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What tech trends do you want to see in 2017?
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What tech trends do you want to see in 2017?

2016 was an interesting year to say the least, and the same holds true for the world of consumer electronics and tech. On our end, we were paying close attention to the malfunctioning and self-igniting Galaxy Note 7’s, which sullied the name of Samsung, though not completely breaking the company that still holds millions of fans for life. But, the fun didn't end there.

In the past year, we were also keeping a close eye on the tech innovations in consumer electronics that would interest our readers. Google dropped the Nexus, instead bringing us the Pixel phones with a new type of artificial intelligence, while the OnePlus brand launched the OnePlus 3T, an inexpensive phone able to hold its own against high-end flagships. Phones are getting faster and more powerful, smartwatches more intelligent and VR headsets more widely used. No matter what happened, we were there to cover the news, plus keep you informed with our plethora of hardware reviews, comparisons, tips and tricks, and everything and anything under the sun to do with Android (that we, of course, perceived to be of interest to our readers).

AndroidPIT CES 2017b
The CES 2017 will kick off the innovations we can expect to see in 2017. / © AndroidPIT

What do we hope for in 2017? We want to be amazed. We want something that stands out. And we can’t wait to get our hands on whatever new and exciting smartphone, smartwatch or even VR headset gets thrown at the market next. Our next exciting stop will be the CES 2017 where weird and wonderful gadgets of all kinds, innovative smartphones, self-driving cars, smart home appliances, drones and other exciting things will be presented.

Let us know in the poll what trends you are hoping to see more of in 2017, and if we didn't mention what you are most excited for, let us know in the comments!

What trend(s) do you want to see in 2017?
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