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Facebook Messenger tips and tricks: from notifications to locations

Update: Hidden basketball game added!

The Facebook Messenger app for Android provides far more than just a simple messaging service. Today we’re going to look at some of the cool things you can do with Facebook Messenger, as well as how to remove some of the more annoying aspects of it. Here are our best Facebook Messenger tips and tricks for Android. 

Play hidden basketball game on Facebook Messenger

The latest version of Facebook Messenger has a cool new feature that allows you to play a game of basketball during a chat. The game is free but it's hidden. Read below for how to access it. 

How to play Facebook Messenger hidden basketball game:

  1. Update to the latest version of Messenger in the Play Store
  2. Open a chat with one of your contacts
  3. Send the basketball emoji to them. It's circled in red in the left-side screenshot below
  4. Once the emoji has been sent, simply tap on it to start the game
facebook messenger basketball
My best score was only one... / © ANDROIDPIT

Turn off notification alerts on the Android Facebook Messenger app

You know how it is: someone starts a group conversation asking if anybody wants to buy their leather sofa, and before you know it you’re getting non-stop buzzes about upholstery. If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, here's a couple of tips for how to stop receiving those notifications without actually leaving the conversation. 

How to turn off Facebook Messenger notifications for a single conversation:

  1. Launch the Facebook Messenger app
  2. In your conversations tab (the far left tab), tap and hold on the conversation you wish to mute
  3. Tap Mute notifications
  4. Select the length of time you want the notifications to be muted for
androidpit facebook messenger mute one
Tap and hold on the conversation you want to mute, and select for how long. / © ANDROIDPIT

How to turn off Facebook Messenger notifications for all conversations on Android:

  1. Launch the Facebook Messenger app
  2. Tap the settings menu (the cog wheel)
  3. Tap Notifications & Sounds
  4. Tap the toggle at the top of the page to turn notifications On or Off
  5. Select the length of time you want the notifications to remain muted for
androidpit facebook messenger notifications 2
Go to your settings, tap notifications & sounds, then toggle it off on the following page. / © ANDROIDPIT

How to make a voice call in Facebook Messenger

Did you know that Facebook Messenger allows you to make free calls? Well, you probably did. But are you taking advantage of it? Simply tap on the call button (highlighted below) in one of your conversation windows and you will begin calling the person in that conversation. 

androidpit facebook messenger calls
If you are in a group conversation, you can select the individual contact you wish to call. / © ANDROIDPIT

How to make a group shortcut for Facebook Messenger

If there's a crew you talk to all the time, then why not bypass the app launching altogether and pin a group chat shortcut to your home screen? Just go to your Groups tab where you can select an existing group or create a new one and tap the little menu button on the top right of the Group tile. From here simply select ''Create shortcut'' to have a chat group shortcut added to your home screen.

androidpit facebook messenger tips
Simply go to your Groups page, hit the menu and create a home screen shortcut. / © ANDROIDPIT

How to send a picture with Facebook Messenger

Did you know you can take a photo direct from the keyboard in Messenger? See that little camera icon? Tap that to turn your keyboard space into a mini viewfinder (which you can also expand). You can switch between the front or back mounted cameras and snap a quick pic with the vertical send button rather oddly placed right in the middle of the viewfinder. Tap the little image icon next to the camera to choose from previously taken pics.

androidpit facebook messenger tips 4
You can try to send a nicer picture than mine, if you like. / © ANDROIDPIT

How to send a big thumbs up with Facebook Messenger

If you're feeling a little like Miley Cyrus and have a need for a particularly big thumbs up, then just press and hold the Like button to inflate the size of your thumb. If a simple Like won't do the trick then hit that little emoji button at the end of the text entry field, hit your sticker collection or revert to your device's emoji supported keyboard for a bit more expressive flair.

androidpit facebook thumbs up tip
Tap the thumb button to do a little like, or hold it to create a bigger one. / © ANDROIDPIT

How to send or view a location with Facebook Messenger

If you want a super easy way to let your friends know where you are Facebook, all you need to do is send a message. As long as you have "location" enabled in your settings, they will be able to see where you are.

Similarly, if your friend has it enabled, simply tap on a message to bring up the location from which is was sent. If you don't want to share your location at all, head to your settings and uncheck that "location" box.

androidpit facebook messenger tips 7
So much easier than describing the exact corner you're on. / © ANDROIDPIT
Messenger Install on Google Play

Are there any other Facebook Messenger tips or help you need? Let us know in the comments below.



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  • Hey, I need help I know you can add group shortcuts from messenger to homescreen but I was wondering is it possible to make shortcuts for each of your friends on messenger chat and add it to homescreen ? Cuz I really don't won't a group shortcut on my homescreen I would wether have a individual chathead shortcut for each of my friends! Please reply back I really need help !

  • Um I'm having problems with making shortcuts on messenger I don't want to add a group shortcut to my homescreen I want to make individual shortcuts for each of my friends on messenger. I did it one time but when I tried it a second time it did not work. I don't know if my friends have to be online in order for me to make the shortcut or what? But I would really like a answer please it would be so helpful. Thank you!

  • Is it really "true" that there is no way of increasing the "writing space" in Android?

  • How do I disable the thumbs up on messenger? It is by far the most annoying feature on my phone

  • Alex R. 11 months ago Link to comment

    I loved the inbuilt basket ball game in messenger!

  • The location function is invalid now! You have to manually send the location and each message is not embedded with the location now! And the setting to turn location on or off is not found in the 'settings' section as well! ;) Update it!

  • The Fb messenger has bug, which interrupts the function of the app. Also consumes too much of RAM. Needs to be uninstalled.

  • Nice basketball trick. Although quite unnecessary.

  • I text him on messenger then deleted conversation. Will he be able to still see what I sent to him?

  • Get rid of the freakin' thumb! It's stupid, annoying, in the way.

  • Dan Cedar Oct 12, 2014 Link to comment

    Fb messenger doesn't respect device notification profiles, you have to turn vibrate on and off separately in the app, how poop is that!

  • Don't chat; don't miss it; don't need message app

  • kss imkum Aug 16, 2014 Link to comment

    For me a very good trick. By today got fedup with this horrible app. It is called "uninstall"

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