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Infinity-O display for Galaxy S10: here are the first images

There is already talk of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The South Korean manufacturer is working on its next generation and some rumors have been leaked. Will the Galaxy S10 be able to surprise more than the Galaxy S9 was able to do? The promise is there and these new renders will be easy on the eye for fans of the brand.


Infinity-O Display: Samsung does not give in to the notch

It's impossible to deny that the displays offered by Samsung's flagship products always stand out for their beauty and performance. The Infinity Display introduced with the Galaxy S8, should also remain on the Galaxy S10 in an improved version called Infinity-O.

The diagonal, according to The Bell, should be 5.8 inches on the S10 and 6.3 inches on S10 Plus but this time the front camera will be right inside the panel. No, don't worry, no notches in sight. Samsung presented its new solution to the newly completed SDC, which includes a hole in the display for the selfie camera.

And that's where Twitter comes to our rescue, as usual. Numerous Tweets have appeared on the popular social network showing the possible design of the S10 with an Infinity-O display. What you can admire a little higher up comes from the well-known leaker, Ice Universe, and has attracted attention because it was then promptly deleted. Whether it's one of the final prototypes for the next flagship range for Samsung, we'll have to wait and see.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy s9 plus 0702
Samsung will further reduce the edges around the display? / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova


Samsung Galaxy S10 will bring significant novelties in design

Announcing it is DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung Mobile. During an interview with Chinese media DJ Koh said that the Galaxy S10 will bring a breath of fresh air to the Galaxy S series with significant design changes. Unfortunately, the representative of the world's number one Korean smartphone company did not mention any specific details.

What he has revealed is that the Galaxy S10 will come in some magnificent colors, 9 to be precise. An impressive number of variations among which we will also find the Emerald Green seen for the last time in 2015 on Galaxy S6 Edge.

cover 2s edge green
The Emerald Green coloring is coming back. / © myphone.com

The fingerprint reader can only end up under the display

We know very well how to offer the fingerprint reader under the display is possible. Vivo and Huawei were the first to show it on the Mate RS Porsche Design. In both cases these are devices that are produced in limited editions: producing displays capable of offering this feature for the two brands is therefore quite simple. Integrating it into the Galaxy S10 means distributing it in large quantities. Some time ago The Bell reported that the fingerprint reader under the display will be integrated on the Galaxy S10.

AndroidPIT huawei mate rs porsche design 5552
Mate RS and Mate 20 RS already use a fingerprint reader in the display, but the technology is different. / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

3D face scanner

The Samsung Galaxy S10 could incorporate a sensor dedicated to 3D face scanning. A hardware component dedicated to this feature, which could be developed in collaboration with Mantis Vision and Woodgate, designed to provide greater security to users, as well as a quick unlocking of the device.

And that's how the manufacturer tries to further improve a feature that saw the light on Note 7, with the iris scanner, and that on S9 has been optimized. On the Galaxy S10 you should not use the front camera, but a dedicated sensor: to challenge the iPhone X, in this case, seems to be a must.

Specifications won't disappoint

The noises anticipate three variants of the Galaxy S10, one of which has three cameras at the back. The screen will occupy an even greater percentage of the front and there will be a new 3D face recognition system together with a Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint reader integrated into the display. All three will use Samsung's homemade SoC or the Exynos 9820.

Samsung Galaxy S10: technical specifications

  Technical specifications
Display 5.8" / 6.3"
Processor Samsung Exynos 9820

3 rear cameras (normal, telephoto, wide angle)
Aperture f/1.5 - f/2.4

Other 3 variants, 3D facial scanner, ultrasonic fingerprint reader Qualcomm in the display

Do you think that the Galaxy S10 will be able to surprise you?

Via: Phone Arena Source: The Bell


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  • So the edge becomes smaller and as it's curved you will be constantly touching the screen which is so annoying. Let's have a flat version, please.

  • I really hate the curved glass edge.

  • I'm done with Samsung, bullshit company.

  • Samsung now seem to making the correct decision now, blending in the Note phones into there Premium phones released earlier,instead of producing and releasing there Note phone later in ,which they only release to put pressure on the Apple iPhones released in September,if Samsung are going to produce 3 version of there S10 phones,then the 6.4 inch screen phone will please the Note phone users,and if they include the choice of the S-Pen as well,so the 5" S10 to please ,budget phone buyers,then either a 5.8 or 6.4 screen S10 phones from the Premium phones,and if Samsung can make the S10 phones super fast with brilliant batterylife then,this will put more pressure on Apple,and save themselves more money not having to create there Note phone no more

  • Samsung now as got to stop worrying about what Apple as to offer,and do All there Best to make there future S10 phones really stand out from the Rest,to show they are still the best phone creators,there getting better with there chips and screens,but its the Software section Samsung as really got to Improve more,to make there phones Up-to-Date regulary,and more simple to customize and run,so hope Samsung can also offer some new type of battery for the future phones,so they can last and run longer

  • the best features like in screen fingerprint sensor will be saved for this galaxy s10

  • Fingerprint under-glass sensor, foldable phone, when Samsung, when? Don't be too surprised if "not yet" is the answer. This "coming soon" stuff is getting old, every year for the past 3years.

  • A great camera that will not be defeated by another phone for two years. Fingerprint scanner under the display. Bixby and in my language. I also want new features, I do not know what, but new and interesting, and just for the S10. :-)

  • The new S10 probably ten more useless gimmicks installed on it that wont work properly? Well it is Samsung after all.

  • Samsung, the Apple of the Android world, will be daring, I'm sure. They will dare keeping away the headphone jack, they will dare to introduce the notch, and they will dare to install a battery of camera lenses as well a a huge anount of bloatware. They will dare not to give customers software updates, and I even believe they will dare not to implement Project Treble. Why? Because some people like to be tortured by the companies they buy from, and then they will bicker all around the interwebs where the best torturer comes from -- Cupertino or Palo Alto. But in neither place they need to worry, since Uncle Sam is protrctinv them from the evil Huawei phones from China. Because, "Made in 'Murica", I guess. However, that state is a mental one, and it's not confined to the USA.

    tl;dr: Samsung will make a boring phone because people want them this way.

  • O.k we really have to thank Samsung for releasing the Infinety Display phones,and from the old 2" inch screens,its now 6 inch ones that are becoming more popular,and everyone else is following the trend,but Samsung are now putting themselves under more pressure with it Pricing Policy being like Apples,and the New S9 models have been too over priced for loads of consumers, and using the same body as there S8 models as detered the S8 models owners to upgrade to the S9 models,so the future S10 phones and Samsung celebrating there 10th anniversery in producing phones,it might a Full borderless screen phone from Samsung and even a Triple 3D camera phone,read the other day Samsung is even trying to make there Glass screens more durable and stronger,as the number of people with broken Glass screen phones is detering them from spending loads of money on another phone,so hope the S10 will be Stronger Screen phone,but will Samsung over price the S10 phones as well and Huawei become more popular?

    • precisely why i have a huawei mate 10 in my pocket right now. thanks, but no thanks, sammy. thanks for all the fish!

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