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Dear Samsung, this is what AndroidPIT readers really want in the Galaxy S8

Samsung's had a difficult end of year, with the final cleanup of its Note 7 disaster and a number of other minor blips marring an otherwise solid 2016 for the company. But as it looks ahead to 2017 and the expected launch of the Galaxy S8, we thought it might be a good idea to give the company some pointers about what people want to see on next year's flagship based on our poll results.

Dear Samsung,

We know 2016 has been a bit of a struggle, for you and the world, and we know you're going to do your best to put things right next year, but we also thought that maybe it would help you to know what people actually want to see most in the upcoming Galaxy S8.

We know you're really good at making slim, beautiful phones with curved edges. We know you're not too shabby at the software side of things either, but, Samsung, there's only so many years like 2016 you can ask even the most loyal fan to put up with, and I'm not your most loyal fan.

What we'd really like to see is a removable battery. Seriously, there's nothing anyone wants to see more on the next Galaxy than a removable power pack, except perhaps a glorious 4K display. You've made the S7 waterproof, dust-resistant and packed to the edges with specs to make us drool. Now make the S8 a little thinner, and offer a variant that's a little larger. You've led the way many times, but there's a vacuum left by the Note 7 snafu, and you don't have a large-screened, capable phone to fill it.

It's hard to get through this letter without talking about That Phone, even though it's a topic that always seems to upset you. It's bad for business, but it's for the best that we find out the truth and you work out how to avoid the same problems in the future. Exploding batteries, damage to houses and injury to people who trusted that the Note 7 was as good as you promised it would be should never have been your brand's legacy for 2016, but it is.

For a brief moment, the Note 7 was the best Android phone you could buy in the world, and then it became the most dangerous. But we won't hold that against you, even though perhaps we really should. You'll get another chance with the Galaxy next year - don't blow it (up).

If you want to really shake things up a bit, throw in a folding model later in the year if you want - but don't make that the main deal. It may be the future, but it's not the mainstream future of 2017, and you need a solid 'win' next year. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be ambitious though; it's going to be an extra-tough year up against the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Slacking isn't going to cut it, and nor is an iterative upgrade that fails to restore our faith. Be bold, but smart.

Bring across the iris scanner from Note 7, and if you want to get really crazy, why not consider putting a projector on the rear?

Oh, and if it's not too much trouble, you can get the S8 to make me breakfast every day and you'll have a customer for life. And if you can't do that, make sure you deliver on that removable battery and 4K display. I wasn't joking about those.


The AndroidPIT Community

What do you want to see on the Galaxy S8 next year? Do you think we'll get a removable battery and 4K display? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Greg1100 Dec 15, 2016

    Because a powerbank takes up more room in a pocket that's why. And I would take changeable battery over water RESISTANCE. Electronics and water have never mixed well. Even if I had an S7(or Edge), I would never tempt fate and let my phone anywhere near water. I have a Note 4- the last true proper phone in Note line up ( IR blaster, removable battery and SD card).


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  • All of my Samsung phones had a removable battery up 'til my s5, then I upgraded to an s6 edge. Tbh, I don't miss the removable battery. I've since upgraded to an s7 edge and I love it. I have a power bank in my bag, but I haven't had to use it much while I'm out! :)

  • xa ax Dec 16, 2016 Link to comment

    Oh please get off the removable battery kick. If you haven't noticed, the best designed phones made of the best materials don't have removable batteries. You can't have a phone with a removable battery without mucking up the design. Look at the LG V20. It's a good looking phone but you would NEVER construe it as one of the greatest looking phones. If I'm going to be staring at something every day it damn well better look great and feel great. I'm so glad Samsung stopped with the replaceable battery & plastic housing. Even the old HTC design that Iphone, One Plus, and a host of other phone makers are currently using still looks a lot better than what LG has been putting out with its removable battery phones. So please just stop with the removable battery b.s. and go buy yourselves an ugly LG phone.

  • Removable battery

  • Tommy Dec 15, 2016 Link to comment

    No samsung. Dont make a removable battery

  • NO! Don't make a smartphone thinner! I'm tired of this trend. A thinner phone means a smaller battery. I rather have a heavy phone with some ass in the back.

  • I think there is a very small percentage of Android users who are always crying for the removable battery feature. They are relentless and vocal. Most users don't give a rat's arse. I'll take water proofing over removable battery any day. Frankly, if one needs to carry around a spare battery at all times, then one needs to get a life! But if one must, why not carry a power bank instead?

    • Because a powerbank takes up more room in a pocket that's why. And I would take changeable battery over water RESISTANCE. Electronics and water have never mixed well. Even if I had an S7(or Edge), I would never tempt fate and let my phone anywhere near water. I have a Note 4- the last true proper phone in Note line up ( IR blaster, removable battery and SD card).

    • Issue with water proofing is that heat can't escape and cooling can't get in which may be a contributing factor in the Note 7 recall and the iphone 7 fires in China. A removable battery can be a god send when resetting your phone. Samsung was recommending this to phones with removable batteries. I have had to do this once or twice with my Note 3 and a friend with a Note 4 has done it a few times.

      • I have had to take protector and rear cover off a few times because of the heat emanating from Note 4 before now. Until they get rid of present battery technology and go forwards, some phones will get hot.

    • I'm not worried about the charge, it's that a dying battery causes all sorts of other issues. A phone thats acting up, and near the end of it's life can often be made almist as good as new with a simple new battery. Often extending it's life for another couple of years. If I'm spending nearly $1000 on a device, I'd really like it to last beyond the life of one typical battery .

      • xa ax Dec 16, 2016 Link to comment

        So go buy yourself an stupid looking LG phone and just stfu. Why can't you be happy buying an LG phone? Why do you want Samsung to change its successful design direction just to accommodate your lunacy?

      • Successful design direction... like the Note 7?

  • Removable battery, improvable battery life. :)

  • A little bit late in the game to give suggestions to Samsung. For Samsung to get a product to market takes about a year. The 1st prototypes probably arrived a few months after release of the last model (S7). At this time I would expect Samsung has close to near final products ready. It is difficult to say if Samsung will introduce the S8 at the World Mobile Congress in February but it would be wise for them to do so. Personally I wouldn't buy a Samsung smartphone because I don't like their user interface.

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