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5 things we want to see happen with Android this year

With each passing year, Android gets better and better thanks to improvements by Google but also due to suggestions from the community at large. 2017 has kicked off with a bang and the new version of Android O is bringing us some novelties, but we nevertheless continue to ponder on what the Android mobile operating system could still improve on. So let's take a look at some of the things we'd like to see happen with Android (and the accompanying smartphones) this year.

1. Multiple app selection on the home screen

As France Gall once said "what may be a minor detail for you means a lot to me". To date, Google has never communicated on this subject but I find that Android is lacking the possibility of selecting the icons of several different apps simultaneously to have greater freedom of movement. Since I regularly switch between different smartphones, I have to reorganize my home screen each time. If this possibility was inherently integrated into the Android system, I would waste less time customizing the phone.

This feature actually exists in some form on Android but only within apps and not on the home screen. For example, you can select multiple photos to send all at once or several emails to delete them in one go.

Android Wanted Features Setup 1
When will it be possible to select multiple apps simultaneously on the home screen? Come on Google Now, a little more effort! © ANDROIDPIT

2. Integration of one or more dark themes 

In the Developer Preview of Android Nougat, the possibility of changing the light theme to dark never actually made it to the final version. Good news though, this feature still seems to have remained on the back burner at Google since it has found its way into the first Developer Preview of Android O. There is no doubt that such a feature would be a benefit to OLED screens where black pixels are considered to be off.

Android Wanted Features Setup 2
Other manufacturers already implemented dark themes, like OnePlus. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. Waterproof smartphones

This feature depends on the manufacturer and not on Google itself, but it would be great if the Mountain View-based company were to set the example with its Pixel phones. Dust and water resistance is now offered by many high-end smartphones (Galaxy S8S7,  LG G6...) and seeing it extend across all Android smartphones would be a huge plus. 

Accidents can happen whenever and wherever - just putting your phone down on the table may be putting it at risk of an accident (what if someone knocks a glass of water all over it?). Let us not forget the risk the rapidly-approaching summer brings with smartphones falling into a pool or the sea.

AndroidPIT Wet samsung galaxy S5 5196
Waterproofing should be widespread across all Android smartphones. © ANDROIDPIT

4. Better battery life on smartphones

Who wouldn't want a lower energy-consuming smartphone that is also able to go a whole week without charging? Granted, Nokia relaunched the 3310 that comes pretty close but the 3310 doesn't offer the same possibilities offered as a smartphone. Some phones stand out a little as they allow several days of autonomy but they tend to be very bulky and are thus rather unpopular.

Some manufacturers have also found a neat alternative by offering faster charging systems and thus bypassing the problem. Google also contributes in this direction by better optimizing its software interface. But I think there is still a lot of work to be done here, which would benefit all users. So, dear manufacturers and engineers, please come up with something!

AndroidPIT Smartphone Overheating 2601
Is anyone really satisfied with the autonomy of their smartphone? © ANDROIDPIT

5. As always, faster updates

Years go by yet the situation remains unchanged. This is not necessarily Google's fault directly (though it seems it's about time Google published their name and shame list) as manufacturers are slow to update their smartphones. For example, Galaxy S7 users had to wait until March to receive the Nougat update deployed last August... 

At present, manufacturers are divert the attention of their consumers towards other innovations (fingerprint scanners, curved screens, iris scanners, cameras, etc.), while letting the updating and monitoring of smartphones slip into the sidelines. It's time this was changed.

What do you want to see on Android this year? Is there anything else we didn't mention in our list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  • SD Card slot for more memory

  • Agree with comments here. My wife misses her old phone which she had for like seven years. Yup it had a removable battery. The provider hatred that she wouldn't upgrade. And had she not dropped it she'd still be using it.

  • iko Apr 11, 2017 Link to comment

    waterproofing and removable batteries can they live together I would love to change the battery in my S7 edge as it does not last like it used to

  • Something drastic needs to be done with the file management. While I admit that the file management in Android is at least transparent, unlike iOS where you never know what files or remnants are lurking within your system, the file management in Android does leave lots of garbage in after repeated usage and installing-deinstalling of apps. Some of the files and folders are impossible to identify and their names are menacingly like malware. Android needs to make the file management such that no app is able to instal anything outside of its designated installation folder, and that this folder is completely deleted along with any traces it has left on other programs immediately after the concerned app is deleted from your system.

    • Apple installed a brand new file management system in iOS 10.3 that addessed their flaws.

      • Can you please give details about this file management system? Apple's manner of dealing with application-file interaction is not a flaw. It's intentional, aligned with their policy of giving the user the least control of what they do with the device and their own files, data and even personal information. For me, this policy is monstrously presumptive and insulting, and it's the main reason I'm never going to shift from my Android device to the sweetened slavery of Apple.

  • One of the reasons samsung takes longer to update devices is two fold, 1 - they have touchwiz and other customisations which needs to be tested before roll out (granted its still longer than is probably necessary). 2 - they would rather customers purchase the latest devices rather than prolonging the life of older devices (which is why they stopped having removable battery).

    People may not like it, but hey you have a choice to not purchase a Samsung device if these elements are important to you.

    Personally I think updates could be pushed a little quicker, though I'd rather wait a little longer to ensure that I receive a stable update.

    One major feature that I would like Android to implement is better/easier Chromecast integration. Also Google Auto should be available to many more app developers. I presume the main reason developers don't include these features is that Google charges or is this feature open source as well?

    Regardless it should be made a central feature of the Android ecosystem.

    Peace 🖖🏼

    • In a way I agree, yet how many times even taking longer with updates samsung's firmware still have bugs and glitches. Taking longer doesn't mean it will be better if it's samsung's firmware. This was the case since lollipop if I think of it might even be before lollipop. Here we are waiting google have released 7.1.2 or will soon samsung has probably not even started with 7.1...

  • They need to improve accessibility features for all Android users. Many people with disabilities consider the iPhone as their defecto choice because of the inconsistency of the android experience. Google needs to fix this ASAP as I believe we should all be able to use our devices regardless of disability without compromises.

  • Mark
    • Admin
    Apr 8, 2017 Link to comment

    Google to get more control over when an how updates by manufactures are done. Nougat is out and some have not even gotten Marshmallow updates. I know I am kicking a dead horse, but Removable batteries should be require in all mobile devices. Require reviewers to meet some sort of knowledge standard, all these self proclaimed experts on YouTube are driving the cell phone industry in a bad direction.

    •   30
      Deactivated Account Apr 9, 2017 Link to comment

      keep kicking...
      if you wanna change things and say nothing guess what you get nothing..

  • Google should make every application created include the Exit button so consumers know that once you have finished using the application ,it's still not running in the back ground,as that's what angers so many consumers,they get so annoyed thinking while not using there phones the battery keeps draining,why can"t Google work the phone produces more so when the updates for Android are available that everyone gets them straight away ,as we all know Samsung are not very good on there software section and it takes them ages to get the Android updates,and end up slowing there phones down or draining there batteries more with there updates

  •   30
    Deactivated Account Apr 8, 2017 Link to comment

    Google's done a very impressive job on the software for battery optimization with doze etc I've had a very noticeable improvement on battery life across multiple devices.

    waterproofing, dustproofing, has been adopted a little more each yr.. but it needs to be the norm especially on cheaper devices.

    i want to see data backup improved..

    i want to see every android OEM updating their software regularly with monthly security updates.. No excuses just do it...

    I really want OEMs to commit to a MINIMUM of 3 years software support ...
    if they can't they should go make their own OS..

    Alphabet/Google really need to set higher standards for Android and it's OEM'S and hold them responsible...
    monthly security updates means monthly updates...
    not excuses...

    did i mention improving software and security updates....

    • "Alphabet/Google really need to set higher standards for Android and it's OEM'S and hold them responsible...
      monthly security updates means monthly updates...
      not excuses... "

      Well there's the rub.... by Alphabet+Google's reckoning, as long as OEMs redirect the traffic flow towards Google Play and its ad stream then they're off the hook. Sorry fans but this is the truth am just pointing it out. Want straight up updates? Buy a Pixel.... this is ultimately game plan A at the moment.

      It sucks I know and it pisses me off more when they fail to bridge the gap via Android One that's seemingly nowhere near its goal closing into what 3 years now? I could probably count the current phone models and not even run out of fingers out of one hand.

      It's either that or pay top dollar for the top OEM flagships and even then there's no real guarantee about a 2-3 year old firmware/software life cycle.

      •   30
        Deactivated Account Apr 12, 2017 Link to comment

        I'm really hoping HMD/Nokia could be the next Nexus.., or something even better, early days but they seem really keen on stock android.
        other than that it's the overpriced Pixel, in the UK the 32gb XL is going for £700-720...

  • I would say updates are priority number 1. After that if Android could create some sort of menu or something where you can chane the colours of your menu's and dialer that would be cool without having to apply a theme to do so.

  • Yes, more timely updates from samsung, and also telcos would be better.

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