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Best cloud storage apps: 8 to back up your Android device

Update: The new list is here!

The importance of SD cards and internal storage is waning in the face of an increased number of cloud storage options. Cloud storage allows you to upload and back up the contents of your Android to an online source, saving you precious gigabytes of space on your phone or tablet. Here is our list of the best cloud storage apps to back up your Android, recently updated with Amazon's Cloud Drive app (and find out why we removed SugarSync at the bottom of the page). 

AndroidPIT best cloud storage apps 2
These are the best Cloud Storage apps for Android. / © ANDROIDPIT

Best for unlimited storage: Amazon Cloud Drive 

The Amazon Cloud Drive service comes in two flavors: Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Everything. Unlimited Photos can be accessed for free with Amazon Prime, or you can pick it up for US$11.99 per year as a standalone product.

It's not a particularly expensive and it lets you upload unlimited photos, plus you get an additional 5 GB for videos and other files. The trouble is, it does little to separate itself from the free Google Drive / Google Photos service.

However, Amazon's Unlimited Everything offer is far, far more interesting. For US$60 per year, you can store unlimited amounts of anything you want. This undercuts Google Drive (US$120 per year for 1 TB), Dropbox (US$100 per year for 1 TB) and almost all other unlimited yearly subscription services. 

It's secure, supports automatic backup, and is accessible on all your devices. The only real disappointment is that mobile uploads are restricted to 2 GB file sizes. This aside, Amazon Cloud Drive's Unlimited Everything option is a stunning offer. 

AndroidPIT best cloud storage apps 1
Amazon's Unlimited Everything offer is seriously impressive. / © ANDROIDPIT
Amazon Drive Install on Google Play

Best for Microsoft fans: OneDrive

OneDrive is a free online storage solution brought to you by Microsoft. As such, OneDrive is primed for use with Microsoft products like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It features automatic photo and video backup, as well as simple sharing and collaboration features. What's more, OneDrive integrates with Android Wear so you can view your pictures on the face of your smartwatch. 

It's free and easy-to-use, and if you frequently use Microsoft files, you should give OneDrive a go. 

OneDrive for Android is more than just a backup app. / © ANDROIDPIT
Microsoft OneDrive Install on Google Play

Best for Chromecast users: Copy

Copy is one of the lesser-known veterans of cloud storage on Android. It's extremely simple to use, and aside from its obvious benefit of backing all your stuff up to the cloud, it has a few welcome extra features. These include PhotoCopy, which lets you upload any photo you take into the cloud automatically, and folder-sharing.

One of its more interesting recent features is Chromecast support. You can now stream music, photos and videos from your device straight onto your TV, simply by tapping the Chromecast icon in Copy. For most people this is a standard feature on Android, of course, but if you don't have it yet, this is a great alternative.

AndroidPIT best cloud storage apps 4
Copy can automatically back up all your photos to the cloud and stream them to your Chromecast. / © ANDROIDPIT
Copy Install on Google Play

Best for basically everyone: Google Drive

Google Drive is hard to overlook because it offers 15 GB of no-questions-asked free storage and never fails. Google Drive shows a history of your changes in documents, gives you the option to allow others to view and edit your work, and offers support for many different file types.

It's an obvious solution for anybody with a Google account because it's so seamless and requires very little time or management. If you're an all-out Google fanatic then Drive is your natural habitat.

Google Drive also integrates with Google Photos, to provide you with unlimited free photo storage, as long as they come within a (rather generous) file size limitation. Very nice. 

AndroidPIT how to transfer pics 12
Google Drive is really hard to overlook as a free cloud storage option. / © ANDROIDPIT
Google Drive Install on Google Play

Best for cloud storage on the fly: Dropbox

Dropbox has been a firm favorite on Android for many years now. It has a relatively small storage capacity – a paltry 2 GB to begin with – but this can be expanded up to 16 GB in various (and fairly simple) ways.

Dropbox is fast, intuitive and free, and its unobtrusive automatic backup features are perfect for those who want to take quick snaps and view them on their desktop computer in a flash. It's a great overall package if you can invest a little bit of time expanding the initial storage cap.

androidpit best backup apps 16
Dropbox has a small storage capacity, but it's super easy to use. / © ANDROIDPIT
Dropbox Install on Google Play

Best for simplicity: Box

Box is free from the Google Play Store and is very easy to use, offering 10 GB of free space with a 250 MB upload limit. Beyond this, you are asked to pay US$10 per year for 25 GB of cloud storage.

Box is the most basic application of our list because it has no special features: it's there simply to upload, download and share files, although it is possible to edit and comment on files in the cloud. Box also has a widget that notifies you of any changes to shared documents.

AndroidPIT best cloud storage apps 3
Box is a simple and effective cloud storage solution. / © ANDROIDPIT
Box Install on Google Play

Best for small files: MediaFire

MediaFire offers up to 50 GB of free space, which is perfect for saving or sharing music or videos. But you only get 12 GB to start with and have to earn the rest, via referrals (or pay US$2.50 a month for 100 GB), and its menu is a bit confusing to begin with.

That said, it has all the basic functions to download images and download and share archives, including those from your camera, which saves a lot of time.

You will be limited to a 200 MB file upload limit in the free version, but if quick uploads for small files is what you need, check it out.

AndroidPIT best cloud storage apps 5
MediaFire supplies 12 GB of storage to users for free, but you can earn up to 50 GB. / © ANDROIDPIT
MediaFire Install on Google Play

Best for the paranoid: Mega

Mega provides 50 GB of storage free of charge, making it one of the best free cloud storage apps on Android. Everything you upload is encrypted and the encryption keys stay with the user, so there are no concerns over privacy. You can even synchronize your camera directly to your account to automatically obtain a copy of the images and videos when you connect it. For now, it is pretty basic, but it should be updated soon. 

Mega version 2 is now available for download and version 3.0 is in beta. It's early days for Mega and it's something of a work in progress, but if you like what it's about, give it a try via the link below. 

AndroidPIT best cloud storage apps 6
Mega offers a stunning 50 GB of storage to new users, absolutely free. / © ANDROIDPIT
MEGA v2 Install on Google Play

Why we removed SugarSync

SugarSync was featured in a previous version of our best cloud storage apps list but we have removed it after receiving information regarding its cancellation policy. You can only complete this during the hours of 10 AM - 2 PM on weekdays, i.e. when most people are at work. This is a particularly unfriendly window for cancellations.

What’s more, you must enter a live chat with one of their customer service representatives to receive a link to your account cancellation page. In other words, SugarSync has put steps in place to make it difficult to cancel an account, when it would be far easier to make the account cancellation link always available.

Also, the cancellation page points you to open an article to contact the cancellation department, but it’s a circular link, you are redirected to the very same page. Until these issues are addressed, we don't recommend SugarSync. (I wanted to email SugarSync regarding this but it does not provide a contact email on its website.)

What other cloud applications do you use to back up Android? Let us know in the comments.



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  • I keep all my photos and videos on free OneDrive, Drive, DropBox, and Box Accounts. I then use to professionally display them.

  • I use Degoo gives you 100gb just to sign up, and an option to buy more is also easy to use.

  • The last Mega for android v.3 is worst version ever. Camera upload didn't work for subfolders. After installing v3, camera files are uploading again, instead they are already uploaded. I have not checked "Leave file names as in device", but file names of uploaded files are same as in device.

  • Where's google photos?
    Photos and videos are most important as they are memories.

  • jahoracreh 11 months ago Link to comment

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    >>>>> H­o­m­e-j­­o­b­s­9­0.T­­­­­­k

  • Copy is shutting its doors.

  • I'm using dropbox and Google drive.Have to try Amazon cloud storage

  •   18
    anshul 11 months ago Link to comment

    Something to store apps and accessing them without any delay or difficulty. App opens with in fraction of second when tapped as they are stored in phone, want something similar with cloud storage also.

  • There's also Flickr by Yahoo! for pictures and videos. They provide a 1000GB of free storage. Please include it on your list.

  • Albin Foro 11 months ago Link to comment

    I use OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive for various purposes - I like the offline folder (on my big fast microSD cards) sync aspect of the first two and especially that Dropbox supports my Linux PC boots as others don't.

    It's been a while since I checked the "official" apps for OneDrive and Dropbox, but as of a couple of years ago I found the substitute apps for synching them - DropSync and OneSync (by developer MetaCtrl) were smaller, more functional and configurable. There are other substitute interfaces for cloud storage / sync services, including some that unify several services within one app, but I haven't tried them.

  • I think you'll find that Copy is going down the chute on May 1 2016. See their home page

  • Check CM QuickPic it gives you 1000GB basically for free ...

  • This needs an update so bad!

  • To me looks very promising. They say, all the uploaded data is stored in very safe encrypted form. One can precisely define, how much data space is needed for how long. No forced selection from one from three predefined packages but virtually unlimited number of combinations. They even offer possibility to upload files without account and of course they have time-unlimited free membership program. The uploaded data can be managed in transparent dual-pane file manager.

  • Grosp Nov 20, 2015 Link to comment

    I discovered another cloud service: it's called Hubic, it's servers are based in France and the company who owns it is very realiable. Gives 25 GB of free space that can get up to 50 GB inviting 5 friends (yes 5 GB each). If you're interested, using this referral DYXHNU in the last field, you'll get 5 GB extra (so you'll start with 30 and you'll be able to get up to 55)

  • I use a few that you mentioned. I also use Syncplicity to sync a few document directories between devices, with cloud backup.

  • WMc Nov 10, 2015 Link to comment

    Why is the article giving an outdated app? The latest is mega v2 and not mega v1.

  • These are good cloud storage option but if you want to primarily back up photos then there are two better options IMO.

    1. Flickr - By yahoo, and they provide upto 1TB of data for free for all your photos and videos. They are cross platform similar to Google Photos so you can have all your photos on Android and iOS as well.

    2. QuickPic - I have 3TB of cloud storage, now I do not use it as much as Flickr or Google Photos since I don't trust them but its nice to have a back up cloud storage of 3TB. And they say the validity is unlimited for the 3TB.

    • QuickPic was bought by Cheetah Mobile, which's a known company for selling their costumers's data. So watch out with all that "3TB" of free cloud space you have.

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