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Here's how to watch the Samsung Gear S3 launch livestream

Samsung is preparing to launch the third device in its Gear S smartwatch line. The Gear S3 will be unveiled at IFA tonight and below we've got details on how you can live stream the event. How, when most consider smartwatches a dead end, is Samsung performing so well with its Gear S devices?

Watch the Samsung Gear S3 livestream

Samsung is expected to unveil the next generation of its Gear S3 smartwatch in Berlin this evening. If you want to tune in and watch the presentation, head to Samsung's newsroom and following the streaming instructions. The event will be held in the Tempodrom at 6pm CET. We'll also have plenty of coverage - so stay tuned for all the details. 

Samsung Gear S3 design

A pair of renders which are reportedly of the Samsung Gear S3 have appeared online. Published by Sammobile, these images you can see below show a design that markedly similar to the previous generation. These images are from a Walmart listing for a screen protector cover for the Gear S3, reported Sammobile. Samsung will unveil the new wearable this week at IFA, and we'll be there to provide with all the coverage. 

gear s3 leaked sammobile
Images that are reportedly of the Gear S3. / © SamMobile

The Gear S2, released last year, sold extremely well. Upon release, daily sales of the wearable in South Korea were over double what the original Gear S smartwatch achieved. While Samsung's global smartwatch sales still pale in comparison to Apple's wearable figures, this growth is no doubt stoking the fires of Samsung's desire to gain more footing in a still primordial market, which it has grown into through high-end smartwatches along with fitness bands, such as the recently released Gear Fit2.

AndroidPIT samsung gear fit 2 16
The Gear Fit2 is Samsung's latest entry into the wearables market. / © AndroidPIT

Indeed, Samsung has taken the initiative early on, breaking free of Google's Android Wear platform to run its devices on its own in-house Tizen software, which the company has also been rumored to move its smartphones to. This stroke of independent thinking is another string to Samsung's bow, adding to the solidity of its foundation in this burgeoning sector.

While many have prematurely heralded the demise of smartwatches, and their usefulness at this point in time is certainly open to question, the numbers tell of growth, and Samsung seems keen to continue pursuing its wearable interests.

So far, we have heard rumors that the Gear S3 will arrive in the form of three variants. There is said to be a Gear S3 Classic, mirroring the S2 Classic, a Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Explorer.

It seems as though all variants will have a rotatory bezel, just like the Gear S2, but there will be a new array of sensors: an altimeter, barometer and speedometer, as well as GPS. There will also be additional buttons placed around the bezel and more easily interchangeable wristbands. 

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 32
The Gear S3 looks set to retain the circular face and rotary bezel of its predecessor (pictured). / © ANDROIDPIT

It's unclear at the moment whether these new features will extend across the entire range, or what exactly sets the different models apart, but given the names Frontier and Explorer, we can expect these two to have a more adventurous setup.

With an unveiling at IFA early next month seeming very likely (the Gear S and S2 were both launched at IFA), an October release date would be a safe bet, as well.

Are you tempted by a new Samsung smartwatch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  • "When most consider smartwatches a deadend"_- most who? Uber drivers? The girl who takes your order at Burger King? Wearable tech is just getting started; currently only for users with advanced tech philosophies. Smartphone users, in comparison, are archaic.

    " Google is realizing the best Android watch is a Tizen one"? Tizen blows. Nice watch, but zero people develop for Tizen (coming from someone who mentors every major hackathon in my state). Google has a couple Nexus watches coming out; I prefer the style of the S2/S3, but I'd much rather have native GV/Hangouts, functional voice command, and seamless integration into my G account via Fi (if they do it right).

    Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know about wearables.

    • no offense but you sound dumb. most average people would actually be more impressed with a smartwatch, common sense would tell any smart person that smartwatches are literally the dumbest tech to get excited about. there are practically no uses for them and everything they do, our smartphones so better.

  • Uwe Hauck 2 months ago Link to comment

    I use a Gear S2 as my daily driver and yes, it is a very useful piece of hardware. If the new S3 will really have the aformentioned sensor, this will be a sure upgrade for me.

  • ljhaye 2 months ago Link to comment

    I own a Gear S2 and think it's an excellent product. I understand why Samsung ditched Android wear especially with the restrictions Google placed on the software. Since Samsung wants to have feature parity with Apple Watch ( including their robust watch straps business) they'd have to do so with Tizen as Google has a VERY different vision for Android wear. The best example is the use of NFC on Apple Watch for Apple Pay introduced in 2014, Samsung aped it immediately for the Gear S2 and android wear still doesn't have android pay available on their watches. For many android users the Samsung gear S2 is considered THE Android smart watch. With many Android OEM's quietly abandoning android wear, Google is realizing the best android watch is a Tizen one.

    Again, outside of android smartphones I don't see android gaining traction in anything. Without Samsung I'm not sure android would've been successful and we are seeing this hypothesis play out in Google's wearable, VR, and smartphone initiatives. The other OEM's cannot compete with Apple or Samsung hardware and without hardware you cannot sell your software. Unless Google figures out how to sell premium hardware soon Android wear could become android tv by next year.

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