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Fastest Android phone: we test 2015's most powerful

We've all heard the hoopla about the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, the crowning glory of Samsung's Galaxy range. It's bigger, it's better, it's widely regarded to be the fastest Android phone available. So we put it to the test. The results are in and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ was actually beaten in every benchmark we put it through by a six month-old device. So what could possibly be faster than the S6 Edge+?

Before we tell you, we'll explain the process we used. We selected six current flagships – the Galaxy S6, the S6 Edge+, HTC One M9, OnePlus 2, LG G4 and Xperia Z3+ – for our performance test. We then subjected them to three laps, one after another, in a variety of different benchmarking apps: AnTuTu, Vellamo ('metal' and multi-core tests) and Geekbench 3 for single and multi-core results.

samsung galaxy s6 edge plus screen
Which older phone could possibly beat the Galaxy S6 edge+? / © ANDROIDPIT

We then took an average of the three results per test, weighted each benchmark score equally and then added them together to come out with a score out of 100. The winning device was used as our 'standard' and the other devices were placed in a position relative to the best performer. So which phone was it that outgunned the Galaxy S6 edge+?

The Galaxy S6, that's what. You may be asking yourself how a six-month-old phone could possibly outperform the brand-new, best-of-the-best, new-and-improved S6 Edge Plus. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ has an additional gigabyte of RAM, after all.

AndroidPIT benchmark chart September 2015
The Galaxy S6 is the fastest phone we tested. / © ANDROIDPIT

Having one-third more RAM is actually the most likely culprit. Even though, generally speaking, more RAM means better multi-tasking, having 4 GB instead of 3 GB also means the memory management overhead increases, and that means more demands on the system. For a more scientific explanation, you can read this

Both devices are running the same version of Android 5.1.11 and both had their caches cleared before each test. We can't rule out the possibility of some firmware bug having an effect, but our results clearly show the S6 defeating the S6 Edge Plus in every round of every benchmark we ran, so it would have to be one very consistent bug. We'll look further into the specifics a little later, but the results were clear. (Click here to see our results spreadsheet.)

samsung galaxy s6 3
If you want the fastest Android phone, get yourself a Galaxy S6. / © ANDROIDPIT

Now, of course, Samsung has a bit of a bad reputation for 'gaming' benchmarks by being able to recognize a benchmark app and running all cores at full throttle for the duration of the benchmark (something that never happens in real life). But even if that is the case, both of our best performers were Galaxy devices, so both would be gaming the system the same way, and the S6 still won.

Furthermore, these benchmarks test different things. Some test raw speed on a single task, others test multi-tasking, others test graphical performance. There are plenty more benchmarks we could have run and plenty more phones we could have tested. We encourage you to run your own benchmark tests and see where your phone fits in comparison to these (and be sure to let us know in the comments!).

AnTuTu Benchmark Install on Google Play Vellamo Mobile Benchmark Install on Google Play Geekbench 4 Install on Google Play

One thing is certain: the Galaxy S6 has in no way been eclipsed by the bigger, newer, flashier Galaxy S6 Edge+. If you want the fastest Android available right now, you're going to want to take a second look at the Galaxy S6. That thing is a true beast and even after six months it's still the fastest phone around.

Did you see this result coming? Which phone do you think is the fastest of all right now? Let us know in the comments.


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  • @Lee Moreau
    The Galaxy s6 was released too early, Lollipop 5.0.0 was poorly optimised it was less a problem with the phone and more of a problem with the software within a month of release 5.0.1 came out and fixed all of the most prominent flaws, then a month after that 5.1.1 was released and brought serious performance boosts and fixed the rest of the remaining kinks.
    You either had the device pre-update or defective might I add that ios 9 and the iphone 6 plus had its own set of flaws I had to return my first iPhone 6s plus that was causing blurry photos this was a hardware defect with the device it also had some serious ram memory handling problems.
    Just because you had one experience with one phone has little indication on the overall quality of the phone, if that were the case based on my first iPhone 6s plus all iphone 6s Plus's must be defective.

  • Specs along don't mean anything. I had/have the iPhone 6 Plus, then switched to the Galaxy S6 as well. At first it seemed fast, but after using it about 15-20 minutes and actually having apps open, it's SOOOO slow. Wiped it to factory so many times. Partner's has the same problem, they are just so slow. Sold it and went back to the iPhone and honestly I can't believe how much faster it feels. The S6 half the time you'd switch to another app and the keyboard would stay permanently open until you rebooted the thing. Worst phone I've ever bought.

    • I know, I know. It might sound like too much work, but you should have installed a program called Smart Switch, which is for backup, restore, and updating Samsung smartphone's. Instead of giving up, people just buy things and "They work!" or "It doesn't work, it sucks, it's soooo slow!" Anyway once the software is installed, you plug in your smartphone. The software will then install the USB driver for your phone and your ready to go. After a major update (going from Android 4 to 5), I use Smart Switch to do what called "emergency software recovery and initialization." It's like doing a factory reset but also reinstalls the latest version of android. If you have a newer computer,it doesn't take that long. I've done it to a Galaxy Note 4, straight out of the box, just to be problem free. Guess what? I'm problem free! Note 4 still kicking hard after a week and a half, with 79 apps installed! Pretty cool huh? I cabby really compare it worth an iPhone 6 plus though. I never touched one. But, I did transfer one iPhone 6 to another over my WiFi once. They seem like nice phone's, I cannot lie. But I'm used to my Android, and have no issues at all with the Lollipop OS on my Note 4.

  • Does the Galaxy still use that terrible Samsung skin on its Android?

    That's a deal breaker. Would be a shame because the hardware is excellent.

  • G4 is the Best phone out there today.
    Best camera too!

    • Yeah it is!! The camera is amazing!!

      Though I'm probably going to sidegrade to the N5X and get back to ChromaOS w/ custom DPI :P

  • drkmgiri Sep 23, 2015 Link to comment

    Rather than a fastest phone you need a phone which suits your needs. What you want from the phone is matters most.

  • In my humble opinion I have both the s6 edge and the Htc One M9. The Htc might not be the the fastest or performed well in these tests, but to me the all round package is by far much better tan what samsung can deliver with the s6/edge/+. Htc have better firmware updates not just quicker but the updates I have received actually fix bugs not create more like with samsungs updates. Better and more themes from Htc. And overall the Htc is just a more fun device to me where as the edge started to bore me after a month. Also after sales service from samsung sucks here in south africa you can send them emails till your head explodes and your fingers are mere little stumps they read it and ignore it not even asking on their Facebook page helps. Thus it doesn't help samsung having the best phone by merely comparing the performance of the devices the company and how good or bad they are is just as important in my humble opinion.

    • sorry wanted to add excellent article Kris.

    • An Droid Sep 23, 2015 Link to comment

      Howzit Swaer, where do you live? Samsung has Customer Service Centres is all the major cities in SA, that offer a 24 hour turnaround service. I've tested it with older phones, and they live up to that promise.
      Last time I owned a HTC, there was one customer call centre in Egypt for the Africa/Middle East region, so much for HTC service.
      Switched to Samsung after receiving an "out of box failure" One X, which was "made in China". Since then, S3, S5 and S6 edge have been awsome, and are all still in use. Horses for courses I suppose.

      • Thanks for the reply An Droid. In the Western Cape my friend. Which is true but I mean if they can't even answer a email or facebook post what use is it, for me to drive 5 hours to the nearest service center is not a option to ask about firmware updates and problems I'm having with the S6 edge update and the parallax issues with the XFV OTA update and other issues I have. Thus it's not a hardware/device issue that can be fixed at a service centre iow.

      • An Droid Sep 25, 2015 Link to comment

        Bro, call the CT Care Centre and enquire if they have a satellite branch close to where you are. (021) 551 5534
        It is also important to clear the phone's cache after an update, otherwise there might be conflict between new and old information. (if you need help with that, let me know)
        Good luck.

      • Thanks An Droid, I did clear the cache and did a factory reset even tested the sensors but to no avail unfortunately. I googled and found other people complained about the same issue in European countries, and then later replied the issue was fixed after they've received new updated firmware in September. It seems the s6 edge firmware versions, csc and pda, where the second last letter ended on G was a problem for example: PDA: G925FXXU2POGM and CSC: G925FXFV2POG2.

      • An Droid Sep 28, 2015 Link to comment

        Hi bro. Glad to hear youre sorted. My firmware ends in COH2, so I did not experience the same issues. Good luck.

  • My S6 Edge+ is not far behind the S6. Way to go Samsung.

  • Good

  • Very good

  • That's all Good.

  • Will Samsung Galaxy j5 have Android m
    Plz leave a comment

  • G. Surya Sep 19, 2015 Link to comment

    one plus 2 is fastest mobile

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