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May 16, 2010 6:53:29 AM via Website

Dear all

after a long time being more or less active on this great website ( mainly the german part) i now thought it is about time to be a little bit more active on the english side.
I am a 42 year young german who lives now since almost 5 years in china.
My android career started with a Magic A followed by a Nexus One which is for me a outstanding and amazing Phone.
To be able to pay for my elctronic Gimmicks i work in Hospitality Business.

Knowing that we have 3 other Androidpit.de Members in China i wonder if there are some more outside there which we could not identify yet.
In case you are in China, Hongkong or elsewhere in Asia be so kind and drop me a line. We still try to organise a androidpit.de gathering and Fabien promised to come to china once we orgnaize at least 100 Participants....I am very confident that this may be possible.

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May 16, 2010 11:46:19 AM via Website

Hello Douglas

of course i do not mind when u ask questions...

general i communicate in english and partly with my minor chinese skills. another tool is the gesture languange. dont ask me how but it works.
i lead a department with almost 100 team members and it runs so far so good.
and yep it is in a hotel

android in china is not that popular yet but u can see more and more mobiles and users around.
mobile internet is cheap so this is no problem
what bothers a bit is the chinese censorship which blocks a massive bunch of side such as facebook, twitter, a lot of blogs and even picasa. after the fight with google we think if now the government also may block gmail and all the other services but so far it runs as usual without any problems.

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May 16, 2010 8:24:10 PM via Website

Hi Micha,

Great to have you on the English website :)

Thanks for sharing your impressions. I'm also curious to see if we ahve any other Chinese or expats-living-in-China readers.
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May 17, 2010 12:48:30 AM via Website

Hello Jana

discussed allready with Chris who is living in Shanghai if we should consider to do some kind of advertisment on other Expat Forums.As i know especially within the expat community there are a lot ANDROID user even i have to admitt to realize more and more android phones around in the hand of the locals.
unfortunately i can not read chinese so that i cant check the chinese web for similar sides or offers.

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May 17, 2010 11:50:53 AM via App

Yes. I am really thinking of making some ads in some expat forums. But currently I dont have much time due to the heavy workload. This friday I'll go back switzerland for three weeks and I am sure I'll find some time for the ads.

There must be a lot of androids in China. I see more and more Heros and Nexus phones here.

Apr 15, 2013 10:27:44 AM via Website

Hello and Nihao here! I am Vivian, living in Beijing, China. Wow..It's interesting to see you guys talk about Chinese mobile market almost three years ago!

Time flies, and the China mobile market is booming so unbelievably fast! If you take subway or bus in Beijing, you may be surprised at how popular smart phones have been in China nowadays. Yes, mobile have become an indispenable part of life especially for young people whose consuming conception is greatly different from the old generation.

Well, I am one of the post-80 generation:) And like to try every cool mobile app! That's also why I choose to work in a mobile internet company called appflood which help other game makers to market their app in China besides making our own games,