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Can I see who is stalking my Facebook profile? This app says it can...

Curious who stalks your Facebook profile? Whether your concern is privacy, security or just plain nosiness, this app claims that it can help you out...but can it really? Some things might seem too good to be true and this app might just fit that mold.

facebook teaser new format
Who Visit My FB Profile View! might be too good to be true: is seeing who can spy on Facebook even possible? / © ANDROIDPIT

The app is rather inelegantly called Who Visit My FB Profile View! and offers a type service which has been around since the existance of social networks: a ruse to make you believe that you can actually see who is looking at your profile page. For one, nowhere in the permissions does it hint at how this info is collected, meaning it probably isn't collected at all (or that the data posted is based on who has liked the content of your page the most). Secondly, Facebook and other social networks would never in a million years allow other third party apps of this type to get ahold of this sort of data. If they did, the world would be a frenzy and no one would trust social media ever again. The moral of the story: it is simply not possible to track who views your profile and your posts.

The app's title and description are pitted with grammar errors and it's a real mystery how 6000 users have given it a 5 star rating.

The sham continues: It’s free to see the top five people who view your profile, but to see more of your stalkers, you need to pay. 

qui regarde mon profil facebook
The free version of the app shows you the top five viewers of your Facebook profile. / © ANDROIDPIT

The good side of the story is that the permissions don't reveal anything fishy, and whlie the app does use your Facebook credentials, it promises not to post to your wall. This is a good point and time to re-evaluate your app installing practices. Check our article on What do app permissions mean? How to be safe when downloading apps so that you too can be a savvy app installer and avoid running the risk of accidently installing malware on your phone. Also, check out how you can find which apps have access to your online Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc profiles. Apps like the one featured today are also notorious malware carriers, so beware and install with care!

Have you installed this app? Do you agree that it is utter bologna or would you say it works? (At which point I will slap your hand for installing it in the first place!)


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