinv them from the evil Huawei phones from China. Because, "Made in 'Murica", I guess. However, that state is a mental one, and it's not confined to the USA.

    tl;dr: Samsung will make a boring phone because people want them this way.

  • O.k we really have to thank Samsung for releasing the Infinety Display phones,and from the old 2" inch screens,its now 6 inch ones that are becoming more popular,and everyone else is following the trend,but Samsung are now putting themselves under more pressure with it Pricing Policy being like Apples,and the New S9 models have been too over priced for loads of consumers, and using the same body as there S8 models as detered the S8 models owners to upgrade to the S9 models,so the future S10 phones and Samsung celebrating there 10th anniversery in producing phones,it might a Full borderless screen phone from Samsung and even a Triple 3D camera phone,read the other day Samsung is even trying to make there Glass screens more durable and stronger,as the number of people with broken Glass screen phones is detering them from spending loads of money on another phone,so hope the S10 will be Stronger Screen phone,but will Samsung over price the S10 phones as well and Huawei become more popular?

    • precisely why i have a huawei mate 10 in my pocket right now. thanks, but no thanks, sammy. thanks for all the fish!

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