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Xiaomi Mi 6 price, release date, specs and rumors

Update: Frosted black, champagne gold and other color variants make an appearance

Xiaomi has finally introduced its new flagship device today, April 19. The Xiaomi Mi 6 stepped back from the global market after its halfhearted attempt to expand the brand's reach with its presentation of the Mi 5 in Barcelona. The Mi 6 looks great and, as usual, it comes packing serious hardware. A Chinese TENAA listing now shows some more exclusive color variants.

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Xiaomi Mi 6: release date and price

The Xiaomi Mi 6 will be available first in its home market, and will be released in China on April 28. The price will be around $360 for the 64 GB model, and $420 for the 128 GB model. The special ceramic version will cost around $435. These are estimates based on converting the price from Chinese Yuan to US Dollars. If you're planning on ordering the device from the US, you should expect the price to increase thanks to a combination of shipping and taxes.

Xiaomi Mi 6: design

The design of the new Mi 6 is a big leap forward from its predecessor. The official renders remind us of the Galaxy S7. We can see a metal frame (stainless steel rather than aluminum), covered in glass on both the front and back. On the back, the glass is curved. On the front, it has a 3D effect which gives a feeling of depth to the screen.

xiaomi mi 6 official 04
Very elegant, and there's no trace of the headphone jack. / © Xiaomi

The sides are rounded seamlessly, with buttons on the right, as is customary. On the left, there is the slot for two nano SIM cards. On the top, there is an IR sensor. On the bottom there is a USB Type-C port and the speaker. Unfortunately, there is no headphone jack to be found on this device. 

The fingerprint scanner is mounted under the home button on the front of the phone. There is also a dual camera on the rear, which is a nice addition. The camera doesn't appear to protrude from the back, and the design is on the whole quite elegant. 

xiaomi mi 6 official 05
The silver edition / © Xiaomi

The Mi 6 is available in a blue version with a gold frame, which reminds us of the blue Honor 8. There is also a silver version with a nice mirror effect, and a special edition ceramic finish model with 18K gold surrounding the dual camera's lenses.

A Chinese TENAA listing for the Xiaomi Mi 6 has now surfaced and apparently shows us that the version sold in China is set to be offered in a myriad of different colors. While the official launch event presented us with black, white, blue and silver variants, Chinese consumers will be able to select between gold, grey, pink, dark grey, cherry blossom, frosted black, and champagne gold. These colors will most likely be exclusively for the Chinese market, so don't get your hopes up that any of these will reach our shores through official channels.

Opinion by Brittany McGhee
I wish smartphones in the US had more color variants
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xiaomi mi 6 official 06
Ceramic and 18-karat gold. / © Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi 6: Tech specs and features

The Mi 5 successor will have the same 5.15-inch screen size and Full HD resolution, which in principle is more than enough for the human eye, but falls short for a good VR experience. The screen features a new technology which is capable of reducing the brightness in very low light conditions and has more natural color representation.

The Mi 6 will be the first Chinese smartphone to have a Snapdragon 835 processor. To accompany this improved Qualcomm processor, we have 6 GB of LPDDR4 RAM, which promises better performance than the new Galaxy S8 and higher graphics power than the iPhone 7.

xiaomi mi 6 official 03
The design is a mix of the S7 and Mi 5. / © Xiaomi

The Mi 6 has a 3,350 mAh battery, which is slightly larger than that of its predecessor the Mi 5. The manufacturer promises a full day of use. It also features a new dual WiFi antenna for improved speed and connectivity.

For stereo sound, the main speaker works in tandem with the speakerphone when the device is held horizontally.

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Xiaomi's decision to get rid of the headphone jack is a big disappointment
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The Mi 6's dual camera has one 12 MP sensor with a a wide-angle lens and 4-axis optical image stabilizer, and another 12 MP sensor with 2x telephoto zoom.

xiaomi mi 6 official 02
Dual camera with two 12 MP sensors. / © Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi 6 technical specifications

Dimensions: 145.17 x 70.49 x 7.45 mm
Weight: 168 g
Battery size: 3350 mAh
Screen size: 5.15 in
Display technology: LCD
Screen: 1920 x 1080 pixels (428 ppi)
Front camera: 8 megapixels
Rear camera: 12 megapixels
Flashlight: Dual-LED
User interface: MIUI
Internal storage: 64 GB
128 GB
Removable storage: Not available
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Number of cores: 8
Max. clock speed: 2.45 GHz
Connectivity: HSPA, LTE, NFC, Dual-SIM , Bluetooth 5.0

What do you think of the new Xiaomi Mi 6? Are you now considering buying one when they are released? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • xiaomi is becoming a larger brand now. after successful business in Asia, it is expending to Europe and other western company.
    I agree with Jay viper
    they don't have much variety right now but in near future, they should bring some more varieties in the market.

  • waiting for the larger variant


  • why all those comments. We cannot buy those phones and what about service

  • I'm glad to know that there is a small xiaomi fans in the US. Hanging around carrier stores nobody is aware about this brand, they look at mi5 as something odd. I have noticed that the majority of people use Iphone and Samsung, nobody knows about Huawei as well and they think they are expert about technology...

  • another flagship beater

  • So is it going to be better than the Samsung Galaxy S8 because they are both listed to be almost the same.I think that Samsung will have the same kind of design with the screen all around the phone with the curved sides.I am really looking forward to these phone,they are kind of futuristic!

  • I have just recently started using a Redmi Pro and I am very impressed with the performance and build quality. I was also shocked to see how similar MIUI8 is to iOS. Regardless of which came first (IOS of MIUI) Xiaomi is managing to produce top quality phones at prices that put other OEM's to shame.

  • well; dont surprise me anymore : now that Samsung is not longer the best PPR (good value for your money), now IS best to get shipped some chinese like this ... o bought my AGM and ... so incredibly happy :O!

  • If Xiaomi wants its phones to stand out why would it be concerned with what android version it will release the phone on? MIUI is what Android and iOS are mimicking these days not the other way around. (btw that was never a thing. MIUI has never copied iOS even if Apple complained about it. It was always the other way around just look at when iOS 7 was being developed and why it was such a departure from iOS 6)

    If the Mi 6 stands out in any way it is because of MIUI. What other OS gives you the features MIUI has? Screen Recorder, short video clips for contacts, identifying songs like Shazam built into the OS's music app, remote assistance. MIUI has all these things wrapped up in a nice neat launcher. I mean lets not forget what inspired Android to release app permissions with Marshmallow. Thank MIUI 5. Who inspired iOS Night Shift that got spoon fed to us over and over again when Apple launched iOS 9.3. Thank you MIUI 7's Reading Mode. Android version doesn't mean a thing in Xiaomi's world. It's all about the MIUI.


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