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WhatsApp Update: Multi send for pictures, auto download settings

Authored by: Sterling Keys — Jul 31, 2013

The popular WhatsApp Messenger has been updated yet again. Included is some new features which include being able to send multiple pictures at once from the app and adjusting how the app behaves when incoming messages with attachments are received. This is helpful for when you want to limit what you receive depending on what kind of network you’re attached to, either network, Wi-Fi, or roaming. 

whatsApp update
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An update to WhatsApp is nothing really out of the ordinary as it happens quite often. Most of the times it’s usually for some kind of a security fix or performance issues, but this time the team behind the app has thrown in some handy features.  In the latest version, you can send multiple images to your contacts in one message. Beforehand, there were some work arounds but it required some playing around and this makes it easy and straightforward to do.

whatsapp update 1
Want to send multiple pictures at once? No problem! / © AndroidPIT

In addition to being able to send multiple photos, you can also specify how you want the app to behave when you receive messages with media attachments and also specify what kind of content WhatsApp will automatically download.  Depending on whether you’re on your network, roaming, or connected to Wi-Fi, you can chose whether audio, video, and image content will be downloaded or not.

Of course, some bug fixes have been introduced and they’ve “improved network and connection handling” from within the app. Also, the broadcast limit has been increased to a maximum of 50 people (hurray?!). So, if you haven’t already, head to the Google Play Store and update this sucker.

From all the way over on Vancouver Island, Sterling Keys started off his smartphone adventure with an HTC S710 equipped with Windows Mobile and knew there had to be something better. Over the next few years, and countless different operating systems, he has finally found his home on Android.

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