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Top Theme Park Apps

Authored by: Steven Blum — Jun 7, 2012

Summer is here and that means it's time for one thing: roller coasters! Now, with help from a few developers, getting around theme parks has never been easier. You can download maps, plan schedules and find wait times just by clicking on these apps. The cash-strapped can even operate a 3D rollercoaster straight from their phone. Let's take a look at the most helpful apps for the coaster-crazed. 

Ride Hopper

Want to know how long the wait is for your favorite ride? Consider Ride Hopper your new best friend. The app tells you the wait times of over 4300 rides at 260 theme parks worldwide. The app works via user submissions, so it's possible you won't be able to know the wait times if no one else is using the app. That said, hundreds of five star reviewers claim the app was accurate during their own theme park visit. A bonus is the ability to sort rides based on wait times, so you can hit up the ones with the longest lines early in the day before you run out of time.

Disneyland Paris

Ah, France. Home to Gruyere, fashion and...roller coasters? Yup, Disney opened their first theme park across the pond in 1992 and, after numerous setbacks, the park is now the most-visited attraction in all of Europe. The Disneyland Paris app helps you plan your trip and, once you've arrived, organize your visit using an interactive map which shows all the points of interest and tells you how to get to the nearest ATM or bathroom. You can see wait times and create an agenda with attractions you don't want to miss. 

Cedar Point

Cedar Point in Ohio is mecca for all roller coaster enthusiasts. Featuring a whopping 16 rollercoasters, the massive theme park is tied with Canada's Wonderland for the second most rollercoasters in a park. The Cedar Point app features an interactive park map with search, a calendar of events and show times, hotel information, driving directions and the ability to create your own schedule.

Trip Advisor's Orlando City Guide

If you're in the U.S. and you're looking for the perfect city from which to explore the roller coaster jungle, Orlando is the place to be. Spitting distance from Universal Studios and Disneyworld, Orlando has more amusement park attractions than you're likely to find on the entire European continent! Since the Busch Garden and Universal Studios official apps have received middling reviews, I've included this entry from Trip Advisor. Using their Orlando City Guide, you can find and read reviews for all the attractions, restaurants and hotels in Orlando, read city facts and take self-guided tours. Best of all, the app works completely offline so you don't have to bite into your data plan while traveling.

Rollercoaster Rush New York

If you don't have the cash to drop on a cross-country trip to the hottest theme park, you can create your own theme park attraction on your own smartphone. Rollercoaster Rush New York allows you to monitor the speed of a 3D roller coaster which travels through the New York skyline. The game rewards players who make their roller coasters go as fast as possible without falling off the tracks! The game costs $1 and worked very well during my testing. 

(Top photo from Ocean Park in Hong Kong)

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  • CJ Brown Jun 14, 2012 Link to comment

    Mousewait is such a great app that for the past 2 years it's made Verizon's official Disney Theme Park app look like the utter crap that it is (& their Forum keeps you up to date with most of the major theme parks) ...

    Knott's Berry Farm (run by Cedar Fair) has a decent Android App made by Accesso Mobile - its is convenient but definitely needs more work

    Accesso Mobile has also done the Android Apps for Columbus Zoo, Kings Island, Cedar Point, Valleyfair, Canada's Wonderland, Carowinds, Kings Dominion, Dorney Park ....

    There is an official Android app for Universal Studios Hollywood (& Orlando) but it is so "meh" I can't help but feel a billion dollar Company run by NBC - Comcast needs to cough up some more ca$h to create something better

    Everyday I hear from Theme Parks fans who <3 the Android app called Ride Hopper - Park Wait Times (created by PROFESSIONAL FORCE) as it covers
    Disney's California Adventure
    Walt Disney World
    Magic Kingdom
    Disney's Hollywood Studios
    Universal Studios
    Islands of Adventure
    Animal Kingdom
    Knott's Berry Farm
    Six Flags Great America
    Six Flags Over Texas
    Six Flags Magic Mountain
    Six Flags Over Georgia
    Six Flags St. Louis
    Sea World, Seaworld
    Busch Gardens
    Alton Towers
    Drayton Manor
    Thorpe Park
    Adventure Island

    I haven't found an official Android App for Six Flags Theme Parks (but I am signed up on the Six Flags Magic Mountain email newsletter & its always chock full of goodies every week) yet I wonder why there's only a Six Flags Fun Finder iPhone app (when there should be an Android app, too) ...

    I did hear that Six Flags is teaming up with Nokia for Apps based on all of their Theme Parks (but I don't know if this will be an Android app, or a Windows Smart Phone app) ...

    ~ I'll see you in the theme parks ~ :-)

  • Steven Blum Jun 8, 2012 Link to comment

    I want to go SO badly. How was Top Thrill Dragster???

  • Ti Mo Jun 7, 2012 Link to comment

    Been to cedar point 2 weeks ago, was freaking amazing!