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Winner and loser of the week: Asus back on track, Huawei loses control
Huawei Winners and losers Asus 2 min read 4 comments

Winner and loser of the week: Asus back on track, Huawei loses control

Asus presented its new flagship this week and showed that it can return to compete on the world smartphone stage. Meanwhile. Huawei is losing its battle with the United States. These are the winners and losers of the past week.

Winner of the week: Asus

The Taiwan-based company announced its new flagship during a dedicated event in the city of Valencia on Thursday 16 May. The Asus ZenFone 6 comes on the market at a competitive price and carries true flagship specifications.

A Snapdragon 855, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage are in the basic version which, boosted to 8GB/256GB in the more expensive version. However, these are not the specifications that make ZenFone 6 the winner of the week. The smartphone features a virtually bezel-less design, a motorized camera that can also be used for selfies and a huge 5,000mAh battery.

What particularly delights us is the presence of Android 9.0 Pie in a practically stock version, a u-turn for the brand but one that we are happy to see. Finally, goodbye bloatware!

androidpit zenfone 6 front2
Asus has decided to start from the ground up. Well done! / © AndroidPIT

Loser of the week: Huawei

It's courtesy of last-minute news that Huawei wins our unwelcome loser of the week award. Speaking of this news it would perhaps be fairer to say loser of the month, or even of the year!

The Chinese brand has lost a new battle with the United States and it could be a decisive defeat. Leaving everyone speechless, Google seems to have been forced to end all business relations with Huawei because of the political tensions between the US and China and President Trump's fixation with the Asian brand, now the preferred target of his attacks.

AndroidPIT huawei p30 pro back2
In reality, it is mainly consumers who are losing... / © AndroidPIT

Not only Google, but Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom and all other American companies are also forbidden to deal with the Chinese telecommunications giant. The worst thing? European users will also suffer the consequences of this trade war because Huawei may decide to permanently abandon the Android operating system or at least all the Google services that we all rely on every day.

Don't worry, however, both Huawei and Google have already said that devices already sold or still in stock will continue to receive support. The future remains more uncertain than ever...


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  • I agree, winner of the week zen phone6 & it's 5,000mamp battery. Loser, Huawei, they better hope their OS works, many have failed. 90days goes fast!

  • Asus ZenFone 6 (I've had terrible experiences with Asus ZenFones, that flip camera looks like it's going to be a nightmare if broken, Asus would have to guarantee no bloatware for an unlocked device - and their prior models came loaded with bloat!)

    Huawei doesn't deserve the treatment it's getting, when you look at it from a consumer point of view, but had it coming (time to make life ZTE and clean up your act!)

    Perhaps both companies should learn from Oppo / OnePlus and keep their prices competitive with Motorola / Nokia.

  • Winners of the week are Bastian Sir and David Sir.