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Xperia X series will not replace Z6, Sony says

Xperia X series will not replace Z6, Sony says

Sony unveiled a new series of smartphones at Mobile World Congress this week, marking a big push into the mid-range market. Following controversy over whether the new Xperia X range might kill off the Z seriesAndroidPIT spoke with Sony Mobile US head of marketing Don Mesa to find out whether the Xperia Z series had been quietly abandoned.

Sony Xperia X Performance
The Xperia X Performance has created controversy at MWC. / © ANDROIDPIT

The mid-range Xperia XA is aimed at customers who think, “maybe I don’t need all the bells and whistles” of a flagship device, Mr Mesa told AndroidPIT

But with the Xperia X Performance sitting within the premium band, the question arose as to whether this would replace the flagship Z series. A source with knowledge of Sony’s product roadmap told AndroidPIT this week that the X Performance was, in fact, a replacement for the Z series. That would mean no Xperia Z6 release later this year.

sony xperia z5 back
Could the Xperia Z series be replaced? / © ANDROIDPIT

However, Mr Mesa told AndroidPIT.com that the X Performance wasn’t so closely aligned with the Z series. “[The X series] is a different line,” he said. “It comes down to a design philosophy. We’re looking at how to focus on intelligent aspects with these devices as how to evolve the notion of communication.”

When asked directly whether the X Performance would replace the Z series, Mr Mesa said: “The Z series is not going away. We want to make it clear.” He then pointed to an X Performance unit in front of him and said, “that is not the Z.”

Despite these claims, there is still speculation from other publications that Sony has indeed dropped the Xperia Z range. 

"The Z series is not going away"

The Xperia X line will be released in the summer and target several new types of customers. The idea, as seen with LG’s X range, is to focus on different levels of quality and performance at different price brackets.

What do you think of the new Xperia X series? Do you want the Z series to be dropped? Tell us in the comments. 

Correction: This article originally stated that the Xperia X Performance would be priced at 599 euros. Sony is yet to release official pricing for this device in North America.

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  • well, they actually started with a xperia x and I guess they wanna end up winding stuffs with a xperia x. Ya, those days are really gone. The Sony Ericsson's technology then xperia in the early days were a key makers for technology. Many small mobile builders we see right now inspired Sony's technology. Well the technology still shows up a little, quality is compromised. They really need to do some good business out there already Sony user are not satisfied. They don't play the market well either. How are they meaning here? X being a mid range phone with 820 processor, 3gb ram, cam 23 + 13. Morons who will buy the z6 if it is supposed to release? Ya if Z6 is to be released as a premium then now it should sport a 6gb ram, a 32 core processor lol. 4k display, 6k battery. Ya totally impossible. Sounds x is the premium now... Dragged out of market again despite making good history. Are there seriously any business people working in Sony? Why don't they act Sane! Having a Z3 my second z3 perhaps. Used Sony since K310i, totally disappointed now.

  • Question Julio! Why do Sony say z series has come to an end that's from the top bosses. Why would it release a top of the range phone in the x performance, then four months down the line release a z6 with all the same spec as the x performance? Doesn't make marketing sense! i know Sony are erratic at releasing phone's but i can't see they are that stupid! the other thing is why are people so reluctant to move on from the z series with there fragile back glass. Aluminium backs would be far better than glass so if you haven't a glass back and front you can hardly call it a z series can you because that is what was unique about them! Moving on that's what life is all about you can't stay in the past no matter how much you like it?X performance is a top of the range with 820 snapdragon?

  • As i said before, Sony will continue the Z series, Sony is just trying to reach different levels of marketing, so quit already with this controversy. X Series are Mid Range, while in the other Hand Z series are the top of the top. Expect the Z6 with Snapdragon 820

  • RjL Feb 26, 2016 Link to comment

    A sign of relief. Z5 Premium is a disappointment with Snapdragon 810. Been waiting for Z6 Premium to be released this Q4 of 2016, otherwise, ill go for Note 6. I will not settle for mediocre Xperia X with metal back.

  • I'll just finish with this statement from Sony. The experia z line has reached its culmination _ Xperia x series represents a new chapter and evolution of our product strategy
    Whilst the experia z series was all about bringing the best of Sony advanced technologies to smartphones Xperia x series is based on bringing smart, adaptive Sony user experiences across camera, battery performance and hardware /software design. Sounds like the end of the z series to me?

    • Doesn't mean end of Z series. It means they are moving forward more with the X series. However the Z6 will be trial and tribulation for Sony.

  • People seem to not believe Sony has stopped the z series? Why are top management at Sony saying otherwise and that the z series is finished it's going to concentrate on the x series which seems the right thing to do? The premium x series will have metal backs instead of glass which can only be good, i hope Sony just go to a one year release cycle instead of churning out endless models twice a year! Things can only get better for Sony? Well that's what i think anyway.

    • It's such a bizarre story right now. “The Z series is not going away. We want to make it clear.” And yet it seems to be generally agreed that the Z series is history!!

  • Please tell me this is true

  • Z6 a flagship with brilliant camera decent design and more importantly without touchwiz.#touchwiz hater


  • well the z series has come to an end! with better advertising and customer support should have done so much better sales wise.The x series is here hopefully Sony will just do one cycle a year and have a better marketing strategy, if it does I'm sure the x series will hopefully be the Turing point in sales for Sony?

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