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Best Android widgets: 5 to improve your home screen
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Best Android widgets: 5 to improve your home screen

Update: Sticky Note widget added

With homescreen widgets, you can have all sorts of useful shortcuts and information at your fingertips. They're best used in moderation – too many will make it difficult to locate the one you're looking for – but choose wisely and you'll always be able to get what you want quickly and efficiently. Read on for our list of the best Android widgets you can get.

androidpit best widgets hero 7
These are the best Android widgets you can get. / © ANDROIDPIT

1. Best weather widget: Transparent Clock & Weather

We've discussed the Transparent Clock & Weather widget before, in our best weather apps and widgets list, but it remains our favorite weather widget. Or rather, collection of widgets. 

Although the intuitive weather information is useful, Transparent Clock & Weather is much more than just a weather app. It houses a number of different widgets, which even display internal system information such as remaining microSD card storage space and Wi-Fi status.

Even if you only use its weather features, it's still a top choice – it's one of the best looking and most approachable weather widgets. 

AndroidPIT best android widgets 1
Transparent Clock & Weather is our current favorite Android weather widget. / © ANDROIDPIT

2. Best system monitoring widget: Elixir 2 

The scale of customization that Elixir 2 affords is staggering. This widget comes in a number of different sizes and provides almost every piece of information about your device that you could ask for. From CPU temperature to the number of processes currently running, to the amount of RAM in use, Elixir can be configured to give you all this in-depth device information at a glance.

It takes a little while to set up, and it may not be the prettiest widget out there, but few others provide as many options as Elixir 2.  

AndroidPIT best android widgets 3
Monitor system performance effectively with Elixir 2 Widgets. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. Best volume control widget: Slider 

If you don’t already have Slider, you need it. It enables you to adjust the individual volumes of calls, multimedia, system sounds, and so on. You can also control the screen brightness and customize color selectors. This widget gives you a ton of control in a tiny package that shouldn't take up a lot of space on most modern 5-inch-plus displays.

AndroidPIT best android widgets 2
Change your phone's volume and brightness with ease. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. Best time and date widget: Zooper 

On the surface, Zooper is merely a time and date app for your home screen, but it's actually a lot more than that. It encapsulates a number of widgets in varying forms, such as the weather forecast, remaining battery life, and calendar information. But it’s the way that Zooper lets you customize these widgets that makes it a must-have.

Think of Zooper as the Nova Launcher of widgets. You can personalize everything from font size and colors, to how much drop shadow the objects have. The sheer number of customizable elements and available styles elevates it above the hundreds of similar apps. Give the free version a go and see what you think.

zooper widget teaser
The Zooper widget's color scheme can be adapted to match your background. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. Best sticky note widget: Sticky Notes

If you take a lot of notes on your smartphone or tablet you should consider getting a note taking widget so you can quickly take and sort notes. We've all tried the note taking widgets out there and Sticky Notes is the best. The developer has resisted adding too many extras on it so it stayed simple and easy to use. 

A useful feature of the Sticky Notes widget is the scrollable notes. You aren't limited by the amount of space on the note. If you needed to write more you can later go back into it and read it in its entirety. It does not take up much space on your homescreen and you can put quite a few on it.

If you have an important message you can pin it and if it's urgent you can put an emergency sign on it. The basic app isn't very customizable. It has two holders, six backgrounds and three angles for the notes. Although this adds to its simplicity, it still could use a few more options; especially backgrounds.

AndroidPIT best widget apps
Sticky Notes keeps you organized from your homescreen. / © ANDROIDPIT

What widget couldn't you be without? Let us know in the comments. 


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  • Zooper's latest version is available to download on GooglePlay

  • Transparent Clock & Weather is a nice app (some have going on to pay for the Pro version for $2.99)

    Two other apps - which are rated higher - Weather and Clock Widget (Devexpert) and 1Weather Widget (OneLouder) seem to have improved things, but I don't know if this is relative to the Android OS (some work better on lollipop, others on marshmallow)

    I think we can all thank HTC Sense for the weather / clock widget (I tend to prefer a clean minimalist transparent look) :-)

  • How about Beautiful Widgets?

  • Amoun Apr 7, 2016 Link to comment

    Nice, It's what I Needed, If u have something to propose for social Network thank you

  • and here are some nice pictures for your display - tomswallpapers. com/30723-symbol-ancient-slavs-svarga.html

  • I went through a bunch of notes apps and settled on Gnotes, for sync of Android devices with desktop browser interface available on both Win and Linux PC boots. Has drawing, pdf pinning, etc and a set of screen widgets for quicker access. More functional across platforms and cloud than the stickynote apps, but smaller and easier to work with than the "biggies" like Google Keep or MS OneNote.

  •   31
    Deactivated Account Apr 6, 2016 Link to comment

    Zooper is still a favourite of mine, but it needs some update love and attention.
    I'm using Power toggles for brightness/ volume control and also the ability for custom icons and shortcuts in notification and system ui, which is very handy.

  • Try QuickLook News Weather & Clock widget. The best all-in-one widget I could find. Has the info I want and looks good, with a decent amount of customization.

  • Transparent Clock & Weather is LAME! I use the Radar function on 1Weather very often. In trying TC&W, I found a ridiculous radar screen that places a tiny block with temp and condition on top of your standard Google Maps screen. I then deleted it.

  • Android widgets behave like an onscreen virtual device. Apart from decorating the desktop of Android OS, widgets deliver excellent functionalities too.

  • That one is truly solid info about these Android Widgets; these are basically looking great options to improve your home screen. Thanks for great sharing.

  • Try QuickLook All In Widget, gives you more features than Zooper but much, much easier to use ( you can still customize if you want). But haven't found anything else that gives me news, sports, weather, stocks, and calendar events in one simple widget like this.

  • Main widgets I use are the Sunrise calendar widget, followed by my online banking app. After that I quite often use the Bluetooth and WiFi control shortcuts. The Spotify widget is quite disappointing as you can't start playing a song with it, you have to launch the app first before you can use the Widget. Other than that I try to avoid widgets and live wallpapers as they are RAM vampires.

  • Lee Jan 1, 2015 Link to comment

    Love making my own widgets to match the style or icons & wallpapers of my home screen, I use Zooper Widget Pro, and sometimes X-Widget which is another great widget app, but for me it has to be Zooper & Media Utilities.

    Happy New Year Folk's 💃

  • The flashlight widget you proposed is my favorite but my S5 already has a widget.

  • Prefer Privacy Flashlight as that does not need access to your network or connections?

  • Power toggles should've been on this list. With so much customisations available, it's an essential widget for any smartphone.
    Also it's free and has no ads.

  • Android widgets behave like an onscreen virtual device. Apart from decorating the desktop of Android OS, widgets deliver excellent functionalities too.